Prolog: Previously on The Tomorrow People...

"So, you're saying, you and me, we're not human? That is nuts. How can we not be human?" Jake hadn't responded entirely sympathetically to Damon's ideas.

"We can read minds, do telekinetic stuff. You can instantaneously transport yourself from one place to another just by thinking about it, those things that you see many humans doing?"

"Sure, maybe I can work a few tricks most people can't. But I can't compose music like Mozart, or paint like Picasso either. People are different."

"But we are way more different than others."

"So what if we are? What, you saying we're some kind of sleeper aliens secretly infiltrating Earth?"

"No, I'm not saying that. Not human means we're not Homo sapiens. We're a whole new species. Homo superior."

"You think there are more of us?"

"It would make sense. If we're a new species then a lot more. Maybe it's all the kids who feel like they don't fit in. Maybe there's nothing really wrong with them, just, they are different, like us."

"Speak for yourself, geek, I fit in just fine."

"Fit in... what, with a bunch of monkeys? Because compared to us, that's what they are."

"Oh right, I've been accused of being arrogant at times, but that is over the line."

"Right. But tell me it isn't true. Tell me you don't sometimes look at people and wonder why they're all so primitive?"

"We've got a few advantages, I get that. But if you want to start claiming racial superiority then you are on dangerous ground."

"I'm not claiming that. I'm just trying to make a point. Because whether you have the balls to own up or not, I can see it in your head, we're both guilty of knowing we're better than other people."

"Which is the part I don't get." Kristen stared at them, not even attempting to conceal her puzzlement. "How did you know? How did you and Jake make contact before Stellman went after you?"

"I stumbled on the secret link between the victims."

The conversation was interrupted by the sound of an alarm going off. Not a siren or a bell, it sounded like a door alarm.

"I'll find out," Damon broke away and headed back inside. Jake had been about to argue, but the speed with which Damon had departed reminded him that right now Damon was a lot more suited to a job that required mobility.

"The four of us are telepathic," Jake continued.

~Problem, guys.~ Damon interrupted.

"What's up?" Jake asked quickly, he didn't like the tone in Damon's thoughts.

"What's what up?" Kristen was puzzled.

"It's Damon, he said something was up," Misako explained.

"But he's not here."

"No," Jake answered patiently.

"But you're talking to him?"

"Telepathy is real."

"You're all totally batshit insane," she stared at them and frowned. "Only, you guys are totally serious, aren't you. Shit. Look, I might be a lot of things, but I'm not telepathic. I can't do anything like that."

"Stellman thought you could. You wouldn't have been on the list of victims otherwise."

Damon interrupted the conversation. ~Can you guys shut up a minute. Look, the protesters have broken through the cordon and have made it into the building.~

"Protestors are in the building," Jake relayed for Kristen. "Where in the building, what's our best option?"

~Across the courtyard, I'm on my way around, I'll get you through the doors on the other side. There's a bunch of locked rooms here we can hole up in.~

"I see you."

Kristen stared at them. "You act like this kind of crazy is normal for you."

Jake shrugged. "I'm not saying I'm proud of the fact or anything, but you're right, it is. We are kind of messed up like that."