Finding out & the Plan: Part 2:

Pamela couldn't believe what she was hearing & the only thing she could come up with for a response was this & she said this being shocked by the news.

Pamela (shocked): What?

Bo repeated what Luke said.

Bo: Kit is not your cousin; she is your twin sister.

Luke said this, as he & Bo relive that day again.

Luke: Well, we told you that your twin sister died, & that was wrong, you don't know how sorry we are, & your Uncle Bo, & Aunt Gabby tried to have a baby…. But they couldn't, & so your wonderful mama decided to give them Kit, & it wasn't like we didn't want her, but we wanted to do something that felt right…. So we…. (He couldn't finish, he broke down, & Bo comforted his older cousin).

Bo finished up the story & he told her this.

Bo: So, Boss Hogg arranged the adoption, & Kit became ours, & we promised your dad & mom that we would take good care of her, so we did, & living at the farm made it easier, we couldn't separate you guys, so we made it clear that your needs come first.

Pamela nodded, & then she said taking her father & uncle's hands into her own, & said this smiling.

Pamela (smiling): The past is the past, we are happy, you made that possible for me, & Kit, we owe you so much, I love you so much, Daddy. (She hugged Luke).

She turned to Bo, & said this smiling a bigger smile.

Pamela (to Bo): I love you too; you are a 2nd father to me, & no matter what, to me & Kit, you guys are our fathers, no matter what blood runs in our veins.

Bo & Luke hugged her, Cooter, Daisy, & Enos came back, & were relieved that Pamela took the news well; Dr. Petticord came out, & said this to everyone, especially Pamela.

Dr. Petticord (to the gang): It's time for the Blood Transfusion.

Pamela nodded & she put her fear of needles aside for Kit, she took off her top shirt, & relieved a Blue Tank Top, she looked over at Bo & Luke asking this of them.

Pamela: Would you come with me?

Bo & Luke said this each smiling.

Luke (smiling): Sure thing, Sweetheart.

Bo (smiling): Anything for you, Darlin'.

They left for the Lab Room, & the others fell asleep, while in the Lab Room, the staff was getting everything they needed, & went straight to Kit's Room, where they hooked up Pamela to Kit, from where Pamela is sitting, only the required amount of blood was taking, then she fell asleep besides her cousin, hold her hand, Luke & Bo fell asleep besides the girls peacefully holding their other hands.

Meanwhile Benson was making a plan to escape to Mexico, & he said this thinking to himself.

Benson (thinking to himself): I think I got my revenge, Luke Duke is gonna suffer for the rest of his life.

He proceeded to pack, & then tossed the knife out the window, & then he made more arrangements for Mexico over the phone, & then he went to sleep.

A couple days later, after the transfusion, & surgery, Kit has not woken up yet, & the Dukes were worried, & then they figured out who was responsible for Kit almost being killed. Luke said this growling angrily out loud.

Luke (growling angrily): Benson!!!

Everyone was wondering what made Luke bring up that name, he explained that since Benson didn't get his revenge on him last time, & Bo too, for helping Luke capture him, he went after the next best thing.

They made a plan to capture Benson, & then Daisy said this speaking for herself, & Cooter.

Daisy: Y'all don't worry, me & Cooter will be ready as backup, you just be careful, you hear? (To Cooter): Right, Cooter?

Cooter nodded in agreement, & the Boys, Enos, & Pamela left to go & get Benson.

They found his hideout, & they managed to get around without being discovered, except for Luke, & Benson had a gun to his head & an arm around his throat. He said this in a victorious tone to Luke.

Benson (victorious): I really got you now, Sgt. Duke.

He said yelling to this to Enos, & Bo hiding in the bushes with their gun, & Bows & Arrows drawn on the fugitive.

Benson (yelling): Drop the weapons, or Luke here is done for! (He cocked the gun to Luke's head to illustrate his point).

They dropped their weapons, & surrendered to Benson, & he said this chuckling.

Benson (chuckling): You are all crazy & dumb for coming here.

A voice behind him got his attention, & he whipped around, that gave Bo, & Enos enough time to get their weapons & had them ready at a moments notice, Benson saw Pamela had a Double Barrel Shotgun, & was trained on Benson, & she said this with confidence.

Pamela (confident): You are not too bright yourself there; Chief, If you like them, you like me, Cut him loose, or you will be wishing that you are dead.

He cocked the gun to Luke's head once more, & he said this asking her.

Benson: Are you really good with that shotgun, Bitch?

Pamela said this with confidence once more.

Pamela (confident): I am like Annie Oakley, you blink, & you die, Asshole.

Benson said this to her, feeling confident too.

Benson (confident): I am like a Surgeon; (nodding to Luke): I'll drop him, before you kill me.

Pamela said this with more confidence.

Pamela (confidence): I don't think so, Sucker.

She looked at her father, & he nodded, & she yelled this.

Pamela (yelled): Break!!!

Luke managed to break away from Benson, & Pamela shot him in the shoulder, then she wanted to beat the hell out of him, for what he did to Kit, but thought better of it, & she said with a venomous tone to Benson.

Pamela (venomous): You are not worth it, you aren't worth it!

She tossed him to Enos, who took him into custody, & then she, Bo, & Luke went back to the hospital to be with Cooter, Daisy, & Kit.

A couple nights later, Daisy & the others went out to get something to eat, while Pamela was keeping watch on Kit, Kit fought her way back, & squeezed Pamela's hand, & that made Pamela jump up out her sleep, & gasped.

She saw Kit's beautiful eyes staring back at her, & she said hoarsely smiling.

Kit (hoarsely & smiling): Hey there, Pammy.

Pamela said smiling back, holding back her emotions.

Pamela (smiling): Hey there, Gorgeous.

They hugged & cried, as they reunited, & Bo, Luke, Cooter, & Daisy watched smiling, & tears fell down their face.

When Kit was better, & released, Bo & Luke retold their story to Kit, that they told Pamela, & as Pamela did, Kit expressed her love to Bo & Luke, & told them to forget the past. All is now peaceful & well for the Dukes of Hazzard.

End of: Finding Out & the Plan: Part 2.

* Balladeer: I love how these stories end, don't you?*