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Draco Malfoy remembered hearing a Muggle story about an apple when he was little. There was a man and a woman, and an apple. An apple that shouldn't have been eaten by the perfect man. It shouldn't have been eaten by anyone. But the woman.. the woman offered it to him.

That story was in his head, playing like a broken record over and over again when he laid on his back and felt something press against his chest. Dim lights were dancing on the walls and on the glassy roof. He could see the water moving above himself - themself - and wondered how many mornings he had woken up in these school dungeons seeing the river above himself. He hoped the magical glass would come crashing down and bury him in pieces of thick, sharp glass and green water, to save him from himself.

The apple that shouldn't have been eaten by the perfect man. He shut his eyes. The apple that was offered. A red apple. Offered by a woman. His eyes opened up again, and he felt like the perfect man in that story - tainted and dirty. The apple was next to him. And after eating the apple they saw they were naked. Well, true as well. He sure was naked. And so was she.

He turned his head and saw locks of thick dark brown hair next to him. He felt shameful and dirty - unperfect.

He looked at her eyes. They looked back, knowingly and almost smugly, dark brown eyes. Dirty blood was behind those eyes, dirty blood was running through each and every one of her veins. And when she pressed herself more hard against him, he knew he would give in to the temptation. And he lifted her hand and licked her fingers, savouring the taste of the forbitten fruit.

The woman next to him was from mud and dirt, but he wasn't a perfect man either.