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"Two days and two hours once the hat is done. Follow Scar past the friar to find the sun."

Draco sneered at the note. He had spent the last day trying to figure it out and was still missing vital information. He would go to his godfather if it weren't for the fact his pride could be hurt in the process.

"The friar." That could only be one place in Hogwarts. It wasn't the fat friar since that was just plain daft to have the Hufflepuff ghost in on the plan. It wasn't any of the numerous paintings in Hogwarts since they moved and couldn't be trusted to stay in the right place. That meant it was the statue on the third floor and west wing. Ten o'clock- two days and two hours since the sorting hat had finished his song- was when he was supposed to be there. But what the hell was Scar? Or who was Scar?

Draco sighed. Too late to find out now, he was already making his way to the statue. He stopped, not too far from it. Hesitantly looking around Draco searched for signs of Scar. There should be no other students down the corridor since it was now past curfew. The clock struck ten and Draco suddenly became aware of more people in the corridor. He wasn't sure how many, just the slight shuffling feet or rustling of clothes. He looked around sharply but realised they must be disillusioned like he himself was.

Then there was the tapping of feet on floor as someone walked their way towards the corridor. The clock struck the last chime and a shadowed figure entered the corridor for all to see. The person turned and headed towards where Draco was, down the corridor. More rustling followed the person in his wake. The figure rushed past Draco in quick steps, stopping him from seeing his face due to lack of lighting. Draco stood dumbstruck for a few seconds, not really sure what to do.

"Get moving Draco. We don't want to lose him." Severus' whispered voice tickled his ear making Draco jump and immediately begin moving after what he presumed to be scar. He knew his godfather was behind him but continued straight ahead, not bothering to check. Soon the person was walking through a picture frame, which Draco hadn't known to be a door. The frame opened two more times before Draco passed through, opening again as Severus followed. There was a single light up ahead, which led the way through the darkness that filled the tunnel. The tunnel sloped down and finished at a dead end, where the person pulled aside the cloth Draco hadn't known to be there and crossed into another corridor on the second floor. Walking across to the other side, Draco followed the character into the…into the girl's bathroom.

Now the room was lit up, revealing who the character was.

"Everyone here?" Harry Potter asked, turning to stare at empty space in front of him.

"Yep." Remus Lupin, the new defence teacher replied, suddenly appearing next to Draco as the charm was removed.

"Yes." Severus sneered, removing his own charm and stepping forward.

"Oh, hang on." Came a girly voice from the side. "I haven't quite got the hang of this."

Potter rose his eyebrow at a space of air before Hermione Granger suddenly came into view.

Draco stood gaping at the unlikely group. What the hell was going on? He had heard of a new spy in Hogwarts but had not heard of three new Gryffindors joining the dark side.

"Er…Malfoy? You there?" Potter hesitantly asked, looking around the room.

Draco jumped out of his daze as he realised they were all waiting for him. He grabbed his wand and raised it, still disillusioned, at Harry in front of him. A hand suddenly snatched his arm and pulled it down.

"He is on our side Draco. Do not let small rivalries get in the way of your duties." Severus hissed, revealing Draco himself.

Potter blinked a few times as silver eyes met green, before turning away, not returning the glare.

A series of creepy hissings escaped Potter's mouth and slithered through the tiled room in an echo. There was a deep rumbling around them, causing Draco to cautiously survey the room. Suddenly the tiles started to rearrange themselves. Moving back over the floor as a sink started to…sink into the ground. The others stared with gawking faces whilst Harry remained nonchalant through it all. The rumbling stopped, as did the tiles. All was left was a gaping hole in the centre of the bathroom.

Potter turned to the mud blood and gave a deep mock bow at the waist. "Lady's first." He offered with a smirk.

Granger made a crowing noise. "You can not be serious."

He merely tutted. "And you call yourself a Gryffindor." As he stood straight and walked over to the girl. Before Granger could defend herself, Potter had already picked her up over his shoulder.

"Harry, stop. Put me down. Don't you bloody well dare. You'll be so…" Granger's threats were cut off as she was dropped into the hole, her screams disappearing into the darkness.

Potter turned back to face the three men with a broad grin. "So who's next?"

Lupin and Snape practically fought for who was next, hoping to avoid Harry's wrath. Snape won and went down first, Lupin after. Draco remained, his wand raised and still unsure.

"Well?" Potter asked with a raised eyebrow.

"What the hell it this?" Draco finally roared escaping his stunned state.

