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Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs stepped out of his car and onto the crime scene. He was not in a very good mood as he was called all the way out to Norfolk, Virginia at 9pm and he still hadn't gotten any coffee that day. That, and the fact the Agent Jenkins had come with them. He was about the third agent that Gibbs had hired that month. They never lasted very long, just over a week if they were lucky. Jenkins was from the police force, which might be why Gibbs didn't like him that much, too official. But the man did stay out of his way most of the time, which was better then the other two. Right now he had gone of to talk to the people already on the scene, leaving Gibbs and Doctor 'Ducky' Mallard to examine the body.

"What have we got Duck?"

"A very brutal murder, Jethro. Seems the poor man was beaten to death. Yes, most defiantly blunt force trauma. And I'm guessing it was with that," he commented, pointing over the bat on the ground. "Oh my, you have gotten your self in a mess haven't you? Don't worry, we'll have you out of here and cleaned up in no time."

"You want any help with the body?"

"No, I'll do fine, Jethro. I'd prefer to do it my self anyway, try and keep the old ticker going," he joked before Jenkins came up to them.

"We've haven't gotten any ID on the victim yet," he informed. "But they may have a witness. They found a kid next to the body, but I doubt that they'll be able to tell us much."

Gibbs looked over toward where he was pointing. Sat in the open trunk of a car was a small boy who looked around 6, maybe 7 years old. His clothes had dirt and small rips in them, like he had been crawling on the ground a while. His face was tear stained, though he was wiping his cheeks with the corner of a blanket that was wrapped around him. Despite his eyes being slightly red and puff, obviously from crying, they were a large and brown. His hair was a sandy brown, with fairly long bangs that fell on his face. All in all, he looked like a normal, somewhat cute kid.

"Okay, Jenkins, photos, tag and bag, Ducky, come see me when your done," he told them before walking of.

"What about you?" asked Ducky.

"I got the kid."

The kid looked very surprised when a Gibbs sat down besides him in the cars trunk. He quickly sat up straight and looked down at the floor, very nervous.

"Coffee?" he asked, holding a drink out to him. He had managed to find a small coffee shop just down the rode. The boy seemed very surprised by the question. He opened and closed him mouth a few times, but no words came out of his mouth. He swallowed and tried once more.

"I-I'm… not allowed coffee…" he stuttered, his cheeks going red.

"Yeah, my mom said the same thing when I was young," he said, taking the coffee back. "I'm Agent Gibbs, I work at NCIS. It means 'Naval Criminal Investigative Service'. What's your name?"

"Timothy. Timothy McGee… Sir," he added quickly, deciding not to mention the fact that he knew what NCIS meant.

"You don't have you sir me," he told the boy.

"Yes…" he thought hard for a few seconds. "…Boss?"

Gibbs couldn't help but smirked. "I can live with that. Can I ask you a few questions, Tim?"

"Erm… yes, of course, s… boss," he answered uncertainly.

"Could you tell me what happened?" he asked softly. He knew that it was a traumatising thing to go through, whether your 6 or 60. Gibbs noticed that Tim stiffened at the question.

"I… I don't under stand the question…"

"Could you tell me how you ended up… next to the body?"

Tim stayed silent for a few seconds, tacking a deep breath and clutching tighter onto the blanket wrapped around him. "I was walking home from school with some friends. We were talking and playing and stuff for ages and I didn't realise how late it was so I went through the park to get home. I tripped over and hit my head on the side and blacked out. I woke up when the police came," he explained, rubbing his right cheek. Now that Gibbs looked at it, it did look a little bruised and swollen. But something was telling him that Tim wasn't telling him the whole story, whether it was the smears blood on his hand, the fact that it took him a while to answer or Gibbs' gut.

"That the whole story?" asked Gibbs. Tim nodded slowly and began to shiver a lot. Gibbs did admit that it was a bit cold, but he was surprised to see him shack so much. Then it hit him. He looked down, and through a small gap in the blanket, he saw that the young boy had wet himself. He couldn't blame the kid, waking up surrounded by police and strangers and a dead body. He pulled of his jacket and draped it over Tim's front, making it stay up by his shoulders.

