*Author's Note: I made up a little scene to end the episode "Undercover Dukes" Part 2, this happens after Jesse's Birthday Party at "The Boar's Nest".


It was night, & the Dukes came home after Jesse's Birthday, Bo & Luke were glad to be home, & Daisy was glad to have her family all back together under the same roof. But she felt guilty on how she treated the two most important men in her life, & she is gonna make up for what she did to them.

She had a wonderful snack prepped for them, & Jesse smiled as he watched his youngest took care of everything, & he went to bed, he was hoping that they would make up.

Luke & Bo came into the Kitchen & saw that Daisy had a snack waiting for them, & she said to them indicating to a pair of Kitchen chairs, smiling.

Daisy (smiling): Park it there, Boys.

They did as they were told, & then she looked over at her cousins, & saw a huge bruise on Luke's Midsection, & a red welt starting form on Bo's face, & she winced as she felt guilty for doing the slapping & elbowing. She went to get the First-Aid Kit, & came back to serve the boys their snack, & proceeded to treat them.

Luke let out a moan, as Daisy gently applied the Ice Pack to Luke's Midsection, & she said this to her older cousin.

Daisy: I am sorry, Luke, I am so sorry, I will make it up to you.

Luke smiled & said this making his cousin feel better.

Luke (smiling): It's ok, Daisy, I understand, you were angry, I don't blame you one bit.

She carefully hugged Luke, & handed him the Ice Pack, she instructed him on how to use it, & as he was taking care of his injury, & ate some cookies, Daisy turned her attention to Bo.

She carefully applied the Ointment on Bo's face, & she applied a cool rag to bring the sting of her slap down, she couldn't help but feeling bad, as she looked from cousin to another, she let out some sobs, Bo & Luke comforted her, & they each said this.

Luke: Hey there, Daisy Girl, Please don't cry, we are mad at you, & there is no reason to ask for forgiveness, so please don't feel bad.

Bo: Yeah, we understand that you wanted the family together, & we didn't want you to worry about us, if you did, then we would feel even worse, then you & Uncle Jesse would be in danger.

Daisy felt a surge of anger, but not at the boys anymore, she said this expressing her thoughts.

Daisy (angrily): I do feel bad, & especially at what I said to you before you left, Do you realize that would had been the last thing I said to the most important men in my life? You could've been killed; I would live with that for the rest of my life!

She turned to Bo, he comforted her, telling her once again, that he & Luke are ok, Luke rubbed small circles on her back, like he did, when they were kids, & she quieted down, then he put all of the dishes in the sink to be washed in the morning, & Bo noticed that Daisy fell asleep in his arms.

Bo said this whispering to his older cousin smiling, & nodded towards Daisy in his arms.

Bo (whispering & smiling): Luke, she plum tuckered herself out, & fell asleep.

The older Duke Boy smiled, & went to move some hair out of her eyes, & planted a soft kiss to her forehead, & Bo did the same, Bo brought her to her bedroom, & Luke turned down the bed, & they tucked her in.

They kissed her on the top of her head, & they each said this whispering to her sleeping form.

Luke: We love you, Pretty Girl.

Bo: You bet we do.

They went back to their own room, & everyone slept peacefully without any worries, & drama.

End of: Happiness.

*Balladeer: Now this is how a story is supposed to end, Friends!*