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First Blood And Then Some

Sookie POV

I awoke to my roommate Amelia banging on my bedroom door "Sookie, Sookie get up, Jason just called he's been arrested he needs you to go bail him out! He said he knows you wouldn't put up gran's house but your still listed on your parents house you can use that."

"What…OMG What the he… double hockey sticks is that freaken Andy Bellefluer up to now. I swear he never gives up. He's wanted to hang Jason ever since high school, cause Jason got all the girls."

"Well what ever the case I guess Jason has to get to work or they'll can his ass so he says he needs you right away, I'm gonna get dressed and come with you." Amelia was of course trying to be as helpful as she always is.

"You don't have to do that Amelia, It's your day off enjoy it for once." I told her.

"No way girl, you're my very best friend and I know you've had it tough with your gran passing and it's only been 2 months. You don't need this kind of stress."

"Amelia, Jason gets arrested every few months cause he's a pompous ass. This is nothing you know that."

"Sook, Jason didn't want me to say anything till he could tell you himself but I just can't do it. This is too big, he's been arrested for Maudette and Dawn's murders!"

"Give it up, there's no way. Jason isn't capable no matter how big an ass he is."

"He says they got some evidence, that's why he can't get out without bail."

"Whoa…what evidence? Are you saying he admitted to it?"

"No, No come on get dressed. He just said that there are video tapes of him having sex with both of them shortly before they were killed and then he and Dawn had a big fight the night before she was killed."

" What…he never told me that, just that they questioned him cause he and Dawn were always off and on."

Crapcrapcrapcrap…geez, Jason. Gran would roll over in her grave. I was dressed and ready to go in 20 minutes. We hopped in the car and headed to Jason's to get the deed for the house. He was sure as tooten correct in the fact that I would not put up Gran's house, which is now my house as she willed it to me when she passed. Along with $200 000.00 in life insurance. I used a small part for her services since old man Murphy always had a thing for gran since they were kids, he wouldn't let me pay for nothing, Plus Amelia and I have used some of it just fixing up the house, you know just things like a fresh coat of a paint, new doors, new living room furniture. Gran was always very proud but she never had much money and what she did have she used to take care of me and Jason when our parents died…I was only 7 that was long ago.

Of course Jason doesn't know about the life insurance, I hate lying about it but it was the last thing gran ever asked of me she said he would just blow it on booz and whores. Gran never minced words. She said I always had it hard and couldn't do much school wise, since I couldn't pay proper attention due to my curse. Which of course, Gran always called a gift. You see I am telepathic…I can hear people's thoughts and it was so hard getting through school listening to every other thought in my class. So, yeah Gran said the money will help me get by cause Jason makes more money. So he get's to keep our parents house which was left to both of us, I get grans house plus we split the $80 000 from grandpa's work pension. One more thing that Gran made me promise, she said to use that money to fix up the house to be more modern for me and use the rest to help keep the bills paid.

"Sookie., you ok hun?" Amelia asked

"Oh yeah sorry, I was just thinking about Gran." I whispered "She'd hate this no matter what she thought of his ways."

We drove quietly though town not saying much for a while after that.

"So I hate to bring this up now Sook, but did you give anymore thought to that job at Fangtasia? Pam thought you'd be great and it's $5.00 more per hour plus way better tips and you can't complain about the health benefits!" She was definitely trying to up sell this job, she has a crush on Pam, who happens to be part owner and a Vampire, a real frigging vampire! She figures she'll have a much better excuse to see Pam, if I happen to be working. Which I find funny cause she also has a boyfriend, but since their not too serious yet he doesn't care as long as she doesn't see other guys.

"You know I think I will take it, I mean Pam seems real nice and all their wait staff are human (well not the bartenders but all the waitresses are) and since they have been there 3 years and nothing has happened to anyone, I don't see the harm. That was my biggest problem, you know afraid of the unknown sort of thing."

"Oh I hear ya, I've only met Eric once he's the real boss. He's seems like a force to be reckoned with, but he doesn't deal with the human employee's, only P am does. He just spends his allotted time enthralling the vermin as Pam say's. Otherwise, he's in his office." Amelia explained.

"I really did hate leaving Merlotte's, but it got to be too difficult to deal with Sam." I complained

"Sookie, I just can't believe you can sit there and say you never knew. We all knew!"

"I just thought he was a good friend Amelia, I mean crap I worked for him for 4 years and it never came up. Not until Bill anyway." I was getting mad now, time to change the subject.

"So anyway, why don't you call Pam for me Amelia, and see if we can set up a start date."

Well Amelia was on the phone with Pam, my mind wondered back to Bill Compton. He's the first and so far only vampire to live in Bon Temps, Louisiana. He walked into the bar one night and every just stopped and stared. We had all heard he moved back to the old Compton estate which is just across the cemetery from my home. He was kind of cute, really old fashioned like. Even his hair was old fashioned and he always wore dress slacks and dress shirt or polo type shirt. He showed a real strong interest in me almost right away, but he just wasn't my type. Even Gran said he was just too dull for me, no real spark for life like me. Plus she noticed how possessive and controlling he would try to be even as my friend. Anytime Amelia would bring up going to see Pam, he would get his panties in a bunch and go on and on about not going there, it's dangerous…blah blah blah. Sam and Bill both started going nuts over me I finally just had to drop them both like hot cakes. Bill made sure to keep coming around and try being my friend, So I gave him the chance. I haven't heard from Sam since I quit.