"Better?" Tim blushed bright red, realising that the man noticed. Thankfully the subject was changed when Ducky came up to him.

"We're all done here, Jethro. Jenkins found a pile a vomit near the body. He's collecting it now, much to his disgust. We should be able to get some DNA from it," said the ME. "So, what did you need me for?"

"Duck, this is Timothy McGee. Tim, this is our medical examiner, Dr. Mallard," Gibbs said. Time shyly offered his hand to the older man who shook it fondly.

"Hello there, Timothy. You can call me Ducky if you like, everybody dose."

"You think you could have a look at his cheek there, Duck?" asked Gibbs. Ducky bent down to Tim's eye level to get a better look. He asked him to open his mouth so he could see if any teat were broken. After having a look with his latex gloze covered fingers, he discovered that they were all, thankfully, intact.

"So… what do you do at NCIS, Dr. Mallard?" asked Tim, as Ducky gave him a small bag of ice for him to put on his cheek.

"I examine corpses of the victims in our cases," he explained, and smiled at the somewhat horrified look on the young boys face. Whilst Ducky started to scrap under Tim's fingernails, just as a normal procedure, Gibbs continued to talk to him.

"Isn't it a little dangerous for a little kid like you to be walking around on his own?"

"I'm can look after myself, I'm 8 years old," he protested. Gibbs was a little surprised to hear that, he old looked about 6, but decided not to push on it.

"What about you parents? Don't they look after you as well?"

"Of course they do, but… they work long shifts, so I look after me and my little sister when there not there."

"What do they do?"

"My mom works as a waitress and my step-dad works for the Navy, so he's away a lot like he is now," he explained simply. His real dad had left when Tim was about 3, and his mom re-married later that year and had his sister, Sarah, nine months later. When his mom asked if he remembered his real father, he said that he didn't, but he was lying. He still had nightmares about him.

"There we go, all done," Ducky said happily, standing up and placing the evidence collected in a small jar into a plastic bag. "Alright Timothy, you're all done."

"Dose that mean I can go hope now!" he asked, smiling. He had wanted to go home ever since this all started.

"Yeah, sure. I'll give you a lift," said Gibbs before turning to Ducky. "You think you can handle every thing till I get back?"

"Of course Jethro, you go get this young man home."

Tim politely thanked Ducky for the ice pack and said goodbye, before quickly following Gibbs past the police tap and into the man's car. He gave him the address and Gibbs started driving. Tim started to neatly fold the man's jacket, mostly to distract himself from the man's driving or else he was sure that he would throw up again. He wasn't sure why he liked this man so much. E was akward around new people even at the best of times, but with him it was different. Thankfully, they pulled up near his house in a just few minutes.

"Thank you for taking me home, Agent Gibbs," said Tim, handing him back his jacket and quickly moving the blanket that was still with him in front of the wet patch on his clothes.

"I just need to talk to you mom for a few minutes, tell her what happened. Okay?"

Tim gulped and nodded quickly. He was really nervous about seeing his mother after all of this. He remembered that she always panicked if he was just 5 minutes late home, so she was probably frantic by now. Walking down the small path to the front door, Gibbs noticed that all the light in the house were on, and he could hear muffled shout, and the noise of running feet. He could see the shadows of two people on the closed curtains. Suddenly the front door was flung open and stood there was a small girl, around the same size as Tim, with the same large brown eyes. Her hair was a darker brown that was tied up in pigtails, though they were starting to fall out. She was dressed in a pink dressing gown and white slippers. Her face had tears stains down her cheeks, like she had been crying. She made a mad dash toward Tim and flung her arms around his neck, knocking them both to the ground in the process.

"I missed you," she mumbled into his neck, sniffing hard as if trying not to cry. Tim retuned the hug, grapping tight hold of his little sister. He wasn't really sure why. Usually they were always fighting and annoying each other, but for some reason, he felt like if he let go if her, his whole world would be shattered into a million pieces. He began to feel tears prickling up in his eye.

