Sorry if my storys are unfinished, but my imagination flyes away as soon as I start something. I'll try to finish them as soon as I can, plus my computer is acting funny, so I'll have to take it to get repaired. If I have mistakes, tell me in review, so I can get beter at writeing. This story is about miths and secrets. It happens in the old times, but I ain't saying more, you'll see for your self. Now enjoy your reading, and review at the end, please.

Vampire Lady

Chappie no.1

The hyuuga familly is a long line of one isn't. The story begins long ago, before anyone can really remember it, but I read in a book that every female Hyuuga has writen. It goes like this:

There was a girl named Hinata. Her father was a king in the land of leaf. She was just an ordinary girl. Even thou she was a princess, she did not like to be pamperd. She just wanted to be like every one else.

One day, she fell in love with a man, who rejected her and broke her heart. So, she asked a witch to make her a love potion, to win him over and make him love her.

But the next day an angel came to her and told her that real love can not be made, but earned. She, of coarse, didn't listen to the angel and got cursed for the rest of her life.

She became something she hated and feared the most, a vampire. She found a man that was for her and turned him as she was. That happend to every child that was born in the Hyuuga familly.

Hinata died after a 100 years, because she was weak. Her children ruled the kingdom, but of coarse, no one knew that the Hyuuga were vampires. No one still does.

Every child that was born into the Hyuuga transforms into a vampire at the age of 15. Only one didn't. That's where my story begins.

My parents waited for my transformation, but it didn't happen. Even after 2 years, when I turned 17. So, now my younger sister is going to rule the kingdom, and I'll be normal.

Well as my story goes on, you'll see how my life will be, and who I'll met in it. You'll see, even I got suprised. For a start, let me tell you how my familly rules the kingdom. We maybe vampires, but no one knows it. We can be on sunlight, we drink human blood, but we rather setle for animals blood. In our world, once lived witches, wearwolfs, vampires, mermaids and many other strange creatures. But all of them sudenly vanished a few 100 years ago.

My ancestor, Hinata, was a beautyfull girl. Many say that my name is cursed, and that I am too, because I look just like her. But she lived allmost over a 1000 ago, how can they remember her.

The land of the leaf has it's allies, the land of the sand, the land of the fire, the land of the rock and the land of the water. In the land of the sand, the rulers are the Sabaku familly. They're prince has a demon traped in him, and his name is Gaara. He's such a nice guy, a friend of mine. The land of the rock is ruled by the Inuzukas. My good friend Kiba rules there now. Thou he has a weird obsession with dogs, and baned cats in the village. The ruler in the land og water is my friend Shino. His familly is the royal familly, the Aburame. He's interested in bugs and learns as much as he can about them. The only mistery is the land of fire. It is ruled by the Uchiha. The curent king is Uchiha Itachi.

Now that I told you everything about the lands and ruling, let me start with my story, shal I?

So, what ya' all think? Good, bad? Worse than my other stories? Does it need something more, or something less? Well, I'm sorry if its short, I'll try and make it longer if you guys wish.I truly hope you like it, 'couse it took me a while to think of a tittle and what it should have in it. Review please, and I'll see ya' all at Chappie no.2.