Harry blinked a few times, unsure of how to answer.

"This is a meeting with the Dark Lord, Malfoy. We shouldn't be late, so if you please..." Harry gestured towards the gaping hole, hoping Draco would soon go down.

"NO! What the hell are you doing here? Why the fuck are we meeting the dark lord in the sewers below the girls bathroom? Why in Merlin's name is the mud blood here as well as the werewolf? And…and." Draco lost his breath, hyperventilating. He panted, ignoring Potter who had taken a step forward in worry but Draco kept his wand trained steadily on his nemesis.

"You'll find out most of the answers when we get down there. We don't want to be late so all I'll say is we're on your side and Voldemort and Snape trusts us. Please, Malfoy."

Draco merely sniffed, standing up straight in defeat and shoving his way past Potter, making the boy stumble before quickly jumping down the hole with as much elegance and dignity he could muster.

Draco held his breath and shut his eyes as he flew down the darkness. The speed at which he was sliding down the tunnel made his stomach churn. Draco couldn't with hold the yelp as he reached the bottom and flew forwards, hands out, embracing the bones that broke his fall.

"Oh Merlin." Draco cried in disgust, brushing the bones from his robes as he stood. He was smirked when he saw Potter exit the tunnel in much the same fashion.

"What took you so long?" Both boys turned around at the harsh tone of Snape who was glaring at them along with Granger and Lupin. "Hurry up!" The man sharply turned on his heel and sped off down the tunnel, his cloaks billowing behind him. The trio stopped when they met a fork in the tunnels. They turned back to look at Harry with embarrassed looks on their faces as they realised they had no idea where they were going. Potter sighed from where he stood next to Draco, having been left behind, before he quickly dashed up front.

"I'll lead the way, shall I?" Potter asked, turning down the left tunnel. The others soon followed, Draco trailing behind.

The group splashed through the pipes that ran deep under Hogwarts. "There has to be a better way in then this." Draco heard Potter mumble to himself as they removed some boulders that blocked their path.

Five minutes later they found themselves at the main chamber after having literally dragged Severus away from the dead Basilisk at the entrance. A huge sculpture of Salazar Slytherin looked down at them causing the mud blood to shiver next to Draco who smirked at the girl's reaction. Soon Harry opened the mouth and crossed the bridge into a cleaner and hell of a lot nicer room.

Draco surveyed the chamber in awe. Snakes and other creatures were sculpted along the walls. Tapestries which hung from the high ceiling to the floor covered marble slabs. Silver and green silk hung from the ceiling. At the front lay more rooms, doors all closed, but before that stood hooded men in black cloaks and silver masks. They all rose as the group entered.

The group all marched to the front before stopping at the meeting point. Severus bowed along with Draco in greeting to the other three death eaters whilst the Gryffindors gracelessly fell back into to soft arm chairs, giving a simple nod. The death eaters removed their masks, revealing the Lestrange brothers and MacNair.

A figure stepped out from the shadows, causing everyone to stiffen and turn towards the hidden being. The man opened his arms wide. "Greetingsssssssss, my followersssss." The man hissed. In a mad panic (or what seemed like one) the death eaters and Draco dropped to their knees in a deep bow. The figure hissed at them again, causing the heads to duck down lower in submission. With a cold tension in the room that had put out the fire from the fireplace, the man at the front fell over, his hands on his knees and let out a roaring laugh.

The death eaters looked up, confused. Harry merely rolled his eyes and tutted whilst Remus and Hermione shuffled in their seats, disturbed by the strange goings on. The figure finally removed his hood, revealing black, spiky hair and blue eyes.

"Oh, oh, Merlin. That was too easy. Man, that was hilarious." Frustro panted out between breaths. "If you could see yourselves. All it took was a few hissing!"

The death eaters abruptly stood, brushing their clothes and sneering in silence, embarrassed at being fooled so easily. Frustro eventually calmed down, wiping tears from his eyes, which quickly settled on Harry who was lounging on a sofa with a bored look.

"Heya Ha-" Frustro couldn't finish his sentence as everyone stiffened again (except Harry), their muscles starting to ache from all this tension, the moment a door clanked open, Voldemort striding out from it with his face in a book. The man didn't glance up as he settled down in a seat, ignoring the men bowed before him.

"You're late." Voldemort grumbled, snapping his book shut.

"Not by much." Harry quickly answered, eyes focused on red rather then Frustro who was settling himself on the sofa with Harry, leering at the boy.

