Hi everyone!!!

My name is Ninna, but everyone calls me Ninna13-chan. Call me how you like, but now I have to give an anouncment to ya' all! I will write a sequal to this story! Yes, I know, Ninna13-chan is awsome! Now I ain't gonna give out details, but one thing you will know. The story is going to have a few sequals. I'm gonna say the names of the stories and a little description, not wanting to spoil your excitement.

Story 1: Vampire Lady:-Hinata introduction, and myth detail

-Love revealed

-death in future

-secret afear

-mystery girl

Story 2: Vampire Children:-mystery girl introduction


-incounter with Sasuke

-Love revealed

-Sister to Brother

-... ya'll see

Story 3: I didn't write it yet

Story 4: Same for this one, no tittle too...

I didn't want to spoil it to ya' guys, so I ain't saying anthin' more. Ya'll figure it out eventually. I hope you liked my first story and I hope you'll like my next ones. Again, I do not own Naruto or the songs I written in the story, they belong to the people that wrote/sang/drawn/made them. Only the scenery, the plot and the mystery girl are mine. Please review if you liked my story so far, and I'll try to make the sequal even better. Thank you for your time.


a.k.a. Nicole Ninna Nekomata Hyuga