So Wrong, It's Right

By: Kelly T.

Chapter One: Make You Smile

L and Light sat in front of the computer screen once again, still on that Kira case. They've been in front of that damn computer for hours! Lights eyes burned so much from staring at it for so long.

"Must…stay…awake," thought Light. L turned to see his friend dosing off.

"Poor Light-Kun," thought L as he kept staring at Light, still using all his ability to stay awake.

"Light?" asked L, shyly.

"What is it, Ryuuzaki?" asked Light rather rudely

"Um, maybe we should take a break I mean-"

"No! We MUST keep investigating" exclaimed Light as he turned his head to face the screen again. "It's a trick," he thought "He'll think I'm Kira if I take a break now. Oh, god I'm so tired and my eyes feel so heavy…"


"No! I'm fine," he exclaimed again. "Honest." he said, yawning. He didn't last two more seconds before his face slammed the desk and he went off to dream land. L just stared at the figure passed out on his desk. "I should get him to bed," thought L.

L then got up from his usual position and picked up Light bridal style. He then walked to the bedroom Light and he shared and dropped Light safely onto the bed. L then tucked in his friend tight and then sat next to him on the bed in his trademark position. L just watched as Light inhale and then slowly exhaled and mumbled incomprehensible things in his sleep. He seemed so peaceful. L got such a strong urge to stroke his face, it seemed so soft to him. L bit his lower lip and just succumbed to his urges. The back of his hand gently caressed Light's baby soft face then made it's way to Light's hair. Then he quickly stopped when he heard something that startled him immensely. From Light's lips escaped a small moan. "Could he really have enjoyed that? I mean, I never really thought he, er, 'went that way'," thought L. He smiled.

"Mmm, Ryuuzaki," said Light in his sleep, as he turned to the opposite side. L's smile disappeared and his face turned bright red. He really liked Light, so of course this made him both happy and nervous. He liked everything about Light Yagami. He liked how his light, chestnut brown hair was styled all the time and how soft and tidy it looked. He liked how his brown eyes glistened every time he sat in front of the computer. He liked how he speaks and makes everything sound smart. He especially likes it when he says his name and makes it sound like something beautiful even if he yells it out sometimes. But there's something that he doesn't like but loves about Light Yagami and that's his beautiful lips. Oh how L would just love to just give him a quick peck on those oh so beautiful lips, just to see how he tastes like (hopefully as sweet as the strawberries he devours every waking moment :3).

'No, I couldn't. He's my friend and most possibly Kira. It's too risky.' thought L as he put his index finger in his mouth and thought. As L quietly saw his friend sleep, Light was dreaming.

He was dreaming of L and him on their bed, kissing roughly as Light tugged on L's shirt. L giggled and wouldn't let Light take it off. Light wanted him so bad. Why did he have to tease him so much? Light, instead, put his hand down L's pants. He stroked L's dick slowly and rubbed his tip. L moaned and whimpered. Light loved the sounds he made. He also loved how L squirmed from underneath him. He loved this control he had over his lover. Light then brushed his lips on L's again, only this time L tried to say something. "Light?" asked L as they finally parted lips. "Yes, Ryuuzaki?" L blushed at the way he said his name then said "I-I can't take it anymore! P-please, Light, make love to me!" Light smiled sinisterly and then slowly took his hand out of L's pants. He stroked his face and looked into the insomniacs eyes "Only for you, my love" said Light before crashing his lips onto L's.

"AH!" screamed Light as he woke up in a cold sweat, panting. He looked around his bedroom and saw L's frightened expression as he kept staring at him with those blank eyes. 'Oh it was just a dream. Shit." said Light mentally. Light felt like shit. He liked L, no, adored L but his mind and heart just love to play games with him. He sighed.

"Light-kun, are you alright?" said L as he comforted his friend from the nightmare he just had. Light didn't know what to say. Should I just come clean? Tell him how I really feel? He sighed in defeat before he finally spoke. "It's nothing, Ryuuzaki. Thank you for your concern though." said Light with a small smile, hiding the hurt he felt inside. L smiled back to the chestnut haired teen "That's what friends are for," he paused "Are you positive you are alright? That was quite a nightmare you must have had,"

"What the hell are you talking about, Ryuuzaki?" replied Light, coldly. How could he think he had a nightmare? That was probably the best damn dream he has ever had! His dick still throbbed with the thought of L and him, licking each other in the most private of areas. Licking L all over his porcelain, god-like body; his moans the only thing that filled the room. "Take me, Light!" he would say and Light would happily oblige. The sweet taste of his warm skin on his tongue. Light almost lost it as these vulgar thoughts ran through his mind once again of the two lovers that could never be. L, the greatest detective the world has ever known and Light Yagami, the god of the new world. He shuddered at his new title.

