End of Silence


Dean was 17 years old, a great shot and the son of the grand hunter John Winchester. Sam was 13 years old, the deaf school freak and the son of who knows what? All he knew was he has 2 sucky foster parents that only used him for the money.


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You Found Me Broken

Today was the first day at a new school for Dean Winchester.

'Lucky me,' he thought whilst driving in the middle of two car spaces with his new car his dad gave him on his 16th birthday, he needed to keep his baby as safe from stupid kid drivers as possible.

He got out of the car and straightened out the collar on his favoured leather jacket.

He got a few looks from random jocks that saw the new guy as competition but otherwise it was a smooth walk from the parking lot to the front office where he had to sign in.

"Hi I'm Dean Winchester, my dad told me to sign in here for my first day," he said to the grey haired receptionist who blushed when she saw his sparkling green eyes and charming smile.

'Not enough liquor on the planet sweetheart.'

"Sure sweetie pie just sign here and I'll go get your new rotor for you darling, how old are you?" she asked making conversation as Dean signed the 'code of conduct' with the school rules on.

"17, I'm a senior," he said with a wink just to get on her good side that bit more.

"Winchester...Winchester...oh, here we are," she said handing a new time table for him. "If there's anything you need just come back here and I'll sort it out okay darling," she grinned then melted as he nodded talking them from her and walking to where he had his first class.

He walked in and introduced himself to the new teacher like he always does, the teacher introduced him to the class, like they always do, then he took the empty seat at the back of the class, like he always does.

He listened to the teacher drone on about the great world poets that he could care less about, especially after hearing it 3 times this year already. He wrote down when he was told, not that he wanted to, this was the third freaking time he's wrote this bull in 11 month! 'lay low, we don't need to attract attention to ourselves,' he heard his dads voice tell him in his head...lay low...well he shouldn't be such a fugitive so he wouldn't have to lay low and he could decide to not write and do as the teachers says for once.

He ranted to himself for the whole hour till the bell rang and the teacher dismissed them.

He went to history, he introduced himself, he wrote about the war like he was told from the desk at the back. He ranted some more to himself thinking no one ever listens to him, he's never had anyone to talk to ever, no one would understand, no one could ever know what he does which meant no one could ever be his friend because no one trusted him.

"Mr. Winchester? The class has ended, unless you wanna spend your break helping me clear up, its break time son," Mr. Sheaves said snapping Dean out of his daze.

"Oh...Yeah, sorry," he said collecting his books and leaving.


He got a good look at the old locker and it was so trashed the key wasn't needed to open it.

"Mental note, don't ever leave any valuables in here," he muttered to himself.

"Why do you do that?" a girl who he recognised from his English class asked walking past him in the corridor as he went to go wander the school till the next lesson started.

"Do what?" he asked a little cold.

"Talk to yourself, it's the first sign of madness you know," she said smartly and he friends giggled.

"Just go drool over some emo or something," he said walking off and outside into the school yard.

Truth be told he talked to himself because there was no one else to talk to, not his dad, not his dads friends, not chicks at school that fancied the tall dark stranger...not anyone.

When he got outside he sat on the empty bench and looked round, this was one of the better schools but who cares? They're all the same boring dumps by the end of the week.

"Aawwww little Samantha gunna cry? Awww well it's too bad no one can hear you crying for your mommy," someone said making Dean look up...'well I might not be able to hear the kid but I sure as hell can see the tears on his face.'

"Hey!" he yelled storming over to the pack of 4 bullies.

"Get up you deaf freak!!" the one that looked like the leader yelled spitting on the poor defenceless kid.

"Hey, what the hell are you punks doing?!" Dean yelled pissed with white knuckles ready to strike.

"Dude what hell do you want? This is our meat to kick, go find your own," he fat one yelled.

"What has this kid done to you?!" the muscular Winchester asked.

"This Sammy, the school freak, we're entitled to have fun," the leader said laughing down at the silently crying boy.

"If you don't leave in 3 seconds I am gunna beat your ass so hard you'll be begging me to stop," he hissed low.

"What the hell? Can you hear this guy?" the leader said laughing at the beet red 6.1 new guy.

He was howling with his minions till Dean's fist hit his face and sent him to the ground hard.

"Not so tough now are ya? Try picking on someone your own size! Or better yet, try mouthing off to me again!"

The punks looked in shock at how powerful one of Dean's hooks was and they ran off scrambling and falling over their own feet as they ran like sissies.

