I made a deal with my self on that day – that Edward Cullen and all who worship him will bite the dust. Leave me in piece and we have no problem, make it my problem and you'll be left in pieces.

When Bella Swan is moved to the boarding school, she makes new friends and enemies. But when she stumbles across womanizer Edward Cullen, she decides that he needs to come back down to earth. Calling in reinforcements from La Push, and enlisting help of newly made friends, Bella plans to knock Edward of high. Hopefully she won't lose herself along the way. R&R


I'm Isabella Swan, but please, call me Bella.

I had spent one year with Charlie after mum and Phil got married. I can't stand him. He's an all round idiot. I hate him, and I hate that my mum likes him. Lately I had started acting out. Ironic isn't it that my dad is the Chief of Police here in little Forks? I often went and hung out with the lads down in La Push. They understood about my family – I mean yeah Charlie is better than mum and Phil but we don't see eye to eye often. My gang –Jacob, Sam, Seth, Quil and Embry- and I often pulled pretty big stunts. They're not harmful, just annoying and very amusing to watch. If one went down, then we all went down together. We all pulled together. Most nights we hung by the beach and danced. Yeah I know a dancing gang but it was so fun. And some of us were pretty good.

None of them ever wanted more from me, because we grew to love each other like a family. This healed the holes we had in our own lives. Jake's mum died in a car crash. Sam's mum died and his father left him when he was 15. Seth's sisters a royal cow and his dad died of a heart attack. Quil had been abused at home, until he ran away. Embry's parents didn't want him so he now lives with a third aunty or something like that.

When we're with together, many people would think that the closeness is all about us all going out with each other, but actually it's just a group of close friends finding comfort where they can. I should have mentioned possibly, that my dad was rich. Stinking rich. He had three consecutive wins on the lottery totaling up to a grand win of $128,000,000!! I know! But this hasn't made me snotty in fact it was the reason I acted out. I could have anything, but having everything brought me no satisfaction. Charlie still works mind, for something to do, and not many people know about our win. So it was good, but being unhappy at the same time.

Embry had found out that his mum had come to visit Seth's and so we went to her car, keyed it and let down the tires. He resented her for being so stupid as to having him, or being so stupid as to not take care of him herself. We were seen of course and Sue – Seth's mum – had no hesitation in calling the police, all three of them! This was the 12th time we'd been arrested. And Charlie was sick of me never learning my lesson. Instead of me getting what I wanted, he simply put what he would have spent on it and put it into my bank. I was a pretty rich girl. I already had $12,875,500 in the bank. My accountant loved me!

I came home after hanging with the lads and my dad spilled the news to me. "Bella I can't take it anymore. Your reckless behavior has got me stumped. I'm sending you off to a boarding school. Your funds have been transferred and you're going tomorrow. No arguments." He yelled as I came through the door. He stormed out the front door so I couldn't argue with him. He had thrust the brochure of the place in my hands. It was a ridiculously expensive school which meant I came home 8 weeks every year - The Academy of Cullen. I screamed the house down, kicking everything I could see. I got out my phone and quickly texted the lads.

Meet me at first beach in 15 mins. B x

And with that I followed suit of my dad and jumped in the Lamborghini- middle orange, and I wanted an indulgence of speed – and headed down to the La Push first beach. Getting there, I had everyone gathered around the fire.

"He's finally had enough." I said angrily and showed them the brochure. They all exclaimed in anger. "No bells, you can't leave us." Jake roared the loudest. "Apparently I am, and tomorrow." They were all taken aback by this. After 5 minuets of pointless ranting, one finally had a clear head. "Then we better make the most of it hadn't we" Sam said calmly. They all met his eye and they all had identical evil grins. "No, No NO" I ran from them but they caught up with me. I was over Seth's shoulder and wriggling like mad. He strolled into the incoming tide and dropped me. "SETH, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!" it was so cold, and I never made empty promises. My clothes were soaked and my temper was battling with humour for dominating emotion. Anger won. I chased him and tackled him to the floor hitting him. They had taught me how to throw a decent punch. I was dragged off him kicking and screaming, but with a big smile on mine and everyone's face. Sam picked me up and put me on his shoulder – but to sit this time.

We walked around the beach and they all proclaimed there undying love for me. I promised to marry them all and dance with them all on my honeymoon. Laughter filled the air. I dried off by the fire. We all sang various rude songs and danced. Jake and I were the best dancers so we did a cha cha and salsa before we split to different boys. Now all the La Push kids were huge. Muscles like beach balls, and nothing is funnier than watching two mega big mores trying to be graceful whilst doing the tango with each other. There was an annual dance competition in Port Angeles and when I and Jake entered, we won.

