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Chapter 1

He was sitting on the bone colored carpet amidst a sea of papers strewn haphazardly around his feet. He stared pensively at the one in his hand, examining a dark, grainy photograph of someone. He squinted trying to make something out of the subject's features, but unfortunately there was nothing useful to see. One could tell the figure was human, but that was about it. He sighed in disappointment before saying "Dammit Roger." under his breath, placing the paper down and grabbing another similar one, placing it close to his nose.

He jumped slightly as the cascading sound of the doorbell shattered the silence. Ice blue eyes looked upwards at the brushed stainless steel analog clock that hung on the wall above the dining room table. He glanced over at the white notebook computer to his right and effortlessly typed a few keystrokes. A window opened that showed the image of the person on the other side of his door. The shock of red hair seemed familiar enough. He quickly gathered the mess of papers into a pile and placed the computer on top of them, closing the lid.

Near's heartrate quickened as he rose to his feet and surveyed the room for anything he might have left out before his socked feet shuffled across the room towards the front door. A sweaty palm gripped the door handle, turned and then swung the door open, revealing the comparatively tall and thin redhead on the other side.

"Hey." The man said, wearing a tight black and white striped long sleeve shirt, and skinny blue-jeans.

"Come in." Near said, making eye contact only for a moment before his eyes drew to the ground. He stepped aside to let the visitor in. He was already taking his shoes off as Near closed the door and locked it.

"Mind if I grab a drink?" The handsome redhead said.

"Help yourself." Near replied, sheepishly standing next to the door and still looking downwards, looking like apparition.

Near's white locks of hair, white shirt and pants, and nearly white complexion gave him a air of purity, a look of innocence that the redhead found hard to ignore, even though he mused that the boy almost looked invisible standing in front of equally white walls. He decided to stop staring and head off towards the kitchen. He wasn't there to make Near feel uncomfortable anyway. He opened the fridge and reached for a bottle of spring water, twisting the cap off quickly and taking a few large gulps.

He strolled casually from the kitchen into the rest of the large studio apartment. Near was found sitting at the foot of his queen sized bed, which was situated in front of a wall of large, ceiling high windows, the grayish cityscape stretching far into view underneath a hazy overcast sky. Near sat with one knee drawn to his chest, a hand propped on his knee, and his head tilted towards it so his thin fingers could twirl around his loosely curled locks of hair. His eyes were still fixed at what seemed like nothing in particular, and he used his other hand to beckon the redhead closer.

"No sense in waiting I suppose." The young man said as he slowly approached.

Near's breath hitched as he felt a warm hand wrap around his thigh, and then another on his shoulder. He made no movement though. No other discernible reaction. Knowing how the game was played the redhead pushed Near down onto the bed and climbed on top of him, pressing his denim covered crotch against the smooth fabric of Near's white pajamas. Near whimpered as he tightly shut his eyes and tensed his muscles, feeling a hand wrap around one of his wrists and pinning it above his head. He pushed back just slightly, not intending to show any real sort of resistance. It was all part of the game afterall. He wanted to be ravaged right then and there, he just didn't want to make it seem all that easy.

His breath started coming in pants as he felt lips attack his neck, sucking on the smooth flesh hungrily. He opened his eyes to a faceful of red hair, and used his free hand to grab a handful of it, pulling on it gently as he inhaled the masculine scent of shampoo and sweat.

Near felt the hand leave his wrist, and start expertly unbuttoning the white cotton shirt adorning his lanky frame until it was completely open. His torso exposed to more pleasurable attacks from above. Sucking. Licking. It was all too much to bear as Near arched his back while soft, unintelligible sounds hissed through his teeth. He was hard, painfully hard as he strained against fabric which was getting slightly wet at the front. He felt strong hands caress his thighs. It was almost too much to bear at this point, and he knew that it hadn't even begun yet.

The sounds of a belt buckle being opened followed by the sound of denim sliding down legs was a treat to his ears. He felt his own pants being slid from his body at long last, releasing him from the strain.

"Yes... Yes...Do it...Do me...." He growled.

Not a moment later he felt the redhead enter him. Near clawed and gripped the bedsheets as he was further penetrated. Once the burning tightness subsided he wrapped his legs around his lover's torso and pulled him in further, crying out indecisively with pleasure and pain. He wasn't sure which he loved more.

What started as gentle rocking quickly progressed into rhythmic pounding with Near yelping out loudly every time the redhead plunged into him. His creamy white skin was now a tinge of pink and shimmering with sweat under the designer halogen lighting as he felt the ecstasy permeate his entire body. The pressure started building in his loins, something that surprised him since he hadn't even so much as touched himself yet, but his climax was coming quickly. There was no mistaking it.

"Erghh..yeah.... Harder.... I'm almost there..... Don't stop..." Near seethed.

The pressure was building up unbelievably fast. Near clenched his glassy blue eyes and threw an arm around the redhead's neck pulling him closer towards him.

"OH Matt!!!!" Near cried out as he released all over himself, covering his torso and chest, droplets of his pleasure rolling gently down his sides and soaking into the sweaty bedsheets below.

It was nearly too much. Near's vision started to get fuzzy as he fought to catch his breath. He felt his skin get cold. The sound of his own heart pounding was the only thing he could hear at this point. He was worried he'd leave reality for a while if he didn't fight to regain control over himself.

He lifted his head and focused on the figure before him...still inside of him. He pushed him away, shuddering as the length pulled out of him, and like any good drug, he felt himself crashing, feeling worse for wear before this all had started.

"Could you hand me something to clean myself up with?" Near asked, afraid to move around too much and make a bigger mess than he already had to clean up. His discarded shirt was tossed his way. Near caught it in his hand and used it to dry himself off. He knew he would need a shower anyway so he didn't waste much time trying to make himself perfect.

The redhead started getting dressed again, Near studied him from the corner of his eye as he pulled the striped shirt over his head.

"The shirt... Was it like you wanted?"

Near nodded in response, pulling his own pants back on.

"You know. I think it might be about time for you to get over this Matt guy. He's been dead for how long now?"

Near paused and shot him an icy glare, shocked by the sheer audacity of this man...this stranger who looks less and less like Matt the more he stared at his face.

"I don't pay you to think." He replied, getting up from the bed briskly. He grabbed a wad of cash from the nightstand and handed it to the redhead, who shrugged before shoving it in his pocket. Near stared coldly to his side, "I think we're done here. I'll call if I need you again."

Near walked him to the front door and let him out. He had barely closed and locked the door before he felt the wave of anguish overcome him. It was always this way. The intense moment of pleasure was met by pain and misery afterwards tenfold. He buried his face in his hands as his back slid down the door until he was a crumpled shirtless heap on the floor, his tears soaking into the carpet.

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