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Strong Support

Chapter One


I looked over and Esme and sighed, she was absolutely torn apart. All because of Edward's stupidity, too. What I wouldn't give to tear his limbs off his body right about now....

"Emmett," growled Jasper from somewhere upstairs.

I just shrugged, not my fault he can't leave someone to their emotions in peace. "Ignore it, if it bothers you so much."

He came downstairs then, his eyes pitch black as he glared furiously at me. "Why are you so angry this time, anyway?" He asked through clenched teeth.

"I was picturing myself tearing Edward apart, limb by limb." I said simply, to which Esme let out a small cry for her son, regardless of how mad she is at him. "It wouldn't kill him!" I defended myself quickly.

Looking back over to Jasper, I didn't have to be an empath to know how he's feeling. Guilt was written all over his face, quite clearly.

Esme seemed to notice this, too. "It's not your fault, sweetie!" At his disbelieving look, she continued. "Edward is the one who pushed Bella into the table, he made it so much harder for you to be able to resist-"

"He did that to get her away from me," he said, surprising me. It wasn't usual for Carlisle or Esme's opinions to go unacknowledged. "He did it to protect her from me..."

Her eyes filled with sorrow. "Either way, Bella is perfectly unharmed. She keeps saying so herself! She doesn't blame you in the slightest, we all know that." She put a comforting hand on her son's shoulder then. "Edward has no reason to be so distant from us, or her."

That, too, was surprising. Esme hardly ever reprimanded any of her children, even if it was to clear up another's conscious. Maybe it was because Esme just misses her daughter so much, it's perfectly easy to tell how much she misses everyone's favorite little human.

It looked like Jasper wanted to argue, but he couldn't. All of us knew how much our very own Drama King likes to overreact to everything.

"Emmett," growled Drama King. I didn't even notice him get back home.

Before I could start an argument to have an acceptable excuse to fight him, he brushed past me.

"Where's Carlisle?" He asked Esme, ignoring Jasper's presence entirely. He actually thought everything was Jasper's fault, even though it obviously wasn't.

How is it Jasper's fault that Edward decided to ignore the best thing he's ever had?

At that, Edward gave me a weird look before turning back to a concerned Esme.

"In his study, why?" She sounded confused. Edward hasn't been talking to us very much recently, either. Not that I mind, at the moment.

"Because we're leaving," he said simply.

At that, everyone was downstairs with surprised looks on their faces, aside from Alice. How shocking, the psychic already knew.

"Wh-what? Why?" Esme asked, clearly devastated as she started to dry sob. Carlisle went over to comfort her, while sending a meaningful look at Jasper. She instantly calmed visibly, and she stopped dry sobbing. She looked no less devastated, though.

"I left Bella," at that, Esme let out another small noise. Alice looked just as traumatized, even though she didn't seem at all surprised. Jasper just looked guilty, and he had his arms around his wife, in an attempt to comfort her. I was sure my face was a mirror image of Esme's, I didn't want to let Edward make us leave Bella. She is the best thing that's happened to this family since before I can remember, which is quite a while back.

Rosalie, however, didn't have a reaction in the slightest. We may as well have been talking about the weather.

"Why did you do that?" Carlisle asked for everyone else, who all looked too upset to speak. All except Rosalie, but she didn't seem to really care. Maybe she already knew, I thought as I went over to my wife, offering comfort. She just cocked an eyebrow at me as if asking, "why would I need any comforting?"

"It's too dangerous for her to be around us," he said simply with a pointed look at Jasper. I let out a growl then, he had no right to blame any of this on Jasper. Bella is fine, isn't she? "So, we're leaving." Only he and Rosie seemed ready to accept that fact, though.

"Where is my daughter?" Esme's voice sounded devoid of all emotions. It sent chills up my already ice cold spine. "You can at least let me say goodbye to her." Alice nodded her agreement.

Goodbye? As in abandoning my little sister? Am I the only one bothered by this?

Again, Edward shot me a look and this time I was only able to stop myself from ripping his head off because I wanted to hear his answer.