Suddenly there was someone else at the door. This time it was a woman with short blond hair just past her shoulders and brown eyes. She had jeans and a white fluffy, jumper and shoes on, like she was ready to run out of the house if she needed to. In her hand was a telephone, with a faint voice still talking to her on the other end. "It's alright, he's here!" she called down the phone before putting it down on the table in the hall and running out towards her son. She pulled him into a tight hug, along with Sarah who refused to let go of him. Then she pushed him out at arms length, a firm grip on his shoulders.

"Where the hell have you been!? Its 10 o'clock at night, you should have been back hours ago! You idiot, why didn't you come home, I've been calling the police trying to get them to find you, but they were all busy with a dead body! Do you know how much that made me worry, do you understand that I thought that you could have been really hurt, or worse?" she yelled at him. At first, Tim thought that she was furious with him, but then he saw something that made him understand. Tears were running fast down her face and showed no sign of stopping. She was crying. She wasn't angry. She was worried and scared, for him. As he began to see her shake, he looked down at the ground. He knew that if he looked up at his mother, he would start crying like a baby.

"I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry," he said, as she started to hug them again. That's all he could say, that he was sorry. He said it over and over again, until she stopped crying and Sarah had loosened her grip on his neck.


"Thank you very much for bringing him home, Agent Gibbs," said Victoria McGee as she handed him a mug of coffee. She had invited him in and sent the kids upstairs to go to bed. Gibbs had just finished explaining everything that had happened that night. "I can't believe that this is happening. You hear about these things, but you never think that there going to happen to you."

"I know that this is a hard time for you Mrs. McGee, but I still need Tim to come to the station in the morning so we can get in official statement."

"Oh, yes, of courses. I'll take him before I go to work tomorrow. I can't believe that there's a murder around here somewhere. It sounds so unreal, like a dream or something…" she carried on mumbling things mostly to herself, as Gibbs drank the coffee.

"Do you think that I could see Tim for a few seconds?" he asked when he was done.

"Oh, yes of course, go on up," she said, though Gibbs was already heading for the staircase.

"Where were you?" demander Sarah, as she and Tim got into their beds. Tim had just had a very quick shower and was now in his blue dinosaur pyjamas.

"I told you, I don't want to talk about it!" he snapped, making Sarah pout. Then her face went sad and serious.

"Mommy went really scary… she was running around and yelling… she even yelled at me…" she mumbled, her lower lip trembling slightly.

"She was just worried, she's not mad at you, she didn't mean it," Tim said quickly, not wanting her to cry again.

"She won't go scary like your daddy, will she?" she asked, barely above a whisper. Sarah had only met Tim's dad once, a few years ago, but she knew enough about him from that one experience.

"Of course she won't! Mom wouldn't ever go scary like him, you know that," he said comfortingly.

"Good," she smiled happily, before giving a long yawn. "Night Tim"

"Night Sarah," he said, about to turn of the light until their bedroom door opened and Gibbs stepped inside.

"Agent Gibbs?" Tim couldn't help but wonder why he was still here, and in their bedroom no less.

"Hey there. I just wanted to give you this," said Gibbs, pulling out a small piece of paper from his pocket and giving it to Tim. On t was a phone number.

"What's this for?"

"Just in case you want to talk."

"About the case?"

"If you want. You need anything; you just give me a call. Okay, I got to go. I'll see you tomorrow when we write out your statement," he said before walking out of the bedroom.

"He looks kinda scary," commented Sarah, as she snuggled further into her bed.

Tim's stomach tightened slightly. He was feeling really guilty. He had lied to Gibbs before about what happened. He wasn't sure why he lied, he just did. He thought that if he said he didn't see anything then this whole thing would just blow away, so why was he feeling so guilt towards a man that he barely knew? He sighed and clambered into his own bed. Hopefully, things would be better in the morning.

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