"Hey kid you okay?" Dean asked bending down to the still scared youngster.

Dean looked confused when the kid looked at him like he was an alien not replying.

"You okay? What's your name?" Dean asked slower mentally wincing at the bruise forming on the kids right eye.

He older one looked offended.

'Great, no one want to talk to me about anything,' he barked standing from the mop haired boy and going to walk away feeling unwanted and rejected.

Then he felt a tug on his right sleeve making him turn around.

The boy was mouthing something Dean couldn't make out. He wasn't making many sounds apart from mumbles and humming. Then he pointed to his ear and shook his head, then he pointed to his mouth and shook his head no again.

The penny dropped, Dean understood now, with what the punks said and how the boy was acting, he got that he was deaf and he couldn't speak.

"Uuh, okay, pen...pen and paper?" Dean asked loud signing with his hand and pretending to write on his palm.

The kid scrabbled on the floor where his books and sketch pad where until he found a pencil and some damp paper.

Dean wrote on the paper then showed it to the boy.

"ARE YOU OKAY?" he wrote in big bold letters.

The boy nodded.

"ARE YOU SURE?" he wrote then showed it to the boy.

He nodded again but tears still came down and his body still shook on the cold wet ground.

"Here, let me help you up," Dean said holding the young kid by the shoulders who flinched away and stood without Deans help and he back away like he was expecting another punch.

The older one bent down to pick up all of the boys things and he handed the wet books and bag over. Last Dean picked up the paper he wrote on and wrote, "WHAT'S YOUR NAME?" then he held it out for the boy who took it and wrote with a shaky hand "Sam".

Dean nodded smiling at the name...Sam, Sammy, sounds like a cute kid.

The bell rang then and Dean turned to the ratty clothed Sam, "where are your friends?"

Sam frowned and then looked down as more tears came, he could lip read a little but he could never understand anything more than 'hello'.

Dean gave himself a mental kick in the jewels for asking and not writing.

He took the pad from Sam and wrote it instead and putting a smiley face underneath as an apology.

Sam smiled at the face but bit his lip at the words.

"Don't have any," he wrote.

"Well, now you do," Dean wrote with an even bigger smiley.

Sam looked shocked at the words, he wanted to be his friend?...this cool guy wanted to be the loser of the schools friend?!

Not knowing how to react to the gesture he dropped all his things and wrapped his arms round Dean's middle as a huge thank you, he'd never had one friend, ever!

Dean looked taken aback by the hug...this felt so right, he felt like he had a connection and he felt like he was meant to see this kid being beat up just so he could save him and Dean himself could have someone to talk to finally, in a manner of speaking.

Dean chuckled at Sam then pulled back and went to pick his things up for him for a second time.

They walked to their own lessons after writing where to meet for lunch, it was Dean's idea, one, he didn't want to spend another lunch time alone, and two, he didn't like the idea of leaving Sam alone in that court yard to get bullied again.

Dean's science teacher was just as friendly as the others and the hour went quickly now he had something to look forward to for once.


Sam's teachers however, they were rude, ignorant and refused to acknowledge Sam's constant bullying throughout their lessons.

The poor boy sat there in the front of the class getting spit balls tossed at the back of his head and kicking the back of his chair which would always agitate the youngster into turning round and mewing the only sounds he could, telling them to stop. Which of course they found hilarious, ooh look at the skinny deaf kid making funny noises trying to say something, HA-fucking-HA HA HA!

Sam refused to cry, he would never cry in class, sure he cried when he couldn't help himself when they were beating his face in but paper coated in spit and laughter from evil kids wouldn't make him cry.

He watched the clock trying ignore the class bullies and wait for his new friend to meet him at the gate for lunch. He was so excited, he never remembered being this excited for lunch before, usually his meal times consisted of a candy bar he could maybe afford twice a week with the money Frank and Alice gave him sometimes then it would be back to the punching and name calling he couldn't hear but could feel the loathing they had towards him. But today it would be him eating a candy bar and maybe his friend wouldn't let him get hurt today.

When the bell rang Sam was the first to rush out of the class room to go meet his cool friend.

Dean walked out of his classroom and put his science crap in the locker before he waited for the huge line of school kids rushing and pushing to get out of the school for lunch...'wonder where Sam likes to go to eat?'

When he finally got outside he rushed down the steps and went to the front gate where he was meeting Sammy.