It got to 11 o'clock and I finally decided to drive home. I hugged all the boys and said I'd call them when I was up to no good. They promised that they'd all come up and see me soon and help if I was ever doing anything I shouldn't. When I got home, Charlie still wasn't back so I flopped on my bed. When morning broke, I decided to protest against the moving so all morning I refused to pack, and talk to Charlie. He was nothing to me now he was sending me away. The boys came around wearing suits and looking like they made an effort. I cracked as soon as I saw them. They each held something to remember them by. Mostly it was done to infuriate Charlie, my idea of course. They all squished into the lounge. Charlie watched them all.

Jake started. "A trophy, to remember our dancing by" he said kneeling and holding his hand out with the trophy in. Sam went next. "An arresting order, to remember the fun." And he knelt down like Jacob and held out the order. Next was Seth "A burnt piece of wood, to remember how we burned things I suppose." He followed suit of Sam and Jake. We only burnt the wood for fires on the beach, but Charlie didn't know that. "A wooden wolf charm, to remember the traditions we had" Quil declared and knelt too. Last was Embry. "A bottle of chocolate sauce, to remember" "to remember how sweet you all were?" I cut in. "No, to remember last night" he winked. I burst out laughing at Charlie expression. He was turning red and left the room. I gathered up my prized possessions of them and gave them all a massive hug. They started singing Angels by Robbie Williams, and it one of those songs that you help but sing to.

"I love you guys" I yelled after. None of them hesitated to say "We know!"

Half a minute later Charlie came in and threatened to send them to a military school if they didn't leave now. I waved good bye, but Paul knocked on the window. Out side they had put up a banner saying. "There's only one Bella. We'll miss you. But we're keeping your underwear from the last night and there is NOTHING you can do to stop us." In bright red paint. Again I doubled over, and they soon followed suit. They waved it right down the road until they got on there bikes a rode off. "Come on Bells it's time to go, have you got everything?" I huffed past him and went to my car. Though I only carried my hand bag to my car, I had secretly packed clothes and positions because I knew I'd regret not bringing them.

Charlie waved goodbye. I nodded in his direction. I was still pretty pissed with him. I'd call him at the weekend. And so I started on the road to hell. It was a full day's drive - Good job I'd set off at 10am. When I reached the Academy Cullen, I was amazed at the size of it. I parked next to a Mercedes, silver. Went I got my stuff I went to the first building on my left. It signified itself to be the reception. I was greeted warmly, and I was expected. My key and schedule was given to me and I took of for the 'Wesley Building'. It was the girl's dorm, and I was apparently at the top. Great.

I should take this time to explain my features to you. I have a darker than hazel hair colour, with chocolate eyes. I'm of a naturally thin build, and I'm one of those people who can eat and eat and never have it show. Though my arms look thin, I am fairly strong. Im about 5 feet 6 and my clear pale skin could be attractive. The lads of La push also taught me some basic kick boxing, so I'm handy in a fight. Looks like im already needed though.

I saw the bleached cheerleading squad gather around a shortish girl with spiky black hair. If any one was looking for pixies, then too late – I found one. It looked like plastic squad was harassing her. Now I'm a torolant girl, so if someone deserves a punch up then go ahead, but when they pick on someone because they think they are stronger or better, then I intercept. I dropped my stuff, and walked my 'yes I'm cocky coz I know I can beat you' walk. I pushed through two shorties and stood over the girl. I held out a hand and smiled. She took it and I helped her up.

She was grateful, and then the queer squad started on me. "What the hell new girl?" said the most fake of them all. She was trying to square up to me. Ha! The guys would be on the floor if they saw this. "Let me introduce myself." I said with the fakest smile ever. "I'm someone who doesn't take crap form anyone. You must be 100% fake and trashy. I'm right aren't I?" I said this all with that air of fake pleasantries. A chorus of "Ooooo" started up form the girls and the watching crowd. Blondie looked a wasp that had been shaken up in a jar.

"Alright missy listen up, coz here's the 411" she started with a menacing tone. "I'm queen bee around here so you better start showing me some respect." She said almost growling. I laughed. A laugh is easy, it couldn't break but it didn't matter. Pussy cat didn't scare me. "I've always been a revolutionist." I said back narrowing my eyes. She lost it. I noticed the crowd gathering around us getting bigger. She went to slap me, but I caught her hand before she got my cheek. She was the same size as me, so I looked her in the eyes. I whispered patronizingly "Ok, here's the 411 on me. If you're gonna beat me, then you have to use something that in the big girl world, is known as brains." She screamed and started doing the whole flapping hands. I put my finger on her forehead, so she couldn't come any nearer. When she realized there was no way around she ran to the arms of someone in the crowd. Looking closer I now saw it was a handsome man.

