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Kyouko gets ran over by a car, when when she crossed the street after leaving the L.M.E. building. She ends up in the hospital

When everybody she's knows from her work comes to work and she doesn't seem to recognize anyone, not even her beloved senpai Ren. They decided to call Sho, because she insisted on him coming.

Everybody was in shock because they all knew there was something going on between Kyouko and Shou.

When shou arrives, he noticed something different. she had the same look as the Kyouko he knew for so long.

Kyouko only seems to recognize Shou...

Is this a chance given to Shou by heaven? The chance that he had waited for to make Kyouko his? Or is the love of Ren for Kyouko too strong?!

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Unexpected turn of events

chapter 1 Before the everything changed

It was already dark outside. Kyouko just finished shooting Kimagure rock!

The chestnut haired walked her normal route to the dressing room when she saw Tsuruga-san at his normal spot looking depressed.

Kyouko looked around to see if anyone was near before nearing the browned haired.

"Yo!..." she said while raising her right hand, "What's wrong? Is it that girl again or is something going on at the set?"

Tsuraga-san looked up. His face looked desperate, but lightened at the sight of Bo, his buddy. Even though Ren had never seen his face, the chicken had always helped him when he was in need. This time the brown haired was expecting the same.

"Bo!" he shouted in relief, "I thought I would find you here."

The chicken was now sitting beside him and looked him in the eyes. "Can I help you?" he asked.

"Uhmm.. You remember the girl I told you about?"

"yeah, of course. The sixteen years old one right. Did you confess yet?" kyouko asked quite interested, but sort of anxious. She didn't understand why this feeling was filling her body.

"Uhm.. Not quite yet. It's just I think I really love her. I was thinking about the things you told me about last time. And everything seems to grow more and more everytime I see her."

"That's great!"

"Not really" Tsuruga-san said while looking sad. "I told you I couldn't or rather I shouldn't fall in love with. She is still in high school you know! The age different is 4 years! What would people say if they saw me with her. Her reputation would be ruined. Mine isn't important!" Ren continued while thinking about all things that could happen to Kyouko. All the gossips that could ruin her career. And worst of all about what would happen to him if Kyouko would reject him.

The chestnut haired was silently staring at him looking for words, when she thought about the time she visited his home and watched a program about a teacher and a student loving each other.

"Ren-kun, we talked about this the last time. Do you remember when we talked about that teacher and pupil pair." Ren only nodded and looked at kyouko with inquiring mind. "Do also remember what you said about that?" the tall guy put one hand on his chin and began to think.

"I kind of remember, I said that I cheered them on and I wished them the best."

"Idiot!!" The chicken shouted, Ren was very shocked that the chicken had scolded him. "YOU FORGOT WHAT I TOLD YOU RIGHT?!" Ren wanted to answer that question, but Kyouko interrupted him: "But why do you mind a little age different of four years?! The age different was four times your age different, at least. The teacher was like the same age as her father! And you make a problem of a mere age different of four year?! I don't understand you!"

Kyouko became all hot and dizzy because of her anger towards Tsuruga-san. And she wobbled a little. The heat was running to her head, but she didn't let it get to her until she convinced the brown haired to confess his love to the girl he loved. Who couldn't love a hot guy like him.

It took a while before she noticed that she thought Ren was hot, she knew it was a fact. But she still couldn't accept it! And she smacked her own head. Tsuruga-san looked bewildered at the chicken, why was he smacking his own head.

He didn't know what to do so he just put his hand on Bo's shoulder hoping it would calm him. But it was futile. Bo went only crazier. The atmosphere became darker and Ren could feel a dark aura coming from Bo.

"Please calm down! I don't know what I did wrong, but I understand know. But I still can't be honest with my feelings yet." Tsuruga-san tried to explain. "I can't forgive myself yet, because of my past. And I think she deserves better than me! She went through allot, because of her former lover (I wouldn't call her a lover actually). He just dumped her like she was nothing. And now she is all like anti-love."

'Uhmm.. that reminds me of myself' Kyouko thought. 'But that couldn't be, there are so many girls like that'

"May I ask what's her name actually." the chestnut haired asked trying to sound casually.

Ren lightened up, when he noticed that Bo was his normal self again.

"I would rather not say her name out loud, because she is a newbie star and all. If you know what I mean." And he smiled his gentlemen smile.

'uh.. it would be better to stop asking. But it is really is starting to sound like me! I shouldn't be so full of myself. That would never ever happen!' she thought.

She immediately looked away. She didn't like that gentlemen smile of his that he used when he was angry.

"Okay okay.. I won't ask anymore. But I still think that you should confess your love, or you should at least ask her out. Maybe you could see what she felt for you. And it is of course a better chance to get to know her." she pleaded. "Who doesn't love the number one star TSURUGA REN!"

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