But when he got nearing the place where he found him this morning he heard the same voices calling names and fists hitting flesh.

"Well crap!" Dean muttered to himself as he ran to the tree where he found Sam slumped against with assholes in his face.

"I got grounded cos of you! You and your little cry baby mumbles always wanting attention!"

"Hey! I thought I told you assholes to piss off!!" Dean yelled storming to them.

They ran off again and left a now bleeding Sam on the floor again.

"Sam, Sammy are you okay?" Dean rushed bending down in front of the boy who was crying more than this morning holding his bleeding nose.

Sam flinched back away from Dean. He let him get hurt, he thought Dean was his friend, he obviously thought wrong, just another bully wanting to have a good laugh at his expense.

"Sammy come on, I'm taking you home," Dean said picking the kid from the ground and holding him as he swayed.

'You're doing it again!' he said to himself then he wrote it on his hand for Sam to see.

Sam shook his head terrified after he was done reading. He couldn't go home now, they'll yell at him again, the other kids will beat him worse than the punks do at school, he couldn't go home!

"MY HOME!" Dean wrote on the other hand with slight difficulty.

Sam breathed a sigh of relief, maybe the new friend wasn't so bad after all...'but I wonder how his family will see me,' he thought worrying more.

Dean helped Sam into his car and he told the boy to keep one of his old shirts he found on the backseat to his nose to help stop the bleeding.

At fist Sam protested but Dean gave him a look, almost brotherly, warning him to do as he was told so he did. Sam also wrote to Dean, he didn't know his name yet, he saw the older boy mouthing Sammy all the time on the drive back to the motel. Dean wrote his name and Sam smiled, Dean...sounds like a cool name!

"Dean what are doing home early? I thought I told you to lay low! Have you got suspended again?!" John yelled when both boys came in together.

"No dad, I rescued a stray," Dean smirked and Sam frowned back not reading his lips at all.

"Dean what?!" John yelled and Sam could see the anger in the old man's eyes and he could feel the vibrations from his booming voice through the walls.

"Dad, just...let me clean Sam up first, then you can yell," Dean said sighing at his father, couldn't he see the boy was hurting and bleeding?

Dean dragged Sam into the motel bathroom closing the door then pulling the shirt away when he sat Sam in the closed toilet.

He gave a thumbs up when he saw the bleeding had stopped so he wiped the kid clean gently and smiled when he saw the nose wasn't broken...'lucking for those punks!'.

Sam smiled back thank Dean for all his help, no has ever done anything this nice for him, ever!

He leapt forward again and hugged Dean round the waist.

The older boy smiled and placed a hand in Sam's messy hair chuckling at the young buys affection, how could anyone be so mean to this kid?

They pulled away from each other and then exited the bathroom. Preparing for John to yell Dean went out first and kept Sam behind him, his dad would never hunt anyone living but he didn't want Sam face first in front of another mean glare that didn't understand.

"Dad, this is Sam, he was being bullied at school and they almost broke his nose so I brought him here to patch him up," Dean said to his dad who did seem calmer now seeing the young innocent boy and his frightened eyes peeking from round the very protective Dean.

"Doesn't he have a family at his own home to clean him up?" John questioned looking up from his research papers.

"Well, I wrote that but he looked scared when I suggested his home."

"You wrote?" John asked confused.

"Uuh, yeah, that's why they bully him, he's deaf, but I swear he's a good kid dad, there's just some assholes at the school gunning for him for some stupid reason," Dean spat and Sam picked up on his tensed posture.

"So you two are friends?" John asked his son.

"Yeah, guess so, can he lay low here till schools out?" he asked his dad using his best puppy eye expression.

"Sure, but anything else comes up, you report it to school nurse, you don't play nurse yourself, we need to lay low and you taking in stray kids doesn't exactly cover that," John said getting his coat and pointing to the door telling Dean he was gone at the end of the school day.

Getting the wrong impression Sam's eyes filled with tears and he came out from behind Dean and went towards the door sniffling. He knew this would happen, even Dean's dad hated him! 'Everybody hates me,' he thought as he reached for the door.

"Sam where you going?" Dean asked pulling him away from the door.

Sam's cheeks were streaked with tears, he was so confused, he didn't know what they wanted, what he was doing here and why they were so nice to him.

Dean's heart broke at the lost little boy looking up at him, he was never a soppy guy but this kid was really getting to him.

