I Hope It Gives You Hell

Millions of people in the world have neighbors. And, for the most part, they did their best to get along with the rest of the people that lived so close to them. This was an important fact of life. Peace and tranquility were required when it came to keeping one's sanity established in the course of their long or short life. Bad neighbors were, as many people could attest to, absolute nightmares. Some of the ugliest feuds to have ever happened occurred between neighbors.

Yuugi had always felt that he and his fiancé were wonderful neighbors. They were never loud. They were never obnoxious. They didn't have wild parties, or have less-then-desirable individuals over to their home. Always being the courteous individuals that they were, he couldn't imagine how someone would not want to live next to them. Their house wasn't painted a funny color, they didn't leave garbage in their yard, and there weren't any old or unused cars rusting and unused in their driveway. Heck, Anzu even did a bit of gardening in the summer months and made their front porch look quite welcoming for visitors. They had curb appeal.

Yuugi Motou learned very quickly that his new neighbors weren't anything like this. His new neighbors, it seemed, weren't the type of people to appreciate curb appeal. They were messy, loud, and very, very obnoxious. How such a rude and disgusting mad could turn Yuugi Motou's world upside down in one summer was something he would puzzle over for years to come.

It all started in the month of March. Yuugi was busy in the kitchen helping Anzu with the dishes from their nightly dinner. Anzu had made a delicious chicken, and his stomach was quite content as he dried one of his blue dishes with a clean white dish towel.

The snow had just finished melting outside, so the air was getting warmer, but there was still a feeling of downright cold coming up from the ground. The frost hadn't left yet, but it was water in the streets now rather than ice and snow. It was six o'clock in the evening, so the sun was just getting ready to set as it spread gold colored light over the small neighborhood of Garden Street.

A moving truck started to back up into the driveway of Number Sixteen, Garden Street, the house that was just to the right of Yuugi's.

Yuugi Motou walked over to the window in his dining room and looked out. There were three or four men scurrying about as they unloaded their furniture into the previously vacant home. "Anzu, look! We have new neighbors moving in."

Anzu wiped her hands off on her apron as she walked over to the window with her fiancé. "I wondered when that house would get sold. It'll be nice to have new faces in the neighborhood."

Yuugi squinted as he tried to see what the people looked like. Being as the sun was setting on the other side of the moving truck, the sunlight hit his eyes directly, and the people were shadowed from his viewpoint. Yuugi frowned slightly at not being able to see so well. They did look young, though. Maybe they'd have some new friends to socialize with? There weren't many people on Garden Street that were the same age as Yuugi and Anzu. Both of them were twenty five. Most home buyers were slightly older than them, having already firmly established their careers. Yuugi and Anzu, however, had always been driven. Both had college degrees. Both were working full time. Yuugi himself really preferred the stability of a nine-to-five job with benefits. It was nice to feel so domestic.

Yuugi had proposed to Anzu in their final year of college. They decided to buy a house first, then have a wedding. Currently, their wedding date was only six months away. Sometimes it scared him senseless to think about, and at other times, the young man could hardly contain his excitement. Anzu, after all, was his childhood crush. The fact that he ended up with a woman with a gorgeous body and equally brilliant mind seemed nearly unthinkable for a short, geeky person like him.

Anzu walked back into the kitchen. "Take out the garbage, would you dear?" she asked as she started the dishwasher.

"Sure," he replied. He put the baby blue plate he still held in his hand away and pulled out the garbage bag.

Yuugi put his slippers on and wrapped a coat around himself before he opened the front door to take out the garbage. It was Sunday, after all, and the garbage company came around on Monday morning at eleven for collection.

The new people on the street were still pulling furniture and clothes out of the moving truck. Yuugi lifted the lid of his plastic garbage can and dropped the heavy white bag in. As he placed the lid back on, he felt eyes looking at him. When he swiveled his head to the right, he saw one of the men waving back at him. Yuugi smiled, in a very neighborly way, and waved back.

Yes, it would definitely be nice to get some new faces on Garden Street.


It started out as any good, normal day usually does. Yuugi woke up at seven o'clock in the morning. He put on his robe, went into the kitchen, and started the coffee maker. Then he showered, shaved, dressed, and styled his hair. As he went downstairs back into the kitchen, Anzu woke up for her shower. By the time his coffee had been poured and the eggs scrambled, Anzu entered the kitchen with a kiss good morning and a request for her favorite section of the morning paper.

It was routine. It was good, comfortable, and normal. Yuugi liked normal.

When breakfast was done, Yuugi kissed Anzu on the cheek goodbye and got into his car. It was eight thirty when he left, the same time he left every morning. Yuugi drove all of the way to the attorney office he worked at as a human resource assistant. Anzu would drive to work at the local theater, as she was a ballet instructor.

