I need to save those people; all those people who died because of me. My fault, it was all my fault. I thought I'd be able to handle it. I thought I'd be able to able to protect those who depended on me. So many people depended on me. I failed them…

That morning had seemed perfect. I was alive, and Pepper was there with me. I was so sure of myself. I felt confident, unstoppable. S.H.I.E.L.D. gave me an alibi, so everyone would believe I was innocent to the whole event. I went up to that podium, ready to say all those lies that S.H.I.E.L.D. told me to say.

I didn't say them. As I got up there and looked at all the people, I said those four words, those four damning words. "I am Iron Man". I am a fool. I'm not sure exactly why I said the truth. I just knew I didn't want to say those lies.

I should have said them. What did I know? I was new to the whole 'superhero' business. I thought being a multi billionaire with a cool combat suit would protect me, and I could protect everyone else. Boy, was I wrong.

At first, everything seemed great. I was able to track down all weapons sold to the ten rings and destroy them.

But it seems The Ten Rings wasn't the only group Obadiah sold to. I learned that the hard way.

The other groups could see what I was doing, destroying the weapons. They wanted to strike at me before I could strike at them.

First there were the attempts on my life. I had a public appearance at the construction site for the new Stark Industries office building. I saw the gun only a few seconds before I heard the first gunshots. Luckily, that was just enough time for me to get down and out of the way.

That was the day I first realized how vulnerable I really was. I couldn't carry my suit around with me. I needed high-tech equipment just to put it on. If someone else catches me without it, maybe next time I won't be so lucky.

That may have been the first attempt on my life, but it certainly wasn't the last.

When they saw they couldn't get to me, they used other means.

Innocent bystanders died first. They killed 5 civilians, trying to get a message across to me. I wouldn't listen. Another reason I'm a fool. I thought I'd be able to hold them off and keep them from harming anymore civilians.

They stopped for about 2 months.

But it was Pepper next. I wasn't able to save her. They knew she was close to me. They knew she was all I had. And it's all because they knew I was Iron Man! If they hadn't known, if I hadn't said, if I hadn't been such a fool… she'd still be alive.

I was out and I come home to my house, my shop, everything on fire. There were explosions and the firefighters knew they could do nothing. Pepper wasn't supposed to be there that night. It was her night off. It wasn't until later when I called her and when they found her charred body that I knew.

But now I need to make things right. I changed the world, for the worst. So I must change it back.

I've invented something better than anything I've made before. It's even more complex than the Iron Man suite.

It's a time machine. It sounds impossible, but I've done it. I've run the numbers and tested it many times. I'm sure it shall work… it has to.

I'll use it to go back and change what happened. I'll prevent the deaths. I'll change history. I need to stop myself from saying those damning words. I've prepared completely, and powered up the machine. Here it goes…

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