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My eyes raked the field for my parents, but I could not find them. Everyone was already fighting in pairs, and their movements were so quick I could only see the blurs of color. This told me who was on our side; the volturi's cloaks were always a shade of gray.

Suddenly I was being thrown back into the woods. I tried to scream, but the wind had been completely knocked from my body. I landed twnty yards from where I'd been standing. I stood up quickly, but still dazed, and brushed the snow from my jeans. Jacob stood infront of me defensively. He was parallel to me, his head low. His hackles stood up and his white teeth were showing menacingly.

Who had tried to attack me?

I struggled to see the field now. My mother was in the middle of it all. Her eyes were closed her hands outstreched above her like she was singing a hymn. I could see little sign of straign in her face. Sena was infront of her protectively. She was fighting one of the Ann. I felt a twinge of hurt that I tried to ignore. Foolishly, I had thought she would leave the Volturi after she understood what they were doing.

Annunziata looked at me for a split second. There was the smallest trace of apology in her large red eyes. In the second Ann looked away from her fight, Sena had tore her head off. I gagged.

Fires were already everywhere. There had to be around twenty of them. Sena disposed of Ann's body in one of the already existing fires.

Who was winning, you ask? Like I have the slightest clue.

Michele stood next to my mother, on her left side. She seemed to be having fun creating havic. Because of her, random things were constantly being tossed into the air. Including trees.

One nearly hit me and Jake, but we had managed to dodge it.

I suddenly caught sight of Jane and Kate going at it. Jane seemed to have the upperhand as they circled each other. Every few seconds Kate would cross the circle, interupt the dance to attack. Kate was cringing in pain every few seconds.

Kate shook suddenly. Her fingers curled and she lifted her head to the sky. Jane's expression was as confused as my own.

Just then I felt a huge amount of electric shock hit my body. I knew the sensation; Kate's shock felt the same way but this pain was one thousand times worse. I buckled to my knees. I looked up to see that everyone was doing the samething, all except for Kate. She was beeming, but still looking up.

I looked up as well, after noticing the light the aurora had shown was dimming.

The beautiful sparkling aurora's particles were scattering, like an explsion from a firework. The particles of an aurora are electrically charged, but Kate's projection had been so much more charged it had made the particles fly away from each other. Though I still felt the pain I smiled. It was more beautiful than it was before. The aurora was now like multiple giant mishapen green and blue stars.

I didn't know anything could be so beautiful amongst something as ugly as war.

The painful shock ended suddenly. All eyes were on Kate... until realization struck. The war was not over and we were still fighting. The others went back to their intricate fights. Kate now had the upperhand. She could fight and use her power simoultamiously, while Jane wasn't trained to fight physically; or fairly, if you saw it my way.

That Jane was distraught was obvious. Jane abandoned the fight. She was a coward and she fled. Just as Alice had fortold. Kate snarled, but didn't persue her. She knew she was needed here.

Okay so... Mom was there, so where was Dad?

I bit my lip and searched the crowd of pairs for him. I felt like a child looking for a parent in a crowded grocerey store. It was devistating.

The wind blew at my face randomly and the sweet stentch of the flames hit me. I cringed and wrinkled my nose.

I looked up to see Jacob do the same. I randomly found one of the giant wolves, as if I would need to find them, in distress. He (it wasn't Leah, so it was definitely a 'he') was surrounded by a few of the Volturi.

He needed help. Jacob was staring in the same direction as I was, at the young wolf. Colin.

"Go," I whispered to Jake. Colin whimpered and tried to get away from the two vampires that were his attackers. One of the two kicked him, hard, in the shoulder. Colin howled.

"Go!" I shrieked shoving Jacob. He no longer protested and bounded toward the attackers. Jake skided to a hault and let out a huge growl that terrified even me.

I couldn't bare to wtach Colin and Jake fight anymore so I turned my head to the opposite side of the field. I slid behind a tree t be less noticeabe. My mother had made a point to dress me completely in white, for even here at night, the snow still shown its color most.

I heard rustling behind me. I tore my eyes from the fight to peek behind where I kneeled.

I tried to scream, but he had caught my jaw in one hand and placed his leather gloved hand over my mouth. Caius.

I managed to pull my face up enough to bite his hand hard enough that I felt the matierial rip between my teeth. I bit his hand, too. Did I want to bite the ancient? No. Blech, I don't know where he's been! But was it nessecary? Absolutely.

Caius made a noise of disgust and let go of my mouth to push me to the ground. Aro then came to his side folllowed by Marcus and Athendora and Sulpicia.

Crap. I'm screwed.

Jake bounded back over to me. He knocked Marcus and the wives, who stood on on side, twenty feet into the midst of the fight. I could've laughed. But I didn't.

I pushed myself up into a standing position.

Jacob, being ever so careful used his teeth to put me on his back by the hood of my coat.

I gasped in surprise of being thrown up so high. I gragged the fur at the nape of his neck and held fast to it.

I threw a quick look over my shoulder to see the clearing.... It was almost empty now. Fires scattered the ground, but it looked like we were winning, most I hoped had fled.

My father, mother, and uncles, flashed over to us and began to fight with the people surrounding Jake and me. Jacob reared up on his hind legs like a horse. I clug even tighter to him and squeezed my eyes shut. I heard the sound of peeling metal - the tearing of vampire skin.

I kept my eyes shut. When I opened them I saw two; Marcus and Aro were about to engage in the fight the others had lost. They faught side by side, until Aros eyes widend. He stopped and ran - faster than I've ever seen Aro run - to the mountains.

They had already kiled Marcus... and their wives. And Aro was a coward. A great leader but a coward. And thats what wins a war. The leader leaving his army - or what was left of it - signified our victory.

Aro is remebered as a coward. Just another Darius III to go down in history.

There was a short silence... and then a burst of cheering and laughter. I joined merrily.

The celebration was huge. We danced and raced and jumped. Kate's new found powers pleased her so much that her sarcastic outlook had almost completely changed. We had suffered extremely minor blows. It was surprising how minor actually. Hardly anyone I knew first hand had been killed. The Romaninans went back to their home and reclaimed their... throne? I know that's not a perfect term, but you know what I mean. Tanya and a nomad I hadn't gotten to know - Mark , I believe - were hitting it off. I mean really hitting it off. I was glad Tanya had found someone.

Things went back to normal over the next few months. Back to the rutine. School, aging, hunting, moving, school, aging, hunting moving. Not in that order obviously, but still quite boring in comparison to the story I just told.

One thing stays with me though. Aro called me bright. Of course it did not mean I was smart, or that I was literally bright as a light is. He was speaking of a nother meaning. One that meant of glory and happiness. My family is the only thing I could think of when I remember this. They make me happy, keep me hanging on, even when I'm on the edge and my fingers are slipping from reality, from myself. My whole self.

Blood is truly thicker than water, the Volturi, obviously, being the water. A wise man once said, "It is not the flesh and blood, but the heart that makes us fathers and sons. "

And we all sorta kinda lived happily ever after.

the end

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