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Chapter 1: The Ending Is Only the Beginning

The young woman burst into the room where her great-grandfather sat in office with her eyes flashing their signature green sparks and long dark hair flying behind her as she stormed in, frustrated and angry. The old man looked amused at the actions of his young great-granddaughter, knowing that her passion for life and her sense of honor and fair play kept her in this state of agitation for most of her life thus far.

"Grandfather, do you see what they did? I have already gone back twice, TWICE and told that old fool not to leave the boy with those people and he did it anyway and now LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!! What's wrong with those people?! Why didn't they listen to me?"

"Calm down, sweetheart, I know what they did and yes we did try to correct it but people have the freewill to do as they want and we cannot take that away from them. The old coot thought he was doing what he needed for the greater good."

"He didn't do what was for the greater good, he did what was good for his greater good, and he did it THREE TIMES!" The young woman slapped her hands against the desk emphasizing the last three words of her sentence. "I don't care what he thought. It was WRONG, just plain wrong! He was to be the greatest wizard at the time and HE WAS WRONG!" The young woman's face was flushed and indignant anger burned in her eyes. "It was just WRONG!" she repeated. Yes, the older man knew it was wrong, and sometimes he wanted to go back and kill someone, but that would not have done any good either. He would have been in Azkaban and everything could have taken even a worse turn.

It was true that the old coot had screwed up three times. After the first time his great grand-daughter went back to tell him not to do that again. He did it again. She went back a second time to talk not only to the old coot but also the mutt and the werewolf, again they did not listen to her. Now she was going to go back a third time. This was the last trip the time-magic would allow. You just couldn't put all of eternity on hold waiting for people to wake up and do the right thing. Now it was even worse, the old coot tried to mess with time himself and it was causing a breakdown of the other time lines in the dimension.

"Honey, you need to calm down. We just have to come up with a plan so you can go back and try to correct his error. But you know this will be the last time. Even with the ability to change this, we cannot keep time on hold forever."

"I know Grandfather." The young woman said. Okay, deep breath, in, out yes again. Her pounding heart started to slow down to its normal rate. She knew she had to calm down if she was to present her last chance to him and correct this mess once and for all. "I have a plan, but I want you to consider this very carefully before you refuse my request or say anything."

"Oh?" he said, with a pensive look on his face, wondering what outrageous thing she would ask for now. It was not uncommon for his favorite great granddaughter to come up with the most outlandish schemes, but they were always well thought out and usually worked. "When was the last time I didn't listen to you?"

"Yes, but this will really be the most complicated mission plan I have done so far."

"Then let's get your other great grandfather in here. That way you only have to go over it once."

She sat down in one of the chairs in front of his desk and waited as he used his two way mirror to call for the other man.

"Hey love, could you come here? Our young spitfire here wants to present her plan and we will have to make a decision soon so I thought you would want to listen too." His face had softened and his smile was so tender while speaking with his husband. Even after all these years, when they spoke or looked at each other you could see that they loved each other very much and always would. At one hundred and forty two, he still looked half as old and the spark in his eyes undiminished at he spoke to the man he had been married to for a hundred and six years. She often thought they kept each other young. They were true soul-mates. A rare thing to find someone so perfect for another but there had actually been seven soul-mated couples in her family.

While he was speaking with his mate, the young woman looked around the room. She loved this office in the manor. The smells from the old leather of the books and old parchment was intoxicating and would always remind her of family and love. Centuries of books and information gathered over the years. The desk in front of her was a family heirloom, over four hundred years old, passed down from her great grandfather's line. It was a wonderful mahogany desk six feet long, three feet deep, with a glossy shine in the wood from years of polishing by the house elves.

"He will be here in a minute. Would you like Cook Tippy to get you some tea? Maybe some of those scones you like so much?" He asked slyly, knowing what her answer would be. She just couldn't resist Cook Tippy's scones.

"You know I can't resist her scones. You always tempt me with my favorites when we need to have a serious discussion. Are you sure you are not trying to get on my good side, grandfather?" She looked at the man with a smirk on her face that reminded him of his old friends from long ago. The Malfoy family line had died out long ago from the war but he still remembered them.