He had bronze tousled hair and emerald green eyes. He was tall, with the right amount of muscles. Not to big but not scrawny either. I knew what he was the second I saw his expression: a player. This I knew, because although he had a girlfriend, he looked me up and down, just like the other lads around. I'd met these types of guys before. They were all over my old school. Mike Newton was a big example of this. I didn't wait to think that he would be the same. I walked over to pixie girl that I saved. "Thanks for that" she said smiling "You don't even know me, but you still helped me" she said with a slight awe. "No problem. Anytime" I shook my head waving it off. She ran and got my stuff and she wouldn't let me take it off her.

"Ok, shows over folks I shouted to the crowd." They all disbanded. But bimbo came up behind me. Her hand was in my hair, so I kicked my leg at her shin. She fell, so I grabbed her hand, spun myself around and made her turn on to her knees, now with her hand up behind her back. My lads would be proud of me. I let her up and gave her a kick on her back to get her moving. She was crowded by the cheerleaders and I went to walk of, when I second hand got my shoulder. It was quicker though, it span me and both of the hands encased mine, making me neutral. It was the lad the Blondie was with before. I knew how to handle myself around these types of males, but not the type that made your hands tingle when they touched theirs to yours.

He leaned in and whispered into my ear "Feisty minx. But a lying one at that. You said the show was over, when clearly it isn't" I swept my leg under his so he stumbled. I used this time to break his hold and in doing so I clamped his shoulder and pushed him to the floor. I whispered into his ear "I don't appreciate a good player unlike your cheerleading friend." I walked off with my new pixie friend. I heard a musical laugh and a girlie laugh. I knew which couple it would be and surprise, surprise they over took us. She turned back to scowl, and he turned back to wink. Two lads were walking our way. One was a tall and muscular one with brown curly hair. I remember the teddy that me and Sam jumped on once. He had a goofy grin plastered on his face. The second male was a blonde with a less bulky build that pixie ran into the arms of. She recalled her story whilst the males listened with intent. I was picking up my now scattered stuff.

By the end they all looked at me. I blushed. Teddy bear came over to me and held out a hand. "Emmet and this is Jasper. Yeah he and Alice are dating. I feel sorry for him" I shook his hand and then Jaspers. "You must feel lucky" Emmet continued. I gave a questioning look. "It's not everyday that you make four immediate friends, a bunch of enemies and so many admirers." He smiled that big goofy grin. "Four? I can work out the three but four?" "Oh yeah my girl Rose. She'll love you. Oh yeah, she's Jaspers twin – both Hales and me and Alice are siblings –Cullen's."

"Don't forget Edward" Alice groaned. "Oh yeah, and the guy who was hitting on you just now was out other brother Edward" he looked disgusted. "Player much" I asked. They all nodded. "SO what room you in ... err I don't know your name sorry?" Alice started "Bella and 1012" she screamed at that. "That' the room me and Rose live in." she said beaming. Pixie was infectious. I had to smile back. She jumped on Jaspers back and exclaimed "To the castle" and he started walking back the way he came. Emmet turned around and bent over slightly. "Well hop on. It's a long way" he said after I made no move. He looked like he could carry me so I hopped on. He also carried my luggage in his hands. I basically hung on with no help form him. It was like hugging a wrestler. I wonder who'd win in a match of me and him. He had strength, but I had skill. "Mush!" I commanded, but he laughed and ran to catch up with Jasper and Alice.

After minuets of laughter we arrived at a very big and expensive looking place. Emmet dropped me off but still carried my bags. He was sweet. We walked up to golden elevators and got in. Amazing the four of us fit with my luggage too. It was the first door when we got out of the elevator. "Well you need to christen your key" Alice said when I wondered why we were stood in the hall. I used in and walked into the biggest place I'd ever seen. I did a slow turn on the spot to take it all in. there was a small and modern kitchen, whilst the living room was cream and purple. Every thing was new looking and very modern.

Alice showed me to my room. It was Midnight blue and white. The bed was a circular one with no headboard, but it had a net veil over it. It was an ensuite and had a walk in wardrobe. I unpacked my stuff, but it only filled a quarter of the closet. I'd need to go shopping.

Uggh. I. Hate. Shopping.

Alice came in "Do you like it?" she said with concern. "I love it!" I exclaimed. She smiled at once. "Come and meet Rosalie". I followed her out to the lounge and sure enough there was a tall, blonde supermodel on the couch.

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