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Chapter One - End of Life

Exorcist Allen Walker was traveling through western Europe, on a mission for the Black Order, when he encountered yet another band of Akuma. This was one of the largest groups that he had ever encountered and Allen's left eye glowed a bright red as he prepared to fight the weapons that held human souls hostage.

This was an unfortunate turn of events for the young white-haired Exorcist however Allen was determined to fight. He absolutely refused to run however he couldn't help but think that things would be a whole lot easier if he had some help. Lavi would be a great asset or even Kanda would be welcome for that matter.

But he was all alone.

"Innocence activate!"

Allen's left arm transformed into his large, Anti-Akuma weapon and he set about disposing of the Akuma who were attempting to take his life. The young Exorcist killed several of the attacking Akuma however he paused in his attacks as he felt a flesh searing pain in his right side.

"I've got you!" the Akuma that had struck growled in triumph. "And now. . ."

Forcing the pain back into the dark recesses of his mind Allen struck out with his weapon and killed the Akuma with one strike. Unfortunately it didn't even make a dent in their numbers and Allen was now losing blood at an alarming pace.


The little golden golem flew to his side and Allen turned to his friend, left in his possession by his master, General Cross Marian. "Fly back to the Inn and get the others. Tell them that I could sure use some help."

Timcanpy immediately flew off to deliver the message to the other Exorcists who were staying at an Inn in the town that Allen had just left. He had met up with Lenalee, Lavi and Kanda at the small town and they had stayed together at the small Inn however they were all on different assignments which was why he was now battling the massive group of Akuma on his own.

"I really hope that they haven't left yet," Allen muttered as he once again turned his attention to his opponents.


"So Yu," Lavi said as the remaining three Exorcists prepared to leave the Inn to go their separate ways. "Do you think you could try to be in a better mood when we see you back at Headquarters?"

The sword wielding Exorcist whirled around to face the red haired menace, his eyes practically burning with anger. "I told you not to call me by that name. And I'll be in a great mood as long as I'm not anywhere near you."

"You guys," Lenalee called out in a reproachful tone. Honestly she was tired of listening to the two of them fighting and was more than ready to go off on her own mission. Thank goodness that for once it hadn't been a group assignment that had brought them together, merely a coincidence.

Lenalee took a couple of steps toward the dirt road however she drew up short as she spotted a glimmer of gold traveling toward her. "Timcanpy?" There was a surprised tone in the young woman's voice as the little golem flew toward her.

Timcanpy came to a stop in front of Lenalee and hovered in the air. Lenalee stared in confusion as the golem opened it's mouth however the confusion disappeared immediately as Timcanpy projected an image of Allen battling a large group of Akuma.

"Kanda! Lavi!"

The two men turned toward the sound of Lenalee's frantic call and she motioned for them to follow her. "Allen's fighting a group of Akuma and I think he really needs our help."

And without waiting for the two of them Lenalee began running down the dirt road, following behind Timcanpy. After a brief pause Kanda and Lavi gave chase and together the three of them ran to the location of the battle. When they arrived a horror scene met their gaze.

The bodies of Akuma lay scattered everywhere, along with a bleeding and seemingly unconscious Allen. Still more Akuma surrounded the area and it was obvious that Allen hadn't been down for very long since he was still breathing and hadn't been finished off by the Akuma.

Kanda quickly drew his sword and together he and Lavi killed the remaining Akuma while Lenalee ran to Allen. Falling to her knees at the young boy's side Lenalee gently pulled his upper body into her lap and ran her hand through his white hair as she called out, "Allen! Can you hear me?"

Allen struggled for a moment but finally managed to open his eyes and as his vision cleared he saw that Lenalee was leaning over him, with Timcanpy floating at her side. "Lena. . . lee. . ."

"Shh," Lenalee soothed. "Don't try to talk Allen."

"But the Akuma. . ." Suddenly remembering that he was in the middle of a battle the young Exorcist attempted to sit up however he was rewarded with severe pain. Allen hissed and ceased his attempts to rise.

"It's alright," Lenalee said, attempting to keep her friend from moving and further injuring himself. "Kanda and Lavi are taking care of the Akuma."

Allen was somewhat releaved by this fact and he relaxed to a small degree. He could hear the sounds of the battle that was being fought and he hoped that Lavi and Kanda could manage to destroy the remaining Akuma without getting hurt.

Feeling a sudden flash of pain Allen began coughing and reflexively covered his mouth with his hand. When finally the coughs subsided the young Exorcist moved his hand and was shocked to find that his palm was covered with blood. The metallic taste of the blood lingered in his mouth and Allen was forced to fight the urge to gag. His injuries appeared to be more serious than he had previously thought.