"Cook Tippy!" the gentleman called. Immediately a house elf appeared, wearing the traditional uniform of the house with the family crest on the left side of her chest.

"Yes, Master. What can I get for you?" The house elf bowed slightly as she addressed the older man in the room respectfully.

"We would like some tea please, Cook Tippy, with some of those delicious scones you make for us."

"Right away, Master." And with that the little elf popped out of the room and on the desk suddenly appeared a tray with the requested refreshments.

"Maybe I thought, if I soften you up enough, you would give me a plan that would not give me a headache?" He said with a knowing smile as he handed her a cup of tea and a scone.

"Not a chance! Did you see what those people did to that child? He was only a child! I saw it through the time displacement mirror. They beat that child!"

"Alright, alright, don't get hysterical. We will look at your ideas and make a decision. You don't have much of a window to do this."

"I know, that's why we have to make sure this happens the right way. I really feel very strongly about this. This war has been going off and on for almost one hundred years. Too many people have been killed and our world is dying. We can't even keep up with the underground refugees and somehow our locations have been leaked more than a few times already. You know this can't go on and has gone on longer than it should have."

"You are serious about this, which tells me that you are taking your responsibilities sincerely. We will listen to what you have to say and IF it is a good plan we will back you up. You know that."

Just as she was about to say something else, her Great grand-dad walked into the room, his long strides quickly brought him to his mate (even with the slight limp) and he kissed the man sitting at the desk. As he was kissing his husband of many years, he Accio-ed a chair without using a wand or a word and sat next to him.

"Show off." The older man muttered when the kiss ended.

The young woman pulled out a journal with all of her plans laid out. It obviously took quite some time to come up with the plan as seen with the amount of detail written in the book. She handed it to her great grandfathers, knowing they would not like the idea at first, but also knowing that this would work in a way no other idea had. She had laid out the schematics of the time line with the other events from two other time lines in which she had briefly intervened for the same problem. They were reading it with an expression of wonder and distress at the same time. About an hour later the men looked up at her with a flash of dilemma in their eyes.

The older of the two look at the youngest member of their family, the baby that was born only twenty-five years ago and now would embark on the most important task of the twenty-second century.

"I don't see a return to this time line in this plan. You're not going to return, are you?" It was more a statement than a question, but he looked so worried and the sadness around both their eyes was palpable. She turned to them and her eyes started to tear up. She had promised herself that she would not do this, she would not cry now.

"It's the only thing I can think of. If I am there to make sure that the timeline stays true, then I don't have to worry about more problems coming down the road. Grandfather, I want to put into effect the Third Time Charm. I have gone back twice already and left messages with the people that should have been able to keep things from happening. That didn't work. The corruption is too deep. This will work, it will save all the people possible and the child will never have to put up in that awful situation. If I am there to teach them the correct way, bring the information I have to light, then maybe we can stop this war before it really starts in Voldemort's second reign." The woman looked at the most important men in her life with an earnestly determined expression.

"I could make things work with the right people in place. I know I can do that and bring the right proof to put our information and knowledge in place. I even have the memories from the other three time lines already."

They had discussed this at length before. Even as time spirits they could only go back and make a short appearance to try to get a message to the right people to change a decision or action made. They could only go back for a few days or a week. What the young woman was proposing was to go back for years to change the entire war and to create her own side. She would put together the people that could truly be trusted. But, there were risks. Not everything was guaranteed to work exactly the same way when changing that much history. People may change and not be as predictable as they were in the past. She was correct; someone had to be there to create contingencies, to change things when the unexpected happened. The one thing they knew for sure, she would not be back, and this would change everything. The Third Time Charm hadn't been used but once or twice in the history of the world and was not to be taken lightly.

The two elderly men shared a glance then looked back at the young woman seated before them. She started talking again before they could get a word in.

"The rules of magic will not allow me to make this much of change without the charm. You know that. Many of the extinct lines of the pureblood families could be preserved and our world will not be torn apart if this plan works out. The world just couldn't survive two dark lords at the same time without enduring so much damage."