I don't know if that's normal for a vampire to be like Bill, but Pam is never that way towards anyone. I do consider him a friend I will talk to him and sometimes we hang out but he know's I don't like him that way. I know I can trust him cause we have known each other for over 6 months and almost right away he told me stuff like how they can glamour people and make them do whatever they want. We joked about it but when I asked him to try it with me so I could see. And gosh darn it, he was shocked as hell…oops. That it didn't work on me. We don't know why but he made me promise I would never tell nobody cause it could be dangerous he said. He never told no body either so I know I can trust him.

"Gosh Sook, your doing some real day dreaming today. I'm surprised you haven't gotten us killed yet!"

"Oh what ever Amelia!"

"So I was lucky to catch Pam before she went down for the day. I think it's funny how lethargic she sounds once the sun is up. She fights it half the time, she's just not ready to go down ."

"I thought they couldn't stay up? I know Bill can't" I told her

"That's cause his house isn't and Eric both have their whole house locked down very extreme security. So they lock down before sun set and they can manage to stay up a bit later. I guess Eric can stay up later then her even cause he's older and age can make a difference."

"Wow, oh well here goes nothing. Lets go in and get Jason."

"Well Good morning to ya Sookie, how ya been? "

"Oh hey Sheriff Dearbourn, I am not bad, A little miffed about my brother. I mean you know how things are between him and Andy so I certainly hope you have some real evidence."

"I wouldn't arrest someone for such a serious crime if I never had evidence Sookie."

"Fine, whatever. Where do I bail him out?"

"Right here is fine, you got the deed to his house? I can do up the paper work now if you do and you guys can be on your way."

"yeah, here."

"Alright have a seat I'll let you know when he's ready."

I sat in the furthest chair from front desk and waited for Amelia to get back with our coffee.

"Here ya are Sook, sorry it took so long. I ran into Sam. Which that reminded me I never told ya what Pam said. She wants us to come by tonight so you can get a couple of shirts and meet Eric and I guess whatever other employees are there. "

"I thought I wouldn't have anything to do with this Eric, that'll make me nervous if he's so intimidating."

"Well he meets everybody once so he knows who you are. They have excellent memories so once is enough! He leaves the rest up to Pam and she loves ya. She says all your sweetness must be an act cause your so saucy when you wanna be."

"Ha ha…funny Amelia."

"I told her that's' one of the great things about you. Yes you are the sweetest kindest friend I could ever have but your not a fool."

"ya ya Amelia"

"Jason, thank goodness. Are you ok?"

"I'm fine Sook, I just wanna get out of here."

We dropped Jason off at his car and headed out to do some shopping. I tend to dress a little too southern belle like, so we figured I could pick up something to wear tonight since I have to meet Eric. Plus a couple of shorts and skirts for work. I also bought a pair of boots that were on clearance that I could wear with a skirt and a pair of sexy black heals.

Jason told me he'd fill me in on Sunday when he comes for dinner. When Gran was alive he came every Sunday plus whenever else he wanted. He'd also leave with whatever he wanted too. I won't put up with, I told him we could continue once a month and that's it, I won't have him sponging off of me.

After we found a few really nice outfits we headed out for an early dinner and hit the grocery store before we went home to get ready. Amelia got her own new little outfit to show off for Pam…she's a funny girl.

"So you nervous yet Sookie?"

"Of course, a little excited too though. It's like a whole new start after Gran died."

"I think it'll be good for ya, let's get ready. Pam said Eric won't be there till after 9 cause he has other business to take care of but she wants us to come earlier and see her. Her text says she'll die of boredom cause tonight's not a busy night and it's karaoke night! "

We both giggled a little at that. We might just have a good time yet tonight. As corny as it is both me and Amelia are decent singers anyway. I mean we wouldn't quit our day jobs or anything but we can hold our own, well at least when we're at the bar and a few sheets to the wind.

We were on our way out the door at 7:15 on the dot. Fangtasia is about a half hour drive away, but I don't mind the way I look at it is that yes it's twice as far as Merlotte's but I probably go to Shreveport at least twice a week. Between shopping and visiting Tara, so I figure if I do those things before work then I can kill two birds with one stone.

"Sookie, you look sexy girl!"

"Shut up…it's a simple black skirt and a tank for pete's sake!"

"I think it's the boots and that's not no plain tank, it's nice actually."

It's funny cause I thought the same thing, I mean in the store this was a plain black skirt that came about 3 inches above the knee and I threw a cranberry coloured tank with it but it is a little dressy. It has a bit of a sheen to it with a thick band around the waste that's sits nicely on your hips. The outfit by itself was somewhat casual, something you could wear for most occasions. You know like go out for dinner or a movie date, shopping or like tonight a night out, plus meeting my new boss. I put the boots on which have a small spike heel and they come up to a little below the knee, when I looked in the mirror I was shocked a simple pair of boots totally sexed up my outfit!

We pulled into Fangtasia at 7:50, it was pretty slow as of yet so we didn't have to line up. Pam didn't charge us the cover charge since I was officially here for employment purposes.

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