Lenalee's eyes widened as she caught sight of the blood that coated Allen's palm and she quickly turned her attention to the two Exorcists who were battling a few feet away. "Hurry up guys! He's really hurt and I'm worried."

Shouting in anger Lavi waved his huge hammer, taking out three Akuma with one blow. Kanda also increased the ferocity of his attacks and within minutes the remaining Akuma had been defeated. Without a second thought about his minor injuries Lavi rushed over to the spot where Lenalee was kneeling, Allen's head resting in her lap.

From the level of blood loss it was obvious that Allen's injuries were very serious and Lavi knelt by his friend's side and turned his questioning gaze to Lenalee. "Is there a hospital nearby?"

Lenalee shook her head, a concerned expression on her face. "Not close enough. But there was a doctor in the village that we just left. We'll take him there."

Lavi nodded and gently picked up his barely conscious friend. The movement further aggravated Allen's injuries and the boy issued a blood curdling scream before going completely limp in Lavi's arms. "I'm sorry," Lavi apologized as he got to his feet.

Briefly glancing at the blood that coated her lap where Allen had been laying Lenalee got to her feet and fell into step behind Lavi. They didn't have any time to waste; Allen's injuries were grave and he needed immediate medical attention.

The group of Exorcists quickly made their way back to the town that they had just left and once there they located the office of the village's only doctor. Rushing forward Lenalee knocked frantically on the door, desperate to get some help for her friend.

"What is it?" The door opened and a middle aged man with black hair and a black mustache stuck his head out. His demeanor changed as his gaze fell upon the injured boy that Lavi carried and he immediately stepped aside and ushered them into the building.

"Come with me, quickly."

Wasting no time Lavi and his friends immediately obeyed the orders. The doctor led the way down a small corridor and into a moderately sized room at the end. There was a bed in the center of the room and the man motioned toward it.

Stepping forward Lavi placed Allen on the bed and then stepped aside so that the doctor could work. "If you could wait outside."

Lenalee didn't want to leave Allen alone when he was in such bad shape however she left without protest when Lavi placed his arm around her shoulder and led her gently from the room. The group made their way to a small sitting room that they had passed on their way to the treatment room but while Lenalee and Lavi stepped inside Kanda made his way toward the door.

"Where are you going?" Lenalee asked, noticing that Kanda seemed to be going his seperate way.

"I'm going to alert headquarters that short stack managed to get himself injured," the man replied gruffly.

Lenalee made a move to step toward Kanda however she was brought up short by a restraining hand on her shoulder. Glancing over her shoulder the young woman saw Lavi shake his head ever so slightly. "Let him go Lenalee. He's just upset over what happened to Allen."

"Right," Lenalee murmured, turning and making her way over to a sofa that was positioned against the far wall. Sitting down all Lenalee could do was stare at her hands and think back to the moment that she had came upon the injured Allen.

There had been so many Akuma.

It was a miracle that he was even still alive. It was true that his injuries were severe however the white haired youth had been injured before and he had always recovered. This time wouldn't be any different. Would it? Lenalee shook her head, banishing such thoughts.

Allen would be fine.

Time seemed to pass by excruciatingly slowly as the members of the Black Order awaited news of their friend's condition. All they could do was sit around and stare at the walls, hoping that the doctor would be able to help the young man and that Allen could recover from his tremendous injuries.

Not a word was exchanged, not even when Kanda returned from sending his message to the Order, however all eyes focused on the door as the doctor stepped inside the room. The middle aged man seemed to have aged another decade in the hours that had passed since their arrival and there was a sad expression in his green eyes as he gazed at the group of Exorcists.

"I'm sorry. . ." he began after clearing his throat.

Not wanting to hear what he had to say, nor believe that it was true, Lenalee jumped to her feet and quickly fled the room. The young woman raced down the hall to the room where they had left Allen alive only hours before and when she arrived she thrust the door open and stepped inside.

The bed was still occupied however now the form that lay upon it was covered by a white sheet.

"Allen," Lenalee choked out as she walked over to the bed. "No."


"Weird," Allen muttered to himself as he walked along the dirt road. He had no idea how he had arrived at this place. The last thing he remembered was lying in Lenalee's lap after the battle with the Akuma. Now he was walking down a lonely road with absolutely no signs of the injuries that had been inflicted upon him by the Akuma.

And what was more confusing was the length of chain that now hung from his chest.

TBC. . .

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