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Mild Misspellings

Mild Ranch Sauce

Mild Everything Basically


Kurosaki Ichigo, a person who has fought countless Hollows in his lifetime and defeated Aizen was on a mission to check out a school.

But this school was 'special' or so they had told him. The Science Division had noticed an influx of Hollows in this particular area… but none ever seemed to come back out. Most of all, there were never any souls that needed konso which baffled the minds back at the institute. They would've sent someone earlier… but there just weren't enough people to send out, especially with all the reconstruction efforts going about.

The only good thing was that he didn't need to use a gigai which would save the trouble of having to transform in case a situation arose. Not only that, it seemed everyone inside the school was spiritually aware so they would seem him regardless. The only thing that he didn't like was the fact that they made a 'backpack' for Zangetusu so he wouldn't look too conspicuous.

Ichigo made a sharp noise of frustration, but then sighed. His old school had been completely destroyed so he supposed this wouldn't be so bad. Other then checking up on Hollows here and there, he would be going to school like a regular person.

Or so he thought.

"So you're the new student enrolling at Youkai Academy?" The bus driver with eerily glowing eyes said.

Ichigo merely gave the man half his attention as he opted to stare out the window. "That's the reason I'm here."

"In that case you better prepare yourself." This caught Ichigo's attention as he turned to look at the driver who was looking at him... despite the fact that he should be keeping his eyes on the road. "Youkai Academy is a veeeerrrryyy horrifying school!"

Ichigo merely gave the man a blank stare as his left eyebrow began to twitch in annoyance. 'What the hell have I gotten myself into?'


Ichigo was… annoyingly surprised at the scene in front of him. It looked like it came out