"Hm." The man merely murmured, eyes narrowed at the boy-who-lived. "Well, I think we should start with introductions and explanations. Starting with why on earth is the werewolf down here? Granger I can understand, I gave the lovely lady permission, but Lupin, someone, please."

They shuffled awkwardly, eyes glancing at Severus and Harry, telling them to answer soon before Voldemort lost his patience.

"Remus found out when I returned from the infirmary that my story was a lie. He asked why Severus and I weren't telling the truth, which we answered, as Werewolves can tell the difference between a lie and truth. Remus accepted our ideas and asked to join. We ourselves accepted, figuring the light werewolves will soon follow and we'll have another spy in the order." Harry shrugged nonchalantly. He reached over and patted Remus' hand who was very stiff, next to him.

Voldemort sucked in his lips for a while, looking at the amber eyes of Remus. "Very well." He nodded. Everyone let out a sigh of relief.

"So…Remus, this is Rudolphus and Rabstan Lestrange along with MacNair, loyal death eaters as well as Severus. Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy you already know. I myself am Lord Voldemort. And the waste of space over there is a Shadow Corvus."

"Oi. My name is Frustro. I used to be known as Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix."

Remus' eyes widened but before he could dwell on why there was a dangerous creature in the room, Voldemort was already asking for reports.

"McGonagall has shown no intentions of changing anything. She's asked the teachers to help research the wards as Dumbledore left no plans for them. In the event of a disaster all teachers will be trained to replenish and fix Hogwarts wards. Of course we are all asked to take an oath of secrecy so I can not tell you much more then that." Severus replied.

Voldemort merely nodded, his eyes narrowing in thought. They all knew the subject would be brought up again later.


"The giants, vampires and werewolves have agreed to join us so long as they do not come into contact with each other. The dark elves remain silent, refusing to delve into the outside world. The nymphs ask for a hunting ban to be place over them along with private land. The tree guardians I have yet to speak to."

"Anything else?" Voldemort asked the rest of the group.

Harry wrinkled his nose after a moment of silence. "Not really. It's only been two days."

"Two days too long!" Frustro screeched, embracing Harry in a tight hug.

Draco flinched at the Shadow Corvus; the guy was weird. The death eaters carried on, ignoring Harry's cries as he tried to push the bird off him. Only Hermione noticed the dark lord's cheeks burning red in anger whilst his red eyes glared at the scene. Remus watched, slightly shocked as the Shadow Corvus tried to molest his best friend's son. He yelped when the Shadow Corvus was thrown off Harry by a burst of magic from the boy himself. The bird flew back impacting with the wall at the far end of the room, a chunk of brick being knocked off, before changing into his bird form so he could fly back down.

"Now, where were we?" Harry asked calmly, clasping his hands together.

"Young Malfoy, I believe you know of the mission I've already set you." The dark lord started. Draco nodded fervently. "Good. I want you to work with Miss Granger to complete it. Get it done quickly. You will tell her the mission yourself." Draco's eyes went wide with horror and he looked over to Hermione who was looking very smug in her chair. Draco kept his mouth shut from any complaints.

"If that is all, you may leave. I have nothing for you to do as of yet. The exit is through the door on the left, it will lead you to the dungeons I believe. Mr Potter if you may stay behind to continue your training."

The Hogwarts group awkwardly left, looking back at Harry who remained seated. The sight of the death eaters and Frustro soon and surrounding Harry to begin his dark arts training, made the others shiver. The door behind those leaving slammed shut and they could see no more.

"Well that was…informative." Lupin announced to the darkness.

Severus lit his wand and sneered. "A waste of my time."

"Rather anti-climactic actually." Remus shrugged, leading off down the corridor to another door.

"Voldemort is surprisingly rather rational. He considers everything before making judgement. Not what I expected from the man who was supposed to have an outrageous temper and insanity. I can see why Harry likes him." Hermione spoke conversationally.

The three men all spluttered, Severus tripping over his feet. "Potter likes the dark lord?!"

"Hm, although Harry hasn't realised it yet and if Voldemort's actions were anything to go by, I'd say he likes Harry too."

The men fell silent, preferring not to dwell on the strange match for too long. The group exited the tunnel in Severus' private potion cupboard who grumbled at the revelation as he realised anyone could get into it through the chamber.

"Oh, Malfoy." Hermione called out as they were leaving. "I'll meet you in Snape's office tomorrow at six o'clock for our mission." She quickly turned, following Lupin and leaving a disturbed Draco behind.