This story is a "what if" situation stuck at the end of Eclipse. What if Jacob lied to Bella in order to get her to choose him that day in his bedroom after the newborn attack? Its four years later and something has changed to bring Edward and Bella back together. This is my first time writing a fic within the constructs of Stephenie's world, my other stories are AH, but this one isn't.

Also, as a note, I'm using the Eclipse pack size of 10, because if Bella chooses Jake, then Nessie is never born, and there isn't a surge of vampires to bear witness against the Volturi, to force the next population explosion.


Emmett and I were wrestling in the snow just outside the house in Denali. Jasper sat on a nearby rock waiting to take on the winner. Emmett was posturing, trying to fake me out while singing The Song that Never Ends from Lambchop in his head just to piss me off. But it didn't work, because in the second before he would lunge the song would stop and I knew it was coming. We had been doing this for fifteen minutes, and the song was really starting to get to me.

This is the song that never ends; yes it goes on and on my friends—


I froze as I heard Alice's mind scream out as plainly as if she had spoken the word. Emmett lunged, but I was rooted in my place, having only heard Alice exclaim like that once before, the day of Bella's almost accident in the parking lot of Forks High School. Emmett slammed into me and took me down easily, but when I made no move he stood up and Jasper came running to his side to see what was the matter with me. But I was lost to my current location, my mind was focused on the vision Alice was seeing and trying to make sense of somewhere in the house.

A dark wood-paneled room filled with empty chairs. The first row had large cushioned chairs while the rest were nice wood folding chairs. Large floral arrangements lined the front of the room surrounding a dark wooden casket.

I suppressed the urge to scream, or sob, or dry heave as the vision continued.

Billy Black, looking much older than he should after four years, rolled up to the casket and placed a hand on it. A voice came from behind him. "Will you hold her for a minute, Billy?" The sweet sound of Bella's voice filled the vision as she placed a toddler into Billy's lap. "Are you going to talk to him?" Billy looked on as Bella placed her hand on the lid of the coffin. "There's nothing left to say. It's over, and I refuse to suffer how Leah has."

She refuses to suffer like Leah? Leah was the last person I would think Bella would compare herself to. What's happened in these last four years? I stopped reacting to what I was seeing, just taking it in so I could figure it out later.

Bella's hand lifted the lid of the coffin and I saw whose funeral it was. Charlie was dressed in his uniform, his badge and worn coat were fitting considering I'm sure he didn't own much formalwear, but then the vision shifted and his face filled my mind. Starting on the top of his head, and reaching across, tugging at his eye and splitting his lips in two before continuing down and under his uniform were three deep claw marks. Bella kissed her hand and placed her fingers on her father's lips and whispered. "I'm sorry Charlie, it should have been me. You shouldn't have gotten between us." The tears rolled down her cheeks as a new voice entered. "Bella, honey?" The coffin quickly shut and two arms wrapped around Bella as Renee and Phil arrived. "Jacob's outside, but he says that you won't let him in." Bella picked up the child from Billy's lap. "I'm not talking about this now." Bella stood with her back to her mother, who came to place a hand on her shoulder, "I know you two are having problems, but you can't shut him out, you need your husband." Bella spun around, clinging to the child in her arms. "Mother, stay out of this! I repeated your mistakes and I have to live with that, but I will not stay here any longer. If you really knew what he did, you'd be back at La Push packing my things instead of telling me to work it out." Renee recoiled at her daughter's words. "What did he do?" Bella shook her head. "I can't talk about it. I'm going to the bathroom, if you see Leah or Seth, tell them I'm looking for them." Bella walked out of the room and the vision wavered and then disappeared.

For the first time in four years I had seen her. Bella. The center of my world was in pain, and I couldn't do anything to help her. From the day Jacob Black realized that he had imprinted on her I had stepped aside, telling Bella that I would be there if she ever needed me, but that I wouldn't interfere in her life. I would let her be happy. Over the past few years I tried to live with the pain, and I had found a way to. Not that the pain had lessened, just I had developed a new threshold for it, and I was able to endure it. I hadn't run away, like I did after her fateful 18th birthday, I stayed with my family and took solace in the fact that they were suffering the same loss I had, not as acutely, but still a loss.

Emmett shook my shoulder hard and I snapped back to the present. I jumped up and walked past them as Jasper followed quickly behind me. "Edward, what has you in so much pain, I haven't seen you like this since…" Jasper let his words drift off as we approached the house. I ran upstairs to see Alice sitting on her bed sobbing tearlessly. I wrapped my arms around her and she pulled me close. Jasper was standing in front of the two of us completely baffled, and annoyed that no one was filling him in.

"He killed him." Alice said quietly. Just then Emmett arrived with the rest of our family. Watching our posture they all knew the source of our pain.

"How were you able to see her?" Carlisle asked, knowing Bella was the only one who could affect us like this.

"I'm not sure. Bella's future disappeared for me the moment she chose Jacob. By mingling her life with his she erased her future. But now…she's leaving him. That's the decision that freed her future for me to see."

"Then why'd it disappear again?" I couldn't understand how this was working, or if this was something I could still stop, if it was possible.

"She mentioned Seth and Leah, maybe it has something to do with them, but I can't see her going back to him after everything he's done."

"What happened, you said that someone killed someone else. Who?" Esme asked quietly from Carlisle's side.

"Jacob killed Charlie. And it's already happened, what I'm seeing is the near future. The next day or two. She decided to leave and that allowed me to see it, but getting help from the Clearwater's will make her impossible to keep tabs on."

"Alice, did you catch anything else?" I needed to know if there was something that the first vision had shown her that I wasn't aware of.

"No, but whatever she decides, I'll be looking for her."