Yuugi's day at work was very normal, too. He filed paperwork. He sent emails and faxed memos. He cleared out his in-box. He solved the normal, every day problems that occur because people don't pay attention to what they were doing, and more often than not screwed up their paperwork on something. Nothing too stressful. Nothing traumatizing. Nothing inherently wrong with his day at all.

When Yuugi arrived home with his portfolio under his arm and his afternoon tea in hand, he had a small smile on his face. His smile grew a little larger when Anzu arrived home fifteen minutes later, just like she always did.

Yuugi looked up from his laptop at the dining room table when his fiancé walked in the front door. "Hello, Anzu! How was your day?"

Anzu smiled, then placed a large white paper bag on the table as she pulled off her high heeled shoes. There were semi-transparent spots on the bag, like something very greasy was resting within it. "Fine, dear. I brought home dinner tonight."

Yuugi frowned. She wasn't going to cook tonight? Why not? He preferred her cooking to take out almost any night of the week. "Why?" he couldn't help but ask.

She smiled again. "Well, I was hoping we could bring over a pie I baked yesterday to the new neighbors. You know, to welcome them? Besides, I didn't feel much like cooking tonight."

Yuugi closed his laptop with a shrug. The excuse made perfect sense. Why should she have to cook every night, anyway? But still...he took a cautious peek into the bag, and saw fried chicken inside of it. He wasn't really a fan of fried chicken. "Sure, that sounds nice," was all he found himself saying instead. Their newest neighbors had only just finished moving in a couple of days ago. It was now the beginning of the month of April. They were bound to be more or less settled by then.

So, fifteen minutes later, at exactly six o'clock, Yuugi and Anzu made their way over the their newest neighbor's front door with a fresh apple pie held Anzu's small hands.

Yuugi rang the door bell, then stood back and started to straighten out his shirt. Of course, as they stood there, they began to wonder of the door bell was broken, because no one came to answer the door.

"That's strange," Yuugi mused. "There's still a car in the driveway. Someone's bound to be home."

"Try the doorbell again," Anzu suggested.

Yuugi rang twice this time, and also knocked on the door for good measure.

Two minutes later, there was the unmistakable noise of someone cursing on the other side of the door. Yuugi and Anzu stood back as the door opened with a swift jerk. The man on the other side of the door did not look too friendly. His eyes were dark with sleep which was a feat, as he had already very darkly tanned skin. His black, red, and blond hair was terribly tousled, and he was lacking a shirt as his silk sleep pants hung very loosely around his toned waist. Yuugi noticed with distaste two tattoos on his biceps, and a rather large necklace with a piece of metal fashioned after an ankh. "What!?" The man asked.

"Forgive us," Anzu began. "We didn't realize we were disturbing you. We just wanted to bring over a welcome to the neighborhood gift. See?" Anzu held the pie up like a peace offering. "Freshly baked apple pie."

The man looked at Anzu in the face for a split second, then snorted. "Uh, sure, fine. Pie." He grabbed it and started to step back into his house. He threw Yuugi a rather sour look as he started to close the door.

"Uh, wait! What's your name?" Yuugi asked. "I'm Yuugi. This is my fiancé, Anzu."

"Atem," was the short answer thrown over his shoulder. Yuugi heard a grumble of something along the lines of 'too early to be human,' before the door was closed on their faces.

"Well... I've never!" Yuugi fumed as they left his front porch. "That is absolutely no way to treat your neighbors! What a rude, obnoxious man!"

Anzu's lips thinned in agreement. "He was rather cross."

"Jerk," Yuugi muttered under his breath. Hopefully, he wouldn't have to deal with that level of rudeness anymore.


The next day started off normal again. That, Yuugi was very grateful for. It was a Thursday, so it was getting closer to the weekend, and Yuugi was looking forward to his two days off so he could spend some time fixing the leaky pipes in his spare bathroom.

The neighbor's house was very quiet as he got in his car and left for the day. Yuugi hoped the man would simply stay quiet and to himself, because he certainly didn't want to deal with a sour attitude any more than the next person did.

Anzu cooked dinner that night, thank goodness. And it was a nice, normal casserole, too. Yuugi finished his work on his laptop. Anzu cleaned the downstairs. They finished their dishes, and finally, at nine thirty at night, turned off the lights as they headed to bed.

Yuugi was just about to fall asleep with a grin as he mentally went over the paperwork that needed to be completed at work tomorrow, when the unthinkable happened.

Loud, horrible pounding noises of a bass turned up far too high started to drum against their ears. The noise was coming from, of course, the right of the house.

It appeared that the new neighbors liked to play their music rather loudly at ten o'clock at night. Yuugi grumbled with irritation as he rolled over and tried to use his pillow to cut out the noise. God above, it was so loud. What kind of a person played music so loud at night?? "Doesn't he know people need to work in the morning?!" he growled out.

