Sam's POV

Chapter 1 You know who!!

Carly and I went to the dress shop we saw three of my favorite dresses.

Dress one is white with black flowers.

Dress two is Black with a slit up the side and a white dress underneath.

Dress three is blue with silver flowers and a silver necklace to go with it. (A/N: I have pictures of the dresses on my profile.)

"Okay I know alot about this guy. Now whats his name?" Carly asked.

"His name is Nathan."

"Last name?"

"Does that matter?"

"Yea kind of." Carly said with a little giggle.

"Okay his last name is Kress."

"Wait Nathan Kress the hottest actor in the world?"

"Yea you remember that time when we went to Japan?" She nodded. "Well you remember that time that I couldn't sleep?" She nodded again. "Well i walked around the hotel and he was there. I gave him my number he gave me his and so we keep in touch. I called him last month and he is coming tomorrow." She squealed. "He asked me out like three months ago."
"What did you say?"

"I said no, because i was in love. He under stood completely. Then last month I told him about you and he said that he couldn't wait to met you." She squealed again. "Okay so which dress do you think Freddie will like better?" She thought for a moment.

"Umm... I like them all... Hey how about you buy all the dress and wear them on different dates." I smiled.

"I like the way you think shay." I smiled. We bought the dresses. Then we went to the shoes store. We looked around and we saw the cutest high heels. They are black and make me look tall. (A/N: I have a picture on my profile.)

We finished shopping talking and we went to the food court. i got five burgers, six orders of fries and ten milk shakes. Carly laughed when I ordered. She took my fries. That wasn't nice. Anyway then we went back to her apartment.


General POV

Freddie was just watching tv then there was a knock on the door. He opened the door and there was a handsom guy about his age. He looks just like him, but his hair is a little longer and he was taller. "Hi i'm Nathan. I'm looking for Sam Puckett." Freddie was a just a little jealous.

"I'm Freddie Sam's boyfriend and she is out shopping with Carly."

"Oh your Freddie. Your the reason Sam rejected me."

"You aren't going to hurt me are you?" Nathan laughed.

"No accualy i'm here because Sam said that she has a friend that likes me."

"Oh she was problaby talking about Carly. Yea they went shopping for our date tomorrow." Nathan nodded and sat on the couch.

"What are you watching?"

"Tech channel."

"Oh i love this channel." Freddie smiled.



"Wow I didn't know famous actor like you watch the tech channel."He nodded and turned the tv up.

Twenty minutes later

Sam's POV

Carly and I waalked in the door. "What up Nathan?" I asked.

"Not much. You?"

"Just shopping." I walked to Freddie and kissed his lips. "Hey baby."

"Hey Sammie." We kissed again. Then we pulled apart and we saw Carly starring at Nathan.

"Wow Sam when you said that you knew Nathan Kress you weren't kidding."

"Mamma doesn't kid around when it comes to my actors." I smiled. I grabbed the ham out of the fridge and sat on the couch put my feet up on the table. Freddie sat next to me and put his arm around my shoulder I put my head on his shoulder. I finished the ham. i looked at Carly and she was a sleep just like Freddie. I wiggled out of his grasp. I didn't see Nathan. Maybe he was in the bathroom. i walked up to the studio and I saw Nathan starring at Freddie's picture of me he left on the tech cart. "Um... Nathan whats going on here?"

"Just starring at your beautiful face." I was a little creeped out.

"Um... thanks."

"Now I want to know if your lips taste as good as they look we will be okay."

"Wh-." He cut me off and kissed me hard on the lips. He pushed me up againced the wall. Then I heard the door open a gasp and the door shut again then footsteps down the stairs. I finally got Nathan off of me and I beat him up. I ran down the stairs. "Carly where is Freddie." Carly just ignored me. "Carly!"

"What Puckett?" Carly said with Vemin in her voice.

"Why are you so mad?"

"Because you know how much I like Nathan and you kissed him, and worst of all you are dating Freddie."

"No Carly he forcefully kissed me."

"Then tell me why I don't believe you."

"I love Freddie I would never do anything to hurt him." Carly just rolled her eyes. Nathan came down the stairs and kissed Carly. He looked at me while kissing Carly. I left the room. I left the building. Then I walked to the park. It was ten at night. I was crying a lot. The park was empty except for that one person on the swings. I approched the swings slowly so that I didn't scare Freddie. He had his head down.

"I thought you would be here."

"Freddie what happened?" He lifted his head and I saw the tears that I never wanted to see come out of his eyes.

"I should be asking you the same thing."

"Freddie Nathan kissed me, I don't like him. Freddie I turned him down when he asked me out. Do you know why?"

"Because you love me." I nodded. I saw him smile. I smiled with him. I kissed his lips.

"That's right. I love you no Nathan. Sure Nathan is cute, but no one is cuter than you."


"Yea. No compareson." He blushed. The rain started to fall from the sky. I was happy but I knew that Freddie's mom hated it when he was out in the rain.

"Well Princess Puckett can I have this dance?"

"But doesn't your mom hate it when you are out in the rain." Then on cue Freddie's phone rang. He looked at the the name and answered it.

"Hey mom. I can't talk right now I am dancing with my girlfriend in the rain." Then he hung up the phone and put one hand on my hip and the other hand in mine. I put my hand on his shoulder. We started to dance and laugh. Then there was a six year old laughing with us. She looked just like me when I was her age. Then a little boy came up to her. He looked just like Freddie at age six. She tugged on my pants. I got down on one knee.

"Hey sweetie." I said.

"Are you dating?" I smiled.


"Oh i'm Stephanie and call me Steph. This is my best friend Fredrick. I call him Ricky for short."

"Hey I am Sam and this is my boyfriend Freddie."

"How old are you?"

"Were both sixteen."

"Ricky is six and a half and I am six."I giggled a little. I stood back up and started dancing again. The kids started giggleing at us. It was adorable. Freddie and I were all wet. Our clothes were soked. Water was dripping out of our hair. Then we put our foreheads together. Then we kissed. We walked back to his apartment. I didn't think that Carly would want to talk to me right now. I laied on Freddie's bed, Freddie laied with me. We kissed one last time.

"I love you baby."

"I love you too Sammie." Then we fell asleep