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Unexpected turn of events

Chapter 11 Ren's problem

"Huh?!... Playing one of the counter parts in Kyouko's debut?" Ren asked curiously in the phone.

"Yeah!... And a romantic drama to top it off" Yashiro answered excitingly and adjusted his glasses, "This is your chance"

"CHANCE?!" the brown haired asked suspiciously, "What do you mean chance?" He stood up from the couch and began to walk to kitchen.

"Nothing..." The manager grinned, "I was just saying that it is a chance for you to get closer to Kyouko-chan, if you know what I mean" 'Aah... it's so amusing to tease Ren'

'A chance, huh' the young one thought while getting a cup out of the cabin.

"I heard something happened in the hospital" said Yashiro-san innocently, but his eyes were saying something entirely different.

Immediately he heard something break on the other line of the phone.

"What happened?!" he smirked wicked, 'I'm getting somewhere!'

"Uhm.. nothing" Tsuruga-san said nervously, 'Calm down! You're a goddamn actor and a good one! Get a grip!' he scolded. "I dropped a glass in surpise. I thought I saw something crawl over the floor, but it was just my imagination." he lied.

"Hmm... Really?! Are you sure?"

"And what kind of roll will I be playing, yukihito?" Ren asked trying to change the subject and picked up the shards of the glass.

The 21 year old had succeeded in his task.

"Oh about that." the glassed one began, "You'll be playing one of the childhood friends, the one that is love with the protagonist from the beginning of the story."

"Hmm.. Is that so?" he immediately thought of him and Kyouko of the past playing together. A sad smile appeared on his face. "Childhood friends, huh"

He began to reach for the cabin again for another glass and started the coffee machine.

"Sounds interesting right?" Yashiro said while waving at someone that passed by, "I think this role is made for you!" And the person he waved came closer.

"Why is that" Ren tried not to sound interested.

"If you really want to know, I can tell you." He smirked, "But not for free."

"Is it really that interesting?"

"Of course!" Yashiro tried to convince him.

"I don't need to know then..." Ren put on a gentlemen smile, "It's to bothersome."

Yukihito knew he lost this fight and gave in, "okay okay, I'll tell you."

"I better not regret this" yashiro thought,'He'd better be grateful'

So he continued, "You know the age difference is 4 years, it's the same as you and Kyouko! This is a sign!"

"Really? And what has the age difference between me and Kyouko have to do with the movie?" he asked annoyed, 'Just drop it Yukihito' he pleaded.

"Don't play dumb, Ren. You know that's not the only thing." a smirk formed on Yashiro's face, "When the protagonist meets Kou, that's the name of the boy you'll be playing, their relationship is teacher and student, almost the same as your relationship with Kyouko! What a coincidence!"

"It has nothing to do with me. I'll only be playing the role." Ren said with shock on his face, 'This is definitely no coincidence. I smell the work of the president.'

"Don't be like this Ren! Everyone can see you love Kyouko, when you're standing next to her." Yashiro said trying to make Ren confess his love for the little girl.

Another loud crash was heard. Ren had dropped his glass filled with coffee on the floor.

"Did you see something again?" Yashiro mocked, "Answer me."

"Nothing just dropped my glass again" Tsuruga answered, while bending over with a cloth and began moping. "you startled me... Who said I love Kyouko, you must be imagining things."

"I'm not!" the older one screamed, "The look you have in your eyed when you look at her! It's no use denying it. It's a chance given by god. No.. a chance given by the president!"

'hah!' Tsuruga-san shouted mentally, 'I knew it!'

When he finished moping, the tall one stood up and walked to the nearest chair to sit on.

"Stop fooling around, I don't love her. She's my kouhai... I respect her growth as an actress. It's truly fearsome, how fast it is." He tried to defend, "And even if I loved her, it is not proper for a senpai to fall in love with his kouhai."

Yashiro let out a long sigh, 'It is truly useless to try convince him. Why can't he just accept it?!'

"Even a senpai and kouhai are allowed to fall in love with each other, whom said it was not allowed?! She's 17 already, you know! Girls grow up faster than boys, especially those in the show business. If you don't do something soon she'll be taken away!" He tried to reason Ren.

"There's no way that will happen" Ren mumbled, "She is in the Love ME Section for a reason"

"Did you say something?" yashiro asked annoyed. He had a feeling what he said.

"I know what you're thinking, Ren. And that may be so, but think about it." the glassed guy scratched his head, while the brown haired seesawed impatiently on his chair. "She has several succesful roles"

"All bully roles" Ren answered dryly.

"SO! She has them very graceful and sexy even if they were scary! They all had charisma. You know her fan group has been growing even larger since she's been in Box'R'. People are noticing her beauty. Ren don't you understand?"

"I understand, it's good for her reputation. This way she'll get more job offers."

Yashiro let out another sigh. "You don't seem to understand" He scolded the younger one, "You're in denial! If you really keep this going she'll really be out of your reach. You don't want Sho to take her away, do you?"

"No!!" He shouted, immediately trowing his hand over his hand.

"Hehehe... So you finally admit your feelings, huh?" the glassed guy smirked. (A/N imagine those evil/sneaky anime people with glasses and those evil shades on their glasses)

"That's not what I mean. Sho and Kyouko getting together is something that will never happen." the brown haired tried to defend.

"I'm not so sure about that. I think you know about this. But it seems that Sho has been forgiven by Kyouko, since they are living together now for a week already!"

"What?!" Ren shouted and fell of his chair. 'What's the meaning of this?!' He shouted mentally, 'This can't be real, right?'

to be continued

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