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Chapter IV

Before, I never considered my memories as something worthy to look back to. They brought me so much pain and hatred to the point that I closed my heart for everything else. But you changed that. You made me realize that memories are important. No matter how painful they were to remember, they would always mean something else other than the feeling of hurt. They were there to make us realize our mistakes… and to make us strong. That's why… I want to make a lot of memories with you, Yusei. And this time I won't be afraid to look back anymore because when I do… I'll see you.

. . .

Right after Aki woke up; Yusei had called the doctor to have a check on her. He was sent outside of the room for a moment so they could examine her. At that time, Jack accompanied by Carly arrived to check on them. Yusei explained to the two what happened as they all waited outside the hospital room where Aki was in. Minutes after, the doctor came out and requested them to follow in his office for further explanations.

"Post-traumatic Amnesia. Basically due to her bad fall."

The doctor's statement gave the three of them a shock.

"In all truth, Mr. Fudo, we have anticipated this kind of scenario since a huge part of her nervous system was damaged—including some parts of her brain but we decided to keep an uncertain matter classified in order to avoid unnecessary conclusions… especially coming from all of you."

Yusei, Jack and Carly remained quiet for a moment searching for words to say. But basing from the terrible news the doctor had just said, words couldn't describe their gloom. In the middle of their quietness, Yusei stood up making the two turn their heads to him. He did not say anything as he slowly walked towards the door and left the office.

Although he doesn't show it, Yusei felt terrible from what he had heard. His mind absently turned into chaos as he walked down the corridor back to Aki's room. As he did, memories with her flashed back at him all at once—the happy, the painful, and the beautiful; they all played like a fast forwarded motion picture. It was clear at first but as it goes, it started to become vague-- like a messed up image up to the point that he couldn't make up some of it anymore. He didn't know what to do. The mixture of grief and his weakened body made him want to submit into tears but he just couldn't.

"She had forgotten…"

He kept on walking but the corridor appeared to be endless. His steps were getting heavier by the second as his vision started to blur. He was about to reach for the doorknob when his vision completely faded into black. His body crashed against the door in an instant making a loud bang and sooner after that, his knees folded as his whole figure slowly glided towards the floor.

He had collapsed.

. . .

Remember the time at the Fortune Cup? That time… I knew right away that you were the one who could save me. And you did. You never fail to help everyone around you. You always do your best just to protect everyone, Yusei. Sometimes I think, what could possibly make you give up. Haha! What am I thinking…. I don't think there would be such a thing…


Diluted, Yusei woke up in a familiar place. Even though his vision was blurry, he could tell that he's not in the hospital anymore. The thought of it made him jump from his bed despite that his body was in no condition to move around like he used to. He looked around but no one was in the room. He suddenly recalled the doctor, the corridor and how he fainted… and Aki…Who was there to watch over her? With that thought in mind, Yusei reached out for his dark blue jacket and hurried towards the door. Once out of the room, he was surprised to see the twins with Jack sitting in the couch in the middle of a wide space—all their heads turned to him the moment he opened the door.

Ruka noticed how Yusei looked like he was about to leave so she rushed towards him and blocked his way.

"No, Yusei. You can't go yet!"

His brows narrowed as he gazed down on Ruka straight to her determined, Luxor gold eyes.


"Yeah, Yusei," Rua backed-up, "you should rest. Your body can't take it anymore."

Yusei remained quiet. He knew that they were right; but what about her?

His resolution was much stronger. Despite what his body and the twins had told him to do, he just walked past them and continued on heading towards the door.

"So you wouldn't care about what we say to you now huh, Yusei?"

Jack's statement made him pause as he was about to leave. He turned around meeting the blonde's eye in perfect contact and seeing how it showed displeasure, it was then he knew he had to say something.

"I just have to go. I couldn't leave her alone in there."

Jack didn't say a word. He just stood up from his seat and walked towards Yusei in a slow pace and then he began to speak.

"After you left, the doctor said they would continue monitoring Izayoi. They knew her condition was critical and unpredictable. He even said that she might actually die anytime."

Yusei gritted his teeth as his face displayed a mixture of anger and confusion. Why was he telling him that?

"You really think that by going to her with that kind of attitude and state would really help her?" said Jack slightly raising his tone.

"You don't know anything," whispered to himself, containing all whatever's been boiling within him the moment Jack opened his mouth. It grew more intense as the blonde continued with his words.

"You think she's alone-- that she is the one who is need of you. But the truth is that you are the one who needs her!"

"—Yes, I need her!" said Yusei completely lost his cool, fuming at Jack. "You don't know anythi—"

But before he could finish his sentence, a strong, hard knuckle quickly landed on his face. A punch; a physically powerful punch coming from Jack Atlas made him crash on the floor giving Rua and Ruka an equal form of shock.

But Jack wasn't finished yet. He picked up Yusei by the collar and pulled him close enough for him to shout at his face. His fist was shaking in anger as his electric violet eyes narrowed, directly beaming at the torn duelist "You--! You are not Yusei!" Jack roared, "I know exactly you always want to help people out…! Especially Izayoi! But not this way!"

Being thrown down, meeting the floor once again, Yusei didn't utter a word as Jack turned his back, walking away from him. But before he could exit the room to the balcony, he heard him saying, "Help yourself first."

He could feel his insides shaking, his tears ready to explode from his eyes but he held them back as much as he could while anger filled most of his system, ingesting every word that Jack have said.

Ruka, followed by Rua approached him.


Still looking down with his hair covering his eyes, Yusei did not respond to her call. The twins could completely feel what exactly what was going on with him, especially that Jack had somewhat knocked some sense to him—literally.

Without having any thoughts, Ruka slowly put her arms around Yusei giving him a warm embrace.

"Yusei… please don't think that you're alone. We're here. You always have your friends. And please don't think we don't care about Aki-san. We're just as worried as you are… You are not alone in this feeling…"

He didn't react on what she had said but at that moment, for the first time since the accident, he somewhat felt secured. He thought that maybe Jack was right. It wasn't like him to forget that his friends are always there for him—no matter what may occur. His mind was so clouded by what happened to Aki, he realized that he lost focus. He realized that it wasn't about him; it was about Aki—on what she was going through. How she need him in her time of need, his control and understanding over the situation… and his strength. But as long as he's falling apart, he couldn't possibly help her. It just had to stop.

Ruka let go of him as he started to move, preparing to stand up. He did not say a word to the both of them but he left a faint smile before he turned around and left as if saying that he'll be fine.

. . .

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