First Blood and Then Some

Chapter 12

Sookie POV:

It had been weeks since that night, the night Eric had first come to find out about my abilities. In what I can only say was not exactly how I had seen it playing out.

Things were still different between us, a little strained I guess. Even though he claims there is nothing wrong and everything is ok, I can still feel the tension in the air.

We have only been together on two other occasions following that night. The first week was definitely awkward. The normal back and forth banter that we normally shared had become pretty minimal.

He seemed to be avoiding me, many of my shifts were worked without his presence. If I was being honest I would have to admit that it hurt, I was filled with disappointment after the night we spent together.

I was also completely and totally confused by his current actions. The second week he had shown up at my house after I had finished my shift for the evening, not seeing him of course.

So needless to say I was quite shocked by seeing him at my door. He spent that night reminding me of why I truly believe that I am falling in love for the first time in my life.

The more shocking part of course being that he is a vampire!

I had been curled up on the couch watching New Moon, of all movies when I heard a knock at my door. I was quite shocked by my reaction, as I had been trying and succeeding somewhat with accepting the direction things were going.

When I looked up and he gave me a half smile, I broke down. The trader tears just fell from my eyes. So much for trying to keep my feelings from him.

Eric quickly stepped forward and wrapped his arms around me. Gently stroking my back and planting soft kisses in my hair.

"I thought you were going to avoid me forever, Eric. I've missed you so much!" I cried.

"Ah, I've been missing you as well, my Sookie. I know I keep having to ask for your forgiveness, but please know I have only been trying to sort things out. Do what is best for everyone and I guess I am not used to having to share my actions with anyone." He explained.

"Please tell me you understand?" He continued

I sobbed into his chest, feeling mortified that I was showing him the affect he was having on me.

"I guess I do, but I just thought maybe you changed your mind about us Eric. I…I was so confused after I thought we had worked through things. I know we still need to talk and it has been over a week. I…I"

He had cut me off by lifting my chin with his cool thumb. I was now staring into his mesmerizing, beautiful blue eyes. That of course caused me to feel that familiar tightening in my lower regions and wetness again pooling in my panties.

God…will it always be this way with him? It kills me that I also know that he can smell my want, my need to be with him!

I knew immediately that he was going to kiss me, god I missed this. My face was flushed and I was feeling warm knowing that he could sense my arousal as he lowered his lips to mine.

When our lips met, my mind went blank. There was no conscious thought process. There was only me and Eric, our lips, his hands that were now caressing my hips slowly sliding up and across my ass.

"Mmmm…my lover, I have missed this" He murmured as he squeezed softly. I knew exactly what he meant by 'this'.

Yes, he was referring to my body as he caressed and squeezed but he also meant 'me' and 'us'. I knew he felt that same connection to me that I did to him. I didn't even need the connection through the blood we shared to know this.

"Lover, I know I have not been available very much, but I will soon explain all this. Right now I just want to feel you, feel us." He whispered as he placed tender kisses down my neck and nibbled on my ear.

I suddenly realized that we were still standing, well really groping each other at my front door. As much as it killed me I broke away from Eric, inviting him while closing the door behind him.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Was he actually missing me as much as I was missing him? I had thought that he didn't want me anymore. Well thank god for small miracles, I guess.

I started walking towards my living room, but he had wrapped his large hand around my wrist. I immediately stopped and turned back as he placed his hands at my waist and lifted me so that our lips were practically touching.

I could feel the coolness of his fingers against my skin as my shirt had risen slightly. I could see the lust in his hooded eyes. Part of me knew we should talk first, I mean I haven't seen or heard from him in a week.

My mind and body fought for control, only in a matter of seconds I knew my body was taking over. I attacked his lips, running my fingers through his hair.

Eric had me close against his chest and was now walking us slowly to my bedroom. I tugged on his hair as I moaned into his mouth. He gently dropped me at the edge of my bed. Our lips were no longer touching, but our eyes never lost contact with each others.

I began to drag myself up the bed stopping in the center. My breathing was laboured as I watched him remove his leather jacket and then lift his shirt over his head. He grabbed my ankles pulling me back towards him, just a little.

When he started lifting my leg to his lips and kissing up my leg, my body automatically shuttered. My skin tingled where he slid his tongue along my leg.