Anzu 'hmmed' in agreement next to him, but otherwise said nothing more.

The music pounded away until three am. Yuugi was so flustered at his situation, he began to think about getting up and telling the neighbor to turn the music off.

In fact, that's exactly what he was going to do.

With a growl that promised blood, Yuugi rolled out of bed and pounded out of the bedroom. Anzu didn't say anything, probably having already fallen asleep somehow despite all of the horrid noise that filled the night air. Yuugi ran all of the noise laws through his head as he put on his slippers and tied his robe around his waist. That stupid, arrogant jerk has absolutely no respect for other people living next to him!!!

Yuugi walked out of his front door, pounded down his walkway, and made his way next door. It seemed that every light in the neighbor's house was on. The music gradually got louder as Yuugi stomped up the front steps to the door. His frown deepened with each pound on the front door.

The door opened up quickly. The same person from before was on the other side, but he looked considerably more awake than the day before. Yuugi's mind gasped at the sight of leather, buckles, chains, and a cigarette in the man's mouth. Vivid red eyes looked at Yuugi as the shorter man stood there in his blue and white striped night robe, an angry frown on his face.

Atem smirked at him and rested one of his arms on the door above his head. "Well, hello there, kitten. What can I do for you?"

"It's three am!" Yuugi said shrilly. "The rest of the human population has to work tomorrow! Would you mind turning it down, please? You've kept me up all night long!"

Annoyingly, the man's smirk grew. "Sorry, pet. I didn't realize. I work night, ya see. Guitarist for a band. It's one of my few nights off. I was just finishing up with unpacking some boxes of stuff."

"Atem, who's there?" Another voice from inside the house asked.

The rude man with the shocking red eyes looked back into the house. He took a drag off his cigarette before he answered. "Just the neighbor, Bakura."

"What, that bat-shit crazy old man?"

Yuugi spluttered. "Mr. Hawkins is not-"

"Nah, the one who brought pie," Atem replied, which cut off Yuugi's protest.

A white haired man walked up to the door, his attire just as...as...odd as Atem's. "Oh, yeah. Pie guy. Thanks for that." His smile was a wicked one, made even more so by the gruesome scar that ran from his right eye down to the bottom of his jaw.

Yuugi sighed. "Just turn it down, all right?"

Atem grinned. "Sure, kitten. Whatever."

Yuugi growled as Atemu shut the door. "I am not a cat!"


Yuugi put two extra scoops of coffee in the coffee maker that morning. He was going to need his drink extra strong that morning, just to try and stay awake. He was so frustrated at having a lack of sleep. He didn't really enjoy it when his routine was disrupted so rudely.

Yuugi even forgot to give Anzu a kiss goodbye that morning as he left for work. Even the people at work noted how sour he was as he went through his daily filing. It was unnerving, really, because Yuugi had a naturally mild temperament. Seeing him so out of sorts was disconcerting.

So, by the time the day was done and Yuugi was driving home at five-o-five at night, he just wanted to go to bed early that night and catch up on his shut eye. After all, it was a Friday. He'd have the weekend to recoup from his terrible Thursday night.

Anzu was home early, because her car was in the driveway as he pulled up. Yuugi frowned a little. Anzu rarely ever got home early. Maybe she just wanted to sleep like he did. She had to have been shorted on her shut-eye as well.

Yuugi walked in the front door and kicked his shoes off. "Honey, I'm home."

"Hello, dear," Anzu called from the kitchen.

Yuugi smiled. She was cooking dinner. Wonderful. He set his briefcase by the door and walked into the kitchen. He found her in front of the stove, stirring a pot of noodles. "What's for dinner?" he asked and kissed her on the cheek.

"Spaghetti," she replied.

Thank God for normalcy.

Yuugi stood close behind her as he looked at the pot of noodles. "I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight. I'm so tired from last night." He started to rub her shoulders as she cooked. Surely she'd enjoy it. Heck, deserved it even. She worked just as hard as he did.

Anzu shrunk her shoulders away as she continued to stir. "Probably a good idea. We have a lot of work to do tomorrow around the house." She grabbed a noodle strainer from the cupboard above her.

Yuugi's heart sunk a little as he wondered why she pulled away, but it was probably just to get the strainer. "Need any help?"

Anzu looked at him and smiled a rather tiny smile. "No, no, I'm fine. Go kick your feet up for a minute. Dinner's almost ready."

Yuugi nodded his assent and walked into the living room.

Dinner was very quiet, mostly because Yuugi wasn't in the mood to talk about work. It hadn't been a good day, after all, and there was no point in dwelling on it.

"So.." Anzu started once they'd finished eating. "What did the neighbor say last night when you went over?"

