I walked furiously down my dreary town's main street. None of them understand! I can't have any friends outside my family, I can't go anywhere by myself, and my dad is invading me of all possible privacy by reading my mind!


I jumped up, startled. "Don't do that! God, why can't you all just leave me alone! You're so overprotective!"

My father looked down at me with saddened eyes, and I immediately regretted what I had said.

"I'm your father and your my daughter. You're moody. I'm protective. I'm pretty sure thats how it works," he replied with a small smile but I knew I hurt his feelings.

"Sorry," I mouthed.

He offered me his hand and I took it. We walked down the road in silence. It was nice just being alone with my dad. I thought randomly of how we must look to other people, like brother and sister or even boyfriend and girlfriend (ick!). We walked until he noticed I was getting tired and it was already half past eight. We had been walking for two hours.

On our way back we saw a big black van that seemed to be following us. I wasn't scared (Why would I be? I've got my freaking overprotective vampire father!) but i still held his hands tighter.

Almost all my weight was leaning on his side when he lifted me up and set me down to wake me up.

"What?" I was annoyed that he woke me up.

"That van is still following us."

"So?" he woke me up for this?

"I can't read their minds."

"You think their vampires?" I was more awake now.

"Maybe and if they are they have a talented shield like your mother," he said in that serious way that had always scared me.

"They don't speed to?" I said to lighten the mood.

He laughed his loud booming laugh that always made me smile.

Dad looked behind him and the van slowed to a stop. His eyes widened and I touched his arm to let him know I was scared. He turned around and whispered to me "Whatever happens when I tell you to run, you better run."

I nodded solemnly. It's not like I actually had to do exactly what he said.

My dad turned around and looked right at me. Oops.

"Renesmee, I mean it," he said sternly.



Dad turned around to face the figures now getting out of the black van, but it was too dark to see any of there faces.

I hid behind a nearby bush and listened to the conversation that I could just barely make out.

"Edward! Funny seeing you here," said a high, reedy voice said.

"Not so funny considering you were stalking my daughter and I for the past few hours."

"Speaking of, where did the little one go?" the high voice replied casually.

"She ran to a friends. I saw no reason for her to be involved in this, Jane," my dad lied so smoothly. I guess that gene skipped me.

" You can't hide her from us forever, Edward," the one called Jane said now in a unpleasant snake-like voice, "You of all people should no that. Demetri is here and we know she's close. If you tell us where she is we won't hurt you, or your Bella, or your precious family," she said the last word as if there was something disgusting about it.

But why would she want me? I wasn't nearly as strong or talented then anyone else in my family. What could they (Whoever they were.) need me for? And how did this Demetri know where i was.

My father still hadn't replied and Jane was getting testy.

"Edward, we will ask you one more time. Where. Is. She.?"

Dad sunk to the ground and it made my stomach hurt. He yelled now, and I felt tears in my eyes. I couldn't bare to watch anymore.

I was sobbing now, "STOP, just stop!"

"Nessie, run!" but I couldn't leave him like this. I stepped out of the bushes and ran to my father and helped him up. Obviously that witch had stopped whatever she was doing. "You leave us alone! Leave. Us. ALONE," I was suddenly shocked by the fierceness of my voice.

I clung to my father as he grimaced again. Two men came from behind Jane and grabbed my father by both of his shoulders. I held onto his waste until the taller of the men kicked me in the ribs. My father thrashed but he just wasn't strong enough. I sunk back to the ground and held my arms across my ribs. I felt so weak. I bit my lip hard to keep myself from crying. I held tight to the little locket that was wrapped around my neck. When Jane finally took her eyes off my father she smiled as if it was the happiest day of her life. Maybe it was.

"Why are you doing this?!" I screamed at the monster who was destroying my life in minutes. "Who are you," I whispered.

"Aw. You don't remember me Nessie?" she said just to taunt me she crouched down and brushed my hair away from my face. I could see her face now she was tiny, even smaller than my 4'11 with maroon eyes and dark hair.

"DON'T TOUCH ME AND DON'T CALL ME THAT!" I didn't care if any humans heard me I just wanted to rewind the day and had told my family I loved them instead have yelled at them and hurting them. I breathed and answered her question as calmly as I could, "And now that I think about it, yes I do I remember you. You were with the group that was against my family and friends when they were protecting me. I remember your leader much more though..."

"Is that so?" Jane said in a sickly sweet voice, "Tell me Renesmee, how long has it been?"

I hated answering to her but it seemed to be my only option,"Seven years."

"But you look so much older!"

"I grow twice as fast as an average human child."