"Oh Jesus" I moaned as my head fell back on my bed.

He was whispering my name, going back and forth between Sookie and My Lover. I was so wet at this point that foreplay would not have been needed, but knowing Eric we would play a little before hand.

My body was practically convulsing by the time he reached my center and began to pry my pajama bottoms and moist panties off. He had just barely kissed my throbbing clit and I felt that familiar coil in my lady bits begin to tighten.

He pulled himself up my body and kissed my forehead before kissing my lips again. As I felt one single finger enter me, my body exploded. I swear I was seeing stars…this was crazy! How does my body react him this way?…

"Oh, Lover…your so wet for me. I see you have missed me." He chuckled

And there he is, my beautiful, abnoxious vampire!

I reached for the button of his jeans, and had him stripped naked in no time. He pulled my shirt over my head, releasing my breasts for his gorgeous mouth to wrap around my taut nipples.

When I had tried to return the favour and wrap my hand around his erect penis, he stopped me saying that it was very obviously not necessary. I let out a small laugh as he chuckled at me again.

As he placed himself between my legs our eyes were connected again. He slid into me, causing me to gasp at his size. I lifted my lips to his again, moaning in contentment. So happy to be connected physically again, to be back where I belong.

We had been together several times that night, reconnecting with each others bodies. He held me in his arms for what felt like hours before telling me it was almost time for him to head home.

I hadn't slept yet, knowing he would soon be leaving me. I kissed his chest, his shoulder, then his neck before whispering that I wished he never had to leave. It had left my lips before I had time to even process what I was saying.

God, I didn't want to scare him off who knows what he would think of those words. I quickly added that I was just so happy to have him for what ever time he could be with me.

He didn't respond to my statements, just told me that he had come because he wanted me to know that he would be gone for a few days. Business, was all he offered as explaination.

When I wondered out aloud about how I never would have known anyway as he hadn't been around to begin with, I was surprised to hear a response as I didn't realize that I had actually voiced it.

"I didn't want you to hear it from Pam, or anyone else." He had explained.

"hmm…ok. Do you know when you'll be back?" I inquired.

"No, but I am sure it will just be a few days at most. I will see you tomorrow night though." He whispered into my ear.

I was more than happy to hear that he would be at the bar for my shift tomorrow night. At least that's what I assumed he had meant when he spoke.

I must have finally nodded off because I awoke the following morning alone. Naked and wrapped in my sheets with my pillow tucked firmly under my arm. I can only assume he placed it there hoping I would sleep through the night thinking he was still there.

Those things and the soreness of my stiff muscles were what I thought was the only reminder of Eric's late night visit until I rolled over seeing that he had left me a note on the bed where his pillow should have been.

It had simply stated:


I have missed you, and will miss you always when apart


It was nothing but yet something, he always knows exactly what to say.

I never did see him at work that night. It was completely disappointing. I had convinced myself that he would show up at my door again….

He didn't.

It would be another two nights before I would see again. I was so confused at this point that I had actually cornered him in his office, once I realized he was there. I demanded that he explain himself to me.

He seemed a little taken aback by my intrusion but quickly tried to appease me. He had said he couldn't say much right now but as soon as he returned I would know everything he that he knows.

It was definitely strange to me, but I had let it go and we had of course re-lived a past experience in his office. I love how he tastes and from his sounds and words he was also enjoying how I taste.

He had taken me leaning over his desk, and I had most definitely enjoyed the two orgasms he had brought me to in that one position. As he bit into my shoulder and drew a healthy amount of my blood, he pulled back and straightened up pulling me back with him. I took a seat in his lap, snuggling up against his chest.

What he asked next was a little surprising to me. Once I had given him the go ahead to ask away he jumped right in.

"My Lover, I need for you to take my blood again, would you do that for me?"

"Why" Was the only thought I had, I didn't understand and I was somewhat hesitant after having heard his thoughts. I was afraid that so much more could happen.

He had continued to tell me that it was one more thing that he could not explain or make me understand just yet, but that he felt the need to be connected that much more to me. It would be for the better in both our cases. It would mean he could protect me more…

I was so confused, what would I need more protection from….

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