Sammy's lip tremored again and more tears fell...this is so confusing...'I hate being deaf!' he said hitting his ear hard with his fist.

Dean stood in shock at the kid hitting himself looking ashamed and angry grunting low in his throat as he hit hard making the ear red and hot.

He pulled Sam's hand away but he continued to wriggle out of his grip to hit his head again.

Not knowing what else to do, Dean wrapped his arms round Sam and shushed him where they stand.

John watched the pair in awe, Dean was so careful with this boy, he always did want a little brother or sister to protect, to share stories with, to talk to.

"Dean, you kids wanna watch some TV while I go and get us some food and call the school?" the elder man asked when the boys pulled away from each other.

"Yeah, we have subtitles?" Dean asked pulling Sam toward his bed furthest away from the door and sitting the young boy down on it.

"I dunno, you figure it out," John chuckled tossing Dean the remote, 'didn't he know I can't even work a toaster?'

John left to get the things he said, whilst the boys watched some TV when Dean figured out how to put the subtitles on the screen for the young boy in his care.


"Oooh shit. I mean shoot!" Dean corrected standing up and rushing to put his jacket on, he didn't even notice it was so late.

Not seeing any paper round Dean tapped on his watch frantically showing Sam who in turn went wide eyed and panicky.

Dean dragged the youngster to his car then they drove out of the motel spot.

"Where do you live?" he asked and Sam frowned and squinted trying to see what Dean said.

He opened a few slots in the car looking for some paper then Sam bent down and got some from his muddy back pack along with a pen handing it to Dean.

When the older one finally figured out where the house was that Sam wrote down he nodded and followed the road signs driving fast.

They pulled up outside the dark house on some old litter street.

"This is where you live?" Dean asked Sam making a face, he'd stayed in some gross motels but Sam's home takes the cake.

The young boy not hearing his waved smiling as he got out of the car.

Dean wrote a little note to Sam handing it to him just before he watched his new friend go into the dirty house and wave again before he closed the door.

"Poor kid," he mumbled to himself watching for a few minutes then he drove off.

Sam walked in the house and went straight up the steps knowing his foster parents were out drinking right now with the money that was going to be put to a fund for him for his new classes for sign language. He never saw the money, it was locked away where he couldn't get it, he hoped they were saving up for him for once but when Alice got the envelop out with dollar bills in he saw the words 'Samuels ASL' and he taking a huge wad of the money and putting it in her back pocket before she yelled at him and he ran up the stairs scared. Each day he saw the envelope, more money was going out of it than going in till the money stopped one day. His hopes for communication where crushed.

They'd never taken him to the doctors, never made one appointment, and he was pretty sure the foster agency had no clue how he was made to live. The biological kids of Alice and Frank were always beating on him, laughing when he tried to talk, it got so bad he didn't even bother trying anymore, it was worse than at school because he thought these people were nice and they were his family, but from the day he came home with them they took all the benefit money from him to spend on cigarettes and crap, and never spent a single penny of it on him. He wouldn't mind if every now and then he got a new shirt or something, or even a new pair of socks, he'd be grateful for them, but they never gave him any so they would never find out how grateful he was for the tiny things.

"Hey what the hell are you doing home so late you freak?!" one of the mean kids yelled as Sam pushed past just wanting to be left alone in his room, he didn't want Kyle to ruin the end of what was for Sam, a really good day.

He saw the mean looks, he knew what Kyle was thinking, he couldn't hear but hello!! He still had eyes, and darn good ones at that.

Sam ignored him and went to his room at the end of the small hall closing the door and putting the lock on.

He put his bag down and laid on his bed, his was even smaller than the one he sat on earlier at Dean's place, it was even older too and he hadn't changed the sheets in weeks. Making a note to himself to wash them this weekend he pulled back the covers and laid down. His nose still hurt and he had a massive head ache building, this was the fourth time this month.

The pounding started in his ears then it worked its way in and through to his jaw then it would spread to his head leaving him in agony within an hour.

He closed his eyes hoping he would be asleep before it happened this time.

Unfortunately 2 hours later he was sobbing in pain and needing a release from the tortured pain.

"Would you keep it down! I'm trying to get high here!" Tony, the other kid of Alice and Frank yelled.

Sam laid on his side curled up in a fatal position clawing at his head as it throbbed and rang loud in his head. He cry silently knowing he would get good thump in the gut if he made a sound and he knew he wasn't going to any sleep tonight either.


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