"I am done with my questions for now-"


"I wasn't finished. And you need to get up and get in the van."

"I really would rather be with my father in that creepy van than out here alone with you, but that jerk broke one of my freaking ribs so I can't," I said bluntly.

"That's fine I'll carry you."

When hell freezes over.

"I'd much rather my father help me."

"Do you think its wise for you to test me-"


The vans side was completely smashed out.

My dad jumped out scooped me up then looked at Jane. He was careful not to touch wear my rib was broken. Three other vans pulled up exactly like the one dad had just totaled. Just when we thought we were safe...

Luckily the vampires in the next vans were much more equitable. There were also many more and we saw no reason to put up a fight that we would surly lose. I sat with my dad in the back of the van for a long time. Some where along the way I fell asleep. I dreamt that I was home in my safe, warm room with my whole family... and when I woke up the searing pain of my broken rib was still there. It only took me a second to realize that we were on a plane. I wondered why my dad didn't get us away from these people when we were in the airport. He comforted me saying everything would be all right and we were only visiting. I was going to say, "Then why did you fight them every step of the way," but I didn't want to be mean, especially in this situation.

He must have read my mind because he sighed and said, "Really Renesmee, we will be fine."

"Why didn't Alice see this coming?"

"I was just wondering the same thing, but it's nearly midnight and that flight attendant is going to be very angry if we're not quiet. Go back to sleep."

I mumbled something like, "Why don't you?" and he smiled a little. I laid my head on the cool, familiar safety of his shoulder and drifted off to sleep.

It was dark when I woke up. Dad had been carrying me. "Where are we?"

"Shh. Underground," my father replied quietly, somberly.

"Okay. Where underground?" I whispered.


"Sure, sure," I said and the familiar saying brought tears to my eyes. The last time I saw Jacob could have been the last time. I could tell in his eyes that it had disheartened my dad a bit even though jake never was his favorite person. He looked down at me with a sad smile as he held me close as if I were I a small child. I winced as the pain in my rib increased.

"Will we ever see them again," I asked him silently.

I knew he heard me but he didn't answer me.

"Why are we in Italy?"

"This is where the Volturi live. Do you remember them? You were just a baby but..." he whispered almost inaudibly.

"No I remember", I mentally replied.

Eventually we got to a big beautiful dimly lit room with pictures on the walls. Two massive male vampires held onto my father to be sure he didn't try anything. Another vampire held my wrists. I wasn't nearly as strong so there was no need to take precautions. I thought about how glad I was that the pain in my rib cage.

Thank god I heal quickly. My rib was completely healthy by now. I fidgeted impatiently for the head vampire to apear. I don't know why I could have possibly remembered this man as polite. He was the reason my dad and I weren't safe at home with my family.

"What are we waiting for?" I asked my dad by touching his wrist.

"Their leader, Aro."

"Where are we? What is this room for?"

My father cringed. I knew he didn't really want to tell me but he did anyway. "The feeding room."

Oh. My stomach twisted as I thought about how many innocent people had been killed here. Why did I have to ask?

Finally a dark haired man walked through the double doors. As soon as he set eyes my dad and I a grin spread across his face. Two other men followed him.

"Who new it would be this easy? We would have down this ages ago. Goodness knows we probably could have gotten all nine..." the man, Aro, I figured, kept rambling. It was as if he thought there was someone actually listening, "And darling little Renesmee is here, too. We were meaning to checkup on you soon but I guess now we won't have to." He said everything kindly.

"Can she still show people her thoughts, Edward." He acted as if I couldn't answer the question myself. I was glad though, that he didn't direct any questions toward me.

"Yes she can," dad said in a rude tone I've never heard him use before.

"May I-"

"Ask her."

"Renesmee, please give me your hand."

I didn't know whether to refuse or not. I stared at a painting instead.

"Renesmee," my dad said, probably to make sure I hadn't fallen asleep or something .

I guess it had to be safe. The man behind me loosened his grip on me and I gave Aro my hand.

This I remembered. I put my hand in his chalky skin and began to read my mind. (Or my feelings. I really didn't no.)

"Such an Interesting little girl you have, Edward. Very complex," Aro mused, "And Renesmee, you need not fear us. We merely want you to use your full potential."

"And kidnapping me would help you how?" I said in the exact tone my father had used.

"Oh beautiful child, We don't want you to be upset. We just think you would be more progressive in this environment. You would never have to move, or go to that school ever again. Renesmee, you are the brighter than any child I have ever met, and I know you wouldn't dare pass up an opportunity like this."

My fathers eyes stayed locked on me.