A/N: I've got so much muse, it's not even funny. I have this to add, plus another Chair one-shot, and chapter four of Because Miracles Are Fairytales. Come on, this is cool. (: Okay, so I don't really like this pairing. But I feel so bad for Nightcloud. I really do. She loves Crow... and he doesn't love her back. It's sad. I like Nightcloud, she's just got a lot of emotions she doesn't show... Sorry if you're a Night-hater. I like to think I've made a couple people pity her.

I could feel a hot one taking me down
For a moment, I could feel the force
Fainted to the point of tears
And you were holding on to make a point
What's the point?

She lives in the world of deceit and fairytales. She weaves around shadows and dappled sunlight, winds her tail with the darkness of heartbreak, and shares tongues with the coldest ice.

In her world of lies and broken promises, she cries.

She loves him, adores him, even, to the point of insanity. To the point of lunacy and loss, she wants him.

She has him, but all the same, he is so far away.

He is distant and she is close, near but yet so far, loving but all the more unfriendly. Jealousy clots her mind and fogs her green eyes, and sometimes she just wishes she could stare into her mate's blue gaze and will him to understand.

(She just wants him to understand.)

He is close to her in a tangible sense. He twines his tail with hers but doesn't meet her eyes when he does it. She reaches eagerly to rub her muzzle with his, but he ducks away, sometimes not realizing he does it.

And he apologizes, but he doesn't mean it.

("S-sorry --")

("It's okay. It's fine.")

(But it isn't.)

She doesn't have his love but then there is her son, who is obligated to love her, who must love her. She touches her nose to his and smiles. He says he loves her (and he means it).

(But she doesn't have his love.)

She doesn't want to look jealous. She loves him, that is all; she wants him, that is all. She is not jealous.

(She's heartbroken.)

When she spends time with her mate, when she brushes her muzzle against his, when she weaves around him, she feels bliss. When his fur is pressed against hers and they match like black smoke, she breathes in his heady scent, and she loves him all the more. She looks into his blue eyes - (they never stare right at her, she realizes) - and is suddenly certain he wishes she is another cat. She pulls away and sets her jaw and does not let him see her face crumble.

(But it does.)

I could feel my heartbeat taking me down
And for the moment, I would sleep alright
Invading with a selfish fear
To keep me up another restless night
Another restless night

A/N: I'm on a rollll. Really, I am. Song is I Can Feel a Hot One by Manchester Orchestra. Character is copyright Erin Hunter.