There were seven werewolves standing guard around the small house that Jacob and I had lived in since we got married three years ago. Leah and Seth were helping me pack my things quickly; I didn't own much of value that wasn't my daughter's, so her things were the most important. Leah was helping me pack Beth's clothes as Seth packed up diapers and some of her food. "Bella, I think we should come with you." Seth didn't like the idea of me being all alone.

"Seth I can't have you leave for me. Your place is here."

Leah dropped the bag she was packing. "Bullshit! None of us belong to Jacob anymore. Now that you know, the command is null and he knows better than to try to strong arm us. There is an entire pack standing between you and their Alpha now."

"And we all know what happened the last time someone did that!" I spit out the words, too consumed with rage to feel sadness. My father had come over to see Beth when he heard the screaming in the woods beside our house. Jacob and I had been fighting and he lost it. Charlie saw Jacob raise his hand to me and jumped between us, and in that instant, Jacob phased and his paw swung out and hit my father in the face, breaking his neck and mauling him so bad that I had to have a closed casket service. The cover was that we were out in the woods and a bear got spooked and struck him, but everyone in the know at La Push knew what really happened. "You guys can't come. Alice won't be able to see me coming if you're there, and I want them to have some type of warning that I'm on my way."

"How do you know where they are?" Seth looked at me confused, he assumed that I would go to them, but had no idea that I had found them.

"Dr. Carlisle Masen is the chief of staff at the hospital in Denali."

"Masen?" Leah looked at me as she began packing blankets and stuffed animals in another bag, while Seth got my stroller set up and the play pen packed away.

"It was Edward's last name before Carlisle changed him, I knew as soon as I saw it that they were using his name until they could go back to Cullen."

"I'm going to go put this in car." Seth took the boxes we had packed as well as the play pen and a few other baby essentials into his arms and ran to pack my VW Passat wagon.


"Leah, I'll call you once I find them and I know what's going on. If I'm staying there, then you can visit, if I'm not staying then I'll let you know where I'm headed next."

Leah pulled me into a tight hug. "Tell me anything you need to, I'm not phasing again. Your secrets will be safe with me."

I pulled back and looked at the clock. "Come on, the elders won't be able to hold him at the meeting all day, I have to get packed and get on the road."

We ran into my room and threw my clothes into three large bags that Emily had left for me while everyone was at the cemetery this morning. I threw my toiletries in the small overnight bag along with a few changes of clothes for me and Beth. I wanted to be on the road, so I grabbed everything that was valuable to me, which wasn't much and put it in the bags and boxes and let Leah take them to the car. I was packed and ready to take Beth to the car when the low rumble started outside. Leah was at my side in a second. "Bella, he won't follow you. Jacob knows that if he leaves, he'll lose his power and he's too consumed by it now to chance it. He'll talk big, but he won't make good on it. Just keep Beth close."

Leah handed my daughter to me and I looked at her through tear filled eyes. "I'll call you soon and let you know the plan."

She nodded and the growl ripped through the walls. A moment later I heard the voice I had grown to hate, Alpha Jake. "Bella, get out here NOW!"

I walked out the front door flanked by Leah and Seth. I stepped onto the ground beneath the final step and Jacob made a bee-line for me before four wolves jumped between us with their teeth bared. "I'm leaving Jake."

"Fine, but Beth stays."

I looked at him as if he was crazy. "I'm not leaving my daughter with the psychopath that killed her grandfather."

He took another step towards me. "She's mine, she carries my gene and I won't let you take her to them."

My blood boiled as I stared at the man I once loved. "Well, obviously she isn't the perfect child for you, otherwise you would have really imprinted on me, instead of lying to keep me around in case you never found someone. But you did, and now you're free to have all the fucking pups you want with Hilary!"

He snarled at me. "Don't blame her."

"I don't, I blame you. You used my love and Edward's compassion against us and split us up just so you could win. You turned a once proud pack into a cowering, simpering, group of slaves. You once said that you hated the Alpha command; that it was humiliating to have no free will, well look at them, that's what you've done to your pack for the last four years. You let this lie destroy them, just like it has me. They've known all along that you never really imprinted and when Sam stood up to you that's when you laid claim to your rightful place as Alpha and commanded him not to break away so he could tell me the truth. You realize that. Sam hates the Cullen's almost as much as you do and he was willing to side with them against you. Your power here is hanging by a thread; if you make one more dumb move then your claim to Alpha will be gone forever. Do right by your pack, and maybe you can still be the Jake I once loved."

Jake froze as I walked past him and put Beth in the back seat. I hugged Seth and Leah and waved good-bye to my boys. As I was about to pull away, Leah opened the front passenger door and jumped in. "Don't fight me, just drive."

I turned the car around and drove away from the only home my daughter's known with tears running down my cheeks. Leah rubbed my arm as we made our way to the highway. Her plan made sense, we'd call when we were close, if they wanted me to come then I'd continue on, otherwise Leah and I would make plans to go somewhere else. Part of me wanted to know how I would be received, but the other part of me feared how they would react to me showing up four years later with the 18 month old child of the man I chose over them.

But I was too chicken to find out when there was still room to run. I had to see Edward; I had to hear his voice. His name had become a taboo again after he left, all until the day that Jacob brought Hilary home. Then his name became my oxygen, the only thing that kept me going. The promise he had made, "I'll wait for you, no matter how long, if you ever need me I'll be there. I will never stop loving you." I was about to see just how true those words were.

So there we have it! Jake lied about imprinting on her and used his birthright as the true Alpha to keep the pack from telling her. What will go down when Bella arrives in Denali? Is that the last we'll see of Jake? How will the Cullen's react to Bella and Beth's desire to join their family again? Read and find out. And please, review! I answer every review I get and love every minute of it! Okay, hope you enjoyed it!