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Chapter Thirty-One - Reunion in the Tower

"This is a mistake," Hitsugaya muttered as he, Allen and Lenalee continued on their way down the corridor. Due to this newest development their group had once again been diminished by one and the white haired youth couldn't help but think that this was more than likely part of the overall plan of their enemies. Decrease the threat by decreasing the numbers.

"You don't have to worry so much about Lavi," Allen said, following along behind the shorter white haired boy. Lenalee was walking by his side and she offered Hitsugaya a small smile. "I'm sure that Lavi will be able to hold his own against that guy."

"You can think that all you want," Hitsugaya said, a strange tone to his voice. It had taken on a slightly musical quality, as well as a strange lilt, and didn't really sound like the voice that they had grown accustomed to. And, as he gazed at them over his shoulder, the two teens noted that his eyes were once again golden. "But that doesn't make it true… and separating us like that is more than likely all part of the plan."

As he said this Hitsugaya pushed open a large set of double doors that were located at the end of the hallway. This was the only place left for them to go and he somehow instinctively knew that it was the right place. Stepping into the large room, which was flanked by picture windows, the youth's gaze swept around until it fell upon the two Noah that he and Allen had had the most dealings with. The pair that called themselves Tyki and Road.

"So they made it after all," Road said, a sadistic smile appearing on her face as Allen and Lenalee entered the room and moved to stand on either side of Hitsugaya. She laughed slightly as she noted that their group was smaller than it had been before, the sound completely devoid of actual amusement and instead sounding somewhat deranged. "Or at least part of them made it."

"Enough of this stupid game," Hitsugaya growled, his strange and musical voice still managing to sound threatening. His golden eyes were fierce as he glared at Road and they almost seemed to shine with a malevolent light.

Road's eyes widened in surprise as she heard these words and she blinked a couple of times as she stared at the white haired boy who had spoken them. Taking a couple of hesitant steps forward she said, "It can't be…" Of course Lord Millennium had told her about the circumstances surrounding this strange boy but then again she hadn't really believed that it was possible. Yet there he stood and the voice and expression couldn't be explained away as easily, not know that she was experiencing it first hand. "So you really have returned…"

For his part Tyki had been seated at a long table, content to watch as this scene unfolded, but now he got to his feet and gestured toward the food that had been laid out. "Come Exorcists… share one final meal with us before you die."

For once Allen was completely uninterested in food though he did indeed step toward the table. Activating his Innocence in a whirl of white he made his way toward the dark haired Noah man, determination shining bright in his gray eyes. For the sake of his friends and everyone else who had been drawn into this war he was going to end things once and for all.

Tyki smirked as he saw the expression on the boy's face, his plan having worked out fairly well. Distracted by his presence the white haired Exorcist boy had moved away from his friends, leaving them to the mercy of Road. She had already ensnared Hitsugaya with her powers and it was a simple move to trap Lenalee in a plastic enclosure of her own design. A slight chuckle escaped the lips of the Noah of Pleasure as he noted that Road had even been kind enough to give her air holes so that she didn't suffocate. This meant that she would be able to watch the destruction of the other two, powerless to do anything to help them. "You dropped your guard boy…"

Instantly knowing that something was wrong Allen turned around, his eyes widening slightly as he watched Road make her way slowly over to the spot where Hitsugaya was standing, apparently frozen in place. There was a glazed over expression in his golden eyes which Allen took to be a bad sign. "Hey Hitsugaya!" he yelled, his voice somewhat harsh as he called out to the boy. "Snap out of it!"

"He can't hear you," Road practically purred as she came to a halt in front of him. Reaching out she ran a hand through his unruly white hair, a strange expression appearing in her own eyes. "He's under my control now… and I'm going to completely break him."

"Allen!" Lenalee exclaimed, her eyes widening as Tyki spread out his arms and released a group of the cannibal golems known as tease. The white haired Exorcist whirled around just in time to use Crown Belt to destroy them, without so much as a second to spare. Sinking to her knees in her prison Lenalee heaved a sigh of relief, having been sure that the Noah's attack was going to catch her friend off guard.

"Let them go," Allen said, his gaze shifting back and forth between Road and Tyki. He was determined not to let the Noah of Pleasure get the drop on him again but at the same time he didn't want to just leave his friends to Road's non-existent mercy.

"I bet you wouldn't be saying that if you knew this guy's story," Road purred, an almost reminiscent expression on her face as she continued to stare at Hitsugaya. "Of course it's not really all that surprising that he didn't tell you… I'm sure it was all part of his plan to lure you to his side. He always was manipulative…"

"What are you talking about?" Allen demanded, an angry expression briefly replacing the look of determination that his features had previously held. "What hasn't he told us?"

"It's not important anymore," Road said, shrugging her shoulders. "He's trapped inside his mind and will most likely go insane… so you don't have to worry about it any longer." She glanced up at Allen for a brief moment before continuing. "And you really shouldn't turn your back on your own opponent like that Allen~ Not a smart move at all."

Taking this as a hint, whether she had meant it as such or not, Allen whirled around just in time to block the blow that Tyki had been aiming at his back. The Noah of Pleasure smirked as he locked gazes with the young Exorcist, having actually been hoping that the fight wouldn't come to such an abrupt and unsatisfying end. That would have been beyond anti-climactic and a bit of a let down as far as he was concerned.

"I'll make a deal with you boy," Tyki said, a taunting quality in his voice as he continued to gaze at Allen. "If you can beat me then I promise that Road will release both of your friends unharmed."

"Ty~ki~" Road whined, gazing at him with a petulant expression. "You can't go making promises like that without talking to me about them first. It isn't fair."

"Too late," Allen said, the look of determination that he had already worn only growing in intensity as he stared at Tyki. "He already promised so he can't take it back now. That means that all I have to do to free my friends is beat him."

"Don't get cocky boy," Tyki warned, smirk still in place. "You haven't been able to defeat me thus far so what makes you so sure that you can do it this time?"

"Because I have to," Allen replied without so much as a second of hesitation. This said the white haired teen leapt forward, using the cloak of his Innocence to swipe at the Noah. A couple of tease were still floating around, looking for an opening, and Allen made quick work of them before moving on to his main opponent.

"Be careful Allen," Lenalee said, clenching her hands together in worry as she watched the two of them dancing around one another, each looking for an opening through which to strike. Occasionally her gaze would shift to Hitsugaya and, during one such occasion she watched as he sank to his knees. The look in his eyes was one of absolute torture, making it obvious that whatever Road was showing him was beyond unpleasant.

For her part the Noah girl merely stood on and grinned, a strange mixture of joy and sadism etched on her face. It was painfully obvious that she was enjoying herself, even if no one else in the room was.

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