Yuugi frowned at his plate. "Said he works nights as a guitarist in a bad. A band, of all things! Such a shameful job, if you can even call it that."

"Is he alone there?" Anzu asked.

Yuugi shook his head. "No, there was someone else there. Worse looking than he is, too. A big, horrible scar right down his face." Yuugi drew a line over his right eye and down to his jaw, just where the scar was that he'd seen the night before.

Anzu winced at the thought of such a painful mark. "Hmm."

The chair made noise as it scraped across the wood floor when Yuugi stood up. "Come on. Let's just get some rest. We'll do the dishes in the morning."

Anzu nodded. "Okay."

The dirty dishes were left in the sink and they went up to bed. There was still even a little sunlight left as they walked up the stairs to their bed.

Yuugi felt himself fall asleep, and dreams start to come, when it started to happen again.

His horrible neighbor was once again playing his music as loud as he could. Yuugi rolled over in his bed and looked at the clock. It was midnight. At least he'd gotten a few hours of sleep before Atem started in again.

Yuugi wasn't going to play nice anymore. With a frustrated growl, he rolled out of bed, went downstairs, and called the cops. There were noise laws, after all, and Atem was very clearly breaking them.

At twelve fifteen, the sight of the blinking red and blue cops lights made Yuugi's heart sing. He didn't even need to see the scowl on the rude man's face when the cops told him to keep it down or pay the fine. The noise quieted. Yuugi, finally, got some sleep.

When he woke up the next morning, he couldn't have been happier. It had been quiet the entire rest of the night. Wonderful! He got up and tied his robe in place, started the coffee machine, and did the dishes. Yuugi was whistling a small tune as he made breakfast, and that was the state that Anzu found him in when she came downstairs in her own pink bathrobe. "Yuugi?" She asked when she entered the kitchen.

"Morning!" Yuugi chirped. He kissed her good morning and dished up her eggs and pancakes.

"You're in an awfully good mood this morning." She sat down and started to go through the Saturday paper.

"Yep," he chirped. "Didn't you notice it was nice and quiet last night?"

The brown haired woman frowned a little as she sipped the coffee Yuugi had poured for her. "Hmm. What happened?"

He smiled as he took a bite of pancakes. "It appears that someone called the cops on the neighbors last night."

Anzu's head popped up and looked at him. Her face was stiff with clear disapproval. "Oh, Yuugi, you didn't!"

Yuugi raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

She scowled as she set her cup of coffee down. "Don't go making enemies with the neighbors! It'll just make things worse!"

Yuugi bristled with his defense. "We haven't done anything wrong! They're the ones that are disturbing the peace!"

Anzu shook her head as she unfolded the paper. "Oh, Yuugi..."

He didn't respond as he continued to eat. The rest of the meal was mostly quiet, as neither could think of anything else to say after their previous conversation.

Yuugi went to pick up the dishes and start washing them. Anzu folded the paper up, having finished it, and gathered the plastic bag it had come in when the paper boy had thrown it to their front porch that morning. Her face gradually grew further and further into a look of disdain as she noticed a strange goo slip off the bag and stick to the table. "What...is this?" she asked.

Yuugi came over and saw the clear colored goo. "What on earth...?" he wondered. "It almost looks like..."

Anzu saw his jaw drop as his eyes grew wider. "Yuugi?" she asked again.

Yuugi ran to the front door, and Anzu followed. It was then that a funny smell permeated their noses. Yuugi ran down the front steps and stood back, gazing at the front of his house. His eyes went from confused to furious very quickly. "They didnt't!!!"

Anzu went to stand next to him. Her horror grew.

The neighbors had egged their house. There were broken shells everywhere, and sticky, smelly, yellow and clear goo dripping from the shingles.

The sound of a garbage bag being dumped into a can sounded from across the way. Yuugi's eyes snapped over to see Atem, shirtless once again, dropping his garbage outside. "You!" he barked.

"Yuugi, no!" Anzu cried as she followed him to the dividing fence.

Atem looked up at the noise. He smirked when he saw who was making it over his way. "Well, morning, kitten."

"You degenerate hooligan!" Yuugi cried. "You egged my house!"

Atem merely shrugged, which infuriated Yuugi even more. "You called the cops on me."

"You kept me up again!"

"On a Friday night, no less."

Yuugi huffed, as if it being a Friday night would make it any more acceptable.

Atem nodded his head in Anzu's direction. "Heya, toots."

"Don't you call her 'toots'!"

"What made you end up with a tight ass like him?"

Yuugi's face turned red, and Atem remained as calm as ever. "You...!" Yuugi shook his finger in the man's handsome face. "This is war Atem!"

Atem licked his dry lips and smiled a wicked smile. "Bring it on, pet."