She was right, they knew it. She had spent her life in hiding and moving around to keep one step ahead of the dark factions that wanted to kill their family. They had been after them for a hundred years and many family members had been lost.

Both the men looked at each other and nodded. It was nice looking at them, knowing they had developed their telepathic link years ago and could almost read and process each other's thoughts in the blink of an eye.

"Alright, Becca," the younger of the two men replied, "we will support this idea. You do realize the risk you take and what will happen if you don't succeed?"

"Yes, Granddad, I do."

The older of the two men then said, "Your time portal will open in a few hours. According to this plan, you need to hop the time line to make the preparations you describe in this journal. I must say it is quite unique. I can't believe no one came up with this before. Give us one hour to put together a few things and we will meet back here. Have you packed what you need?"

"Yes, grandfather, I have packed and shrunk everything I could think of, even the information and Pensieve of memories from the other time trips."

The gentleman rose from his chair and held his hand out to the younger of the two. "Come, my love, we have much to do." The other gentleman rose and they both pulled their great grand-daughter into a strong hug and then left the room with a "See you in one hour, sweetheart."

She hugged them back and left the room with them to go and get her trunks in her bedroom, waiting for the time pocket to become available.

An hour later, they were assembled in the time room. A room that was positioned in exactly the right place, with exactly the correct runes and the exact magic that was needed to put her in the place she needed to be. With her was a goblin named Gorbink and a light elf named Shashi. Both of these beings were long time friends of the family and would be accompanying her on the trip. Both had lost their entire family to the war and wanted to help. They were the most trustworthy of the family friends and could carry on the mission if something happened to Becca.

Her great grandfathers were preparing the ritual for the Third Time Charm. It was complicated and only a time spirit would have the power to complete the process. They the last of the time spirits and this was the only open window to be able to do this. In the past, the timeline was changed slightly but not completely. This would create a whole new time thread starting with James and Lily Potter's death which could not be changed as it was a pivotal point in history.

The rules of a time-turner were different from this. For a normal wizard the rules stated you couldn't be seen, you couldn't go back more than a few days and you could only change a certain small event.

This was a complete change of the future of the world.

The room was completely made of stone with specially prepared runes in every rock. The runes were for time travel and good fortune as you could not use it for evil intentions. The magic of the room would destroy anyone trying to go back for their own purposes and would not allow anyone of a dark heart or with an evil goal to use it.

The oldest soul mated couple in the wizarding world completed their tasks and turned to the young woman that they would see for the last time. "Are you sure you want to do this" they both asked simultaneously, as if they were one entity. The woman nodded firmly and moved into the middle of the room, standing on the largest symbol etched into the floor. Her face was a mask of determination as she positioned herself. Her companions followed, taking up their positions in front of her, each one on a particular point. Her calculations had been perfect, her runes exact and although she was reluctant to leave her great grandfathers, she knew she would see them again.

The men stepped forward, looked into her eyes for the last time and hugged her fiercely before stepping back again. The older of the two said "We have put together this for you, it is the contents of the vaults and the library, duplicates of all of our potions notes and things we have been working on. You will need these things. We hope you use them well." He handed to her what she knew was a bottomless pouch. This one could hold the whole household if you needed it to.

"You know I will. I will miss you both very much. I wish you could come with me." Tears gathered in her bright green eyes again. This was going to be harder than she thought. They hugged her again.

"You know we can't because we are needed here" said her granddad, his emerald green eyes looking into hers with sadness and regret. "We will meet you again" and with that he kissed her forehead and gave her a last hug.

The men then turned to their old friends. "Please take care of our great grand-daughter."

The goblin bowed his head as if it was a great honor, "It will be done, even without asking. Your granddaughter honors us with this near impossible task. She brings us back to a time when all of our families thrived and we hope to continue that. We will help her save the child. All our worlds have suffered because of the actions of a few. We will help put it right and welcome the chance to reinstate the old ways and make the needed changes."

The light elf also bowed and said "You're family has always honored the old ways. We thank you for this opportunity. Our families ended with us, we go to save them as well." He then shook hands with the two wizards and stepped back to his designated place on the symbol in the floor.

"Let's get started"

In the other time…