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Summary: Kagome has become immortal and goes to Forks to have charms made of a pack of wolves she once knew. Sam Uley just so happens to work at the shop Kagome is heading to. how will things play out when Sam imprints on her? What happens when she wants nothing to do with him? Will Sam win her over?

Kagome Pov

The William R. Fairchild airport was beyond busy, and Kagome has had better days. First her flight was delayed, then she was seated by a man with some type of infectious looking disease. Not to mention the smell of sour milk coming from the women and her baby in the seat in front of her. When she reached the end of the terminal she was tripped by some snotty little brat.

Kagome picked herself up off the floor, and picked up her carry on bag. Kagome walked up to the automatic luggage rack to look for her other bag. It wasn't there. She went to the baggage claim area. The young woman at the counter appeared to be texting with a pair of sparkly pink earphones shoved in her ears.

Kagome walked up to her and tapped her hand on the counter. "Excuse me? Can I get some service?" Kagome became irritated when the young woman didn't seem to be listening or her music was to loud. glancing over the counter Kagome looked at the woman's name tag. 'Lacy,' it read. Lacy was to busy to notice that a very agitated jet-lagged passenger had reached over and grabbed her earphones.

Kagome yanked out Lacy's earphones. Causing her to jerk slightly forward. She turned herself more towards Kagome. Lacy looked her up and down before Kagome dropped her earphone into lap. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, kagome backed away from the counter ever so slightly. But, when she did, Lacy rolled her chair all the way to the side of the counter. Obviously she no longer wished to be near the girl that so rudely interrupted her texting.

Slowly opening here eyes, Kagome noticed that Lacy was no longer in front of her. Taking quick strides to the completely incompetent airline worker. Kagome slammed her fist onto the counter once more to get her attention. "Hey, Lacy is it. I've had a hard couple of days, so if you could do your fucking job! That would be lovely." Lacy gave Kagome a dirty look before turning to the computer. " All right then. I'm going to need your passport, baggage clam ticket, airline ticket, number of bags, and description of the bags, Please." Lacy sneered while typing a million keys per second.

Kagome dug into her purse for all items required. After finding them she handed them to Lacy. "Ok, Lacy. It's one bag, with blue trim, and three butterflies on the bottom left hand corner."

Lacy continued typing for a few more moments before speaking. "Your bag is here. It should be here momentarily. It seems what ever was in it didn't show up on any of the baggage scanners." after she finished speaking she turned away from Kagome once more.

While Kagome waited for her bag she walked over to the nearest wall and started to think about why she was here in America anyways.

'It's been 500 years and I still can't believe they're really gone. Sango, Miroku, Shippo, even Inuyasha. They're all gone.' Kagome thought as she put the bag she had on the floor and leaned on the wall.

'The well stopped working after the final battle with Naraku, and the shikon jewel fused with my soul. It was hard, but I found a beautiful place to live. Walking towards the village, just outside Edo, was a new tiny rice producing village once called home. I became the healer there.' Kagome brought her hand up to I took care of the villagers and any travelers that crossed my path. It took a few years before I realized I have become immortal.'

For years it was a peaceful life. Until kagome met a pack of wolf demons.

"For a short while it was all so peaceful. That is until I met a pack of dieing wolves." Kagome murmured before she sighed, and looked around for a clock till she found one. It was just past 9: 26. "There goes my schedule." Kagome groaned. Her attention was pulled away from the clock when two men turned the corner; one with her bag. "Kagome, Higrshi?" the first man spoke with great authority. But, the way he pronounced her name was so wrong, that she couldn't help but giggle a little. "Actually my good sir my last name is pronounced Higurashi. So, can I have my bag sir?" the man didn't answer right away. Instead he beckoned me forward with is hand, and led Kagome into a room behind the counter of the baggage claim area.

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