"I, Light Yagami am Kira. I'm a killer, a murderer, maybe even a bad person. But if only people knew the reason why I use this god forsaken Death Note for, maybe they would understand. Maybe L would understand. Know that we're not so different after all."

Light finally got back to reality and smiled back at the onyx haired detective "I assure you Ryuuzaki I am perfectly fine," L simply nodded "Well you should really try to get some sleep you seem very tired," said L as he saw his one and only friend trying desperately once more to stay awake. 'He so beautiful,' thought L. L has never felt so overwhelmed by these strange feeling he has had since he first laid eyes on the prime Kira suspect. 'What could this strange feeling be?' thought L. 'could it be…Love?!'

"Light-kun, have you ever been in…" he paused and put his index to his lips, regretting what he just asked.

"Have I ever been what Ryuzaki?" asked Light rather confused of what L might have asked. L didn't know whether to tell Light or just keep his feelings bottled up inside. If I tell Light about my feelings I just might lose the only friend I have. I'm 89.9 percent sure of it. This made L bow his head a little. "Ryuzaki," said Light in a voice so low and faint L could barely hear what Light just said.

L looked up at his friend, his blank eyes and expression making Light all more aroused. Light then groaned as his forehead hit L's shoulder. This startled L a little but he became less startled when he heard Light inhale then slowly exhale. Light was asleep.

L didn't move or anything, he didn't want to wake him. He tried so hard not to wrap his arms around Light's slender figure. Again, he subsumed to his urges. He slowly and hesitantly wrapped both his arms around Light's waist. He loved how he felt, so warm against his skin. He could sit here with him for eternity. He held him a little tighter, knowing he may never have this opportunity again.

Light felt oddly very comfortable and warm with L's strong arms around him. Light smiled a little and snuggled against L's chest, hoping this moment would stay with him forever. He tried to fall asleep but he just couldn't, those thoughts of L and himself, doing what lovers usually do, still haunted his mind. Those vulgar yet beautiful thoughts of Light and L made Light never want to wake up but also hurt him because in the real world, all they are and all they'll ever be is both enemies and friends. Light felt like crying

'No. L is a wonderful person who deserves to be with someone equally as wonderful. But what if that wonderful person could be… me? I want it to be me but, with me being Kira and all, do I really seem to be wonderful? Would L love me if I was Kira or not? Would I be able to love him even if he is the great detective L and will stop at nothing to capture Kira? Am I good for him? Is he too good for me? God, I don't even know.'

Light buried his face in L's chest, remembering all the good yet annoying times he'd spent with Ryuuzaki. One that never left his mind no matter how much he tried was the time L and himself went to the park. This time it was…different. This feeling, the feeling of butterflies in the stomach; the feeling of his heart beating faster yet slower with each look into those obsidian eyes. There was no denying it. He was in love. Light closed his eyes and let his mind replay that wonderful day in his head.

Light and L walked side by side through the park. Light loved being outside of headquarters, away from the bright computer screens, away from all that stress and away from everybody. Well, almost everyone. L suggested taking a break and how could he not accept? He hated it there! "Light, shall we sit?" said L, as he made his way to an unoccupied bench. "Sure, Ryuuzaki." said Light with a smile. They sat in silence for a couple of seconds before L spoke. "Light, do you think after all of this we'll still be good friends?" Light didn't know how to respond. Were they really friends even though he's L and he is Kira? Can such a friendship exist?

Light thought for a bit, remembering the good times with L. When L and Kira were actually Ryuzaki and Light, two really good friends just enjoying each other's company. He smiled.

"Of course Ryuuzaki! We'll always be friends, no matter what."

"Thanks, Light" said L as he looked around the park, gazing at the beauty in front of them. The Orange Blossoms were in fully in bloom at the time. The scenery was just utter beauty in front of Light's eyes. Light stared at L with curiosity. The petals of the orange blossoms seemed to be floating merrily around Ryuzaki; the light bouncing off his face, making those blank, obsidian eyes glisten. L must've had a feeling that Light was staring at him because he turned to face him. Light then quickly turned away, a bright, pink blush gracing his face.

"Is there something wrong, Light? You seemed to be staring at me." said L in his usual blank tone.

"Uh n-nothing's wrong, L. Really." said Light. L smiled at Light.

"Well, alright then." L, then, turned away and continued looking at the scenery like before.

That smile. That smile made his heart skip a beat. He has never seen L smile like that before. This time he truly seemed… happy. Light stared at the detective. This feeling. His hands shaking, his heart beating fast and his face feeling hot, there was no denying it. He was in love with his enemy.