"Don't say goodbye," his voice sounded like it was pleading. It only served to make Esme look even more shattered, a feat I hadn't believed possible until now. "It would only hurt her more, I promised her I'd stay away. Like it would be as if we never existed."

That's it. "Only hurt her more?!" I yelled, stepping closer to him, while eying his neck that seemed to be begging for my hand around it. "You leaving didn't hurt her?" I asked sarcastically, to which he just looked down in shame.

Good, he should be ashamed for what he'd done. "Where. Is She?" I growled menacingly. I wasn't about to leave my sister, that's for sure. I know Esme will be on my side and I think everyone else will back me up, too. Aside from my wife, anyway.

She just wants Bella to get married and have children, though. I can hardly blame her for wanting Bella to have a normal, happy life, so I can't be mad at my Rosie's reaction to this news.

Jasper probably is on my side, if only because he feels guilty about it. Even though it's purely Edward's fault. It's not like Jasper ever said, "hey, you have to leave Bella now because she has blood inside of her. Okay? Thanks."

"Last I saw her she was in the woods, trying to follow-"

"YOU LEFT HER ALONE IN THE WOODS?!" I roared, already leaving to find my sister-who, no doubt fell down somewhere by now. Most likely hurting herself in the process.

"I wrote a note!" He hurried to explain, trying to failing to restrain me. Carlisle and Alice each grabbed a hold of his arms, and I couldn't help but feel a little satisfaction that nobody went to restrain me.

"So you KNEW she would try to go after you?!" He was digging himself a hole here, and I was all too happy to bury him inside of it.

That can wait, now I just need to find my sister. I have the rest of eternity to behead Edward, but who knows how long I have until Bella injures herself?

I heard Edward calling after me, but I ignored him. I'd deal with him later. He can count on that.

Esme was on the lawn looking torn between helping me find her daughter, and talking some sense into her son. Which is harder than it sounds.

Edward growled, but I ignored him. "Esme, I promise I'll bring her back home safely." If anyone could make Edward see to reason, it would be Esme. She had to stay.

She looked immensely relieved, and with that I hurried to Bella's house, listening to everyone behind me start screaming at each other, and as I ran their shouting became just a distant buzz.

If anyone heard them, they would assume we were all raised by a pack of werewolves.

I ran as fast as I could, which suddenly seems unbearably slow, despite being a vampire. It seemed to take forever to get to Bella's house, and when I finally got there I wasted no time, running into the nearby woods immediately.

I didn't even stop to smell for her; it would seem too much like a hunt if I did that. It's not like it's actually needed, anyway. Her sent is everywhere, and very strong I might add.

A minute had hardly passed before I heard a mumbled, "Edward."

I ran towards the sound at top speed, never being more thankful for my hearing range than I am right now.

Then I saw her and stopped dead in my tracks, horrified by what I saw before me. She was laying on the ground in the fetal position crying her poor heart out.

I snapped out of it and rushed over to her, but she didn't seem to even notice me. She just kept mumbling incoherently but I caught "Edward," and "leave," quite a few times.

My brother is going to get it.

"Bella?" I asked gently as to not startle her as I knelt down. I didn't need to worry about startling her, though. If she even knew I was there she Ignored me. And I think she didn't know I was kneeling right beside her.

"Bella," I tried again, louder this time.

Her head snapped up, and I felt my frozen heart break.

Her eyes were staring right at me, but they were lifeless and unfocused. There was not even a hint of life in her eyes, much less the emotion that used to betray her every feeling. They were just dead.

While they were looking right at me, I don't think she actually saw me. They were so unfocused I could have started dancing in front of her and I doubt she'd even so much as blink an eye, much less notice my presence.

Her eyes were bloodshot and puffy from crying. She already had bags under her eyes to the point she could pass as a vampire. If it wasn't for everything else about her at this moment, that is.

I closed my eyes in attempt to gather my courage before trying again. "Bella?" My voice cracked, so much for that plan.

"Edward?" She asked in a voice I didn't even recognize. "Edward?"

"No, Bella." I answered sadly as I gathered her in my arms. "It's me, Emmett."

Why does she still want him? He left her! He was trying to get us to do the same, too I might add. No matter what, I'm staying in Forks to look after this fragile girl crying in my arms. Even without my family, I'm staying. There's no way I can leave now. Not after seeing what we'd be leaving behind.

