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I stayed in bed all day, ignoring my Dad, even Alice and Rosalie when they came to say goodbye. Emmett and Jasper thought it would be best not to come and see me, and they were right. I threw the biggest silent hissy in the whole of creation. When they left, and I could sleep, it was only the same dream plaguing me, worse than Phil, worse than James; Edwards face of betrayal when I just walked on by, as if I didn't have a care in the world.

Only now, when Sam and Jake came to see me, did I blink an eyelid. That was the biggest response of the day.

"Hey B?" Sam asked, more of a question than a hello, I think. I couldn't answer them, my exterior walls were trying to break down completely, just so that I could build a new foundation, for the new girl I was going to become. I was going to become Bella. New, Brave, Fabulous, and Kick-Ass. No weedy 'oh I'm falling in love' shit, no 'oh, help me, help me' crap, and definitely no 'Oh Edward, take me' nonsense.

"They've got James, you know" Jake said, sitting on the edge of the bed. I turned over in surprise, and saw a small smile and a glint in his eye. "So will you get up now?"

"It makes no difference" I whispered hoarsely. I heard the two giants yawn, and their bones crack as they stretched out.

"You're right" Sam said coming off a yawn. "I'm actually pretty pooped myself"

"No way" Said a laughing Jake, slapping him on his shoulder. What were they up to? "I'm completely whacked too. And look" he said pointing to my bed. "A bed?" and with that, he lifted up the covers and jumped in with me.

"What? What are you doing?" I asked, irritated, as he stole my pillow.

"Shhhh, sleeping" Sam stage whispered, and came around the other side and lay down also. I was a Bella sandwich, between two overly heated boys, both …rolling over …I'm outta here.

I climbed over Jake, expecting him to 'wake up' and scare me half to death, but no, he just stayed put. I stood by the door, wanting them to pop up and laugh. They didn't. I got mad. There was a glass of water on my bedside, so I took it, threw it over them, THAT got them up, before storming out.

I went downstairs and saw dad watching the news.

"Serial Rapist caught by police. James McQueen attended the Academy Cullen two years previous to this arrest. Police believe that his associate Victoria Lefevre is still at large. Any one with any information would be …"

"Hey Bells, good job you came home when you did, other wise that lunatic might have got you"

I laughed once, without humour and slammed the door, walking out, in my pajamas, to find my orange Lamborghini in front of me. I sucked in a shocked breath, and saw a small piece of paper fluttering under the window wiper. I walked over and picked it up, reading it, reading the words, feeling my eyes well up- again!

I dropped it from my hands, letting it flutter to the floor, walking away from my house, and to the beach where all my troubles shan't lie.

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