Light felt tears welling up in his eyes. He's Kira damn it! Why is crying over someone? And on top of that a guy?! He couldn't control these feelings any longer, he silently cried in L's arms. It felt good releasing these feelings and thoughts that overwhelmed him in the form of tears that soaked L's shirt. He dug his face deeper into L's chest; the scent of sugary goodness filled his nostrils. It was pure bliss for him.

L felt good holding Light in his arms. He loved the way he buried his face in his chest, loved the way the intoxicating scent of his cologne put a spell on him. This was definitely heaven for him. He took this perfect moment for granted though. L buried his face into Light's chestnut brown hair and kissed the top of his head. "If only you knew, Light-kun." L said in a mere whisper as he planted another kiss on Light's head. L was still not aware that Light was wide awake and heard every little thing, felt the heart felt kiss he just planted on his head.

Oh I have a feeling, L. I-I love you! Light wanted to say but felt a lump on his throat making him unable to return the strong feelings he had for L. This made him cry even harder. "L," said Light out loud between sobs. L was startled that Light was awake not just because he probably heard what L just said but mostly because Light was crying, It hurt him hearing him sob like that.

"Y-yes, Light." said L as he held him a little tighter. Light looked up from L's soaked chest and just looked into L's blank panda-like eyes. They seemed to be glistening as Light stared at him. They were definitely beautiful to Light.

"Please don't cry, Light-kun," said L in his usual calm yet comforting voice. L lifted up Light's chin and made him look at him. He then wiped away the tears that kept streaming down his light brown eyes. "Please," L said again, wiping away another tear. "Don't cry, Li-" L couldn't finish his sentence. Light's lips crushed onto L's. L was so shocked yet happy that this happened. He always thought of Light as more than his 'friend' and now he sees it his way. L pulled Light's waist closer to his and could even feel his arousal growing with each kiss. Light has been dreaming for this moment since he first met L. He was just so interesting to him. The way he sat, the way he always nibbled on his index and thumb, the way he always ate sweets yet always stayed perfectly fit.

His lips were warm like the coffee he drinks all the time and sweet like strawberries. But sadly they had to break apart their love filled first kiss as they needed air.

L and Light stared at each other in silence for a short moment. Then Light smiled at his new lover and put his forehead onto L's. "You know, all those tears I cried were for you, L" L was both shocked and hurt that he caused the man he adores so much pain. All those tears, all that hurt for me?! I am truly not worthy for such actions.

"I-I hurt you, Light?"

"No, no Ryuuzaki not like that. What I meant is that…I always thought that no matter how hard I tried, no matter how much I loved you I got the idea that you wouldn't return those same feelings. It made me…sad. But now," Light said as he placed another romantic kiss on L's sweet, warm, inexperienced lips. "You're all mine," said Light with a devilish grin. L blushed. "Light, what we're doing I don't think its right. It makes me feel strange. Is-is this really love? Is it really so bad to love you're enemy? To love Kira?" said L as he caressed Light's cheek.

"It's not bad, L. I love you, you love me. We're not breaking any rules." Light then grabbed L's hands and intertwined them with his. "I love you, L and I don't care what happens, I want to be with you forever and ever. No matter what," L simply nodded and kissed him again. "I-I love you too, Light Yagami." Light's heart skipped a beat the way he said his name, he made it sound beautiful. "Shall we continue then?" said Light as he caressed L's chest, making L flinch at this strange contact.

L didn't even answer; Light's lips continue to kiss him with so much passion it was too much for the detective. L moaned in Light's mouth as they continued to kiss. Light smiled.

L and Light then collapsed on their bed, still not breaking their kiss. Light, who was on top of L, finally broke the kiss and looked down at his lover. L was confused and asked "Light, did I do something wrong? Why did you stop? I'm sorry if I-" Light placed his index finger on L's warm lips and shushed him seductively. Light then moved his other hand down to L's bulge and started it rubbing it through his jeans. L gasped and shuddered at Light's sudden behavior. "What's wrong, Ryuuzaki? Can't handle me?" said Light with a dark chuckle. Light then nibbled on L's ear making him gasp out in pleasure. Light rose from L's neck and looked down on L. L's face was flushed but had a tint of pink on his cheeks. His eyes half opened. His breathing becoming somewhat labored.

"L, do you really want to do this? You know we can stop if you're not ready." Light said as he kept looking into those obsidian eyes, fearing rejection from his love. L sat up a bit and kissed Light tenderly.

"No, Light. I want this. Please continue." Light smiled at his answer and started to take his shirt off.