Slowly dying

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He lay there on the ground slowly dying, blood seeping threw his t-shirt. He should have known it was a battle that he couldn't have won. On both ends it was a loosing battle. He had just survived that little bit longer.

He couldn't help but think of a certain brunette. Had she gotten out all right? Was she still alive? He wished he could have spoken to her again. Spoken to her again about something other than business.

Kurtis Trent lay there on the ground, slowly dying, thinking about what he could have been. If he had one last chance to relive his life again, would he change anything? First on his list would to have not turned his back on Boaz. She was the reason he was thinking like this. What about his father? Would he have been less ignorant and fought alongside him? If he had, he would have been dead long ago, he was sure again. But his father could have been alive still. If only it was Kurtis instead of him.

But what was in the past, was in the past. He couldn't change anything that had been. He knew that much.

His thoughts were brought back to the brunette. She had told him to come with her, but he didn't listen. He had to act tough and fight that bitch Boaz. But he wasn't acting tough, he was simply offering to save the brunette's life. Something he would regret, yet be proud of in these last few moments of his life.

He sat himself up against the wall, using every bit of strength he had. It took enough energy to push away the darkness that was edging it's way ever so slowly towards him. It didn't feel right. He should have been the one to avenge his father, not some aristocrat that he met two days ago. But in the end, his father had been brought to justice, whether it be by him or somebody else. At least, that's what he hoped.

Kurtis Trent sat against the wall, slowly dying. His heart was beating it's last rhythm, his lungs producing his lasts breaths and yet he couldn't help but let his mind wander to a woman he barely knew.

He took in his last breath, "Lara."

Kurtis Trent sat there, his body lifeless. His last thoughts on an adventurer. His lasts heartbeats, beating in time with the sound of her name. His last breath her name.

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