Author's Note

Hay readers, I'm so sorry I haven't up dated when I said I would. Unfortunately the Tuesday after charismas I was in a car accident. Snuck out to go to a party, broke my left arm, collar bone, and shattered my knee cap.

Been grounded every since I was able to leave the hospital. Luckily no one's home right now so… I am on my mom's computer. Seeing how she took mine, and hid it somewhere. And as you can imagine it's pretty hard to try and find something with a shattered knee cap. LOL! Not really all that funny.

On the brighter side, I get my computer back in March. I don't know when in March, but my mom and I did talk and we agreed sometime in March. Hold on one sec some one is calling the house…

Well, that was my mommy. She's just leaving where ever she was, and on her way home. I have maybe 35 minutes till she gets home.

This is darkREDmist aka Shannon signing off.