I'll make up whatever story I have to, I'm not going to just leave my sister like Edward did. Even if my presence would be too dangerous for her.

My brother is so stupid sometimes, as if any of us would hurt Bella. If anyone did lose control, there's everyone else to protect her....

If he's worried about her being in danger, he shouldn't have left the clumsiest human alive alone in the woods. Especially since he knows perfectly well that there are dangerous things out there.

I held her closer to me, trying to offer any amount of comfort I can. My freezing cold body seemed to help, if only a little. It was clear she was simply imagining Edward comforting her, though.

Her body shook with a fresh wave of sobs, and she clung even closer to me.

Where is Jasper when you need him?

"It's okay, sweetie," I whispered into her hear. "You're going to be okay." Even I didn't believe my words, and judging by the fresh tears staining my shirt, she didn't either.

I didn't let that stop me, I kept whispering into her hair. After what must have been fifteen minutes, her sobs started slowing down, if only very little.

"Want to go home?" I asked her softly. She nodded into my chest in response, and that was all the motivation I needed to scoop her broken form into my arms and carry her back home.

I hesitated at her house, remembering what Edward said about there being a note. As I was trying to decide if I should go in and write a new one or not, I realized Alice's fresh scent was all over her house.

I smiled despite everything, she's on top of everything. Sure makes life a lot easier, that's for sure.

I ran us back home as fast as I possibly can, cradling her crying form in my arms. She was still clinging to me desperately-as if worried I'd leave her like Edward did.

I'm going to kill him when I get home.

When I finally got back, I found Alice waiting outside. Of course.

"Give her to me," was all she said, arms outstretched. I complied easily; it would be much easier to kill Edward without Bella's fragile human body in my arms.

When I tried to give her to Alice, though, she just clung to me even more, as if her life depended on it. "It's okay. I'm not going to leave you," I coaxed while gently removing her from my shirt and carefully handing her to an awaiting Alice.

Once she had Bella, she hugged her as hard as she could without breaking her, but I hardly noticed since I was already opening the front door.

What I saw was everyone except who I was looking for. Edward is going to pay for what he did to Bella. No way I'm going easy on him; he'll be in as much pain as Bella when I get done with him. Actually, more pain, he would heal way faster than Bella will.

"Where's Edward?" I demanded, sure that he's hiding somewhere.

"He left," came the sad sounding voice of Esme.

"What? What do you mean he left?!" Is he really so much of an idiot that he would leave, yet leaving his vampire family alone with Bella? That kind of defeats the whole purpose of him leaving in the first place.

"He said that unlike us he cares for Bella's safety. Then he left," replied Alice with an eye roll, still holding Bella.

Esme immediately left upstairs with Alice to go comfort Bella, but I was far from done with this conversation.

"He just left? Where did he go?" I demanded, fully intent on hunting that bastard down.

To my surprise my only response was from Rosalie. "He did the right thing. Honestly, let it go, Em." Her tone indicated she was tiring of this conversation, and fast.

Normally I do whatever my Rosie tells me, but this is different. I can't even pretend she's right about this one, not after seeing Bella in the woods like that.

"No, he only succeeded in making a dick out of himself." Carlisle looked angry at my choice of words, but he didn't say anything about it.

Instead, he left with a pained looking Jasper. They were on their way to sedate Bella, undoubtedly. At least that makes one less thing for me to worry. For now, anyway.

"He's trying to keep her safe," she argued.

"By leaving her alone with a family of vampires?" I asked incredulously. I knew none of us would ever hurt Bella, but it made my point at least.

"That wasn't exactly the original plan," she snapped.

"You mean the idiotic plan none of us were clued in on? When it involved uprooting out whole lives?"

She let out an exaggerated sigh. "Honestly, Emmet. If you're just going to-"

She was cut off by Alice, thank God. "As amusing as this is, argue later." Then she turned to me to say something that made me instantly fill with worry. "Bella has been asking for you."

That was all I needed to hear. I hardly even noticed Rosalie's furious glare as I rushed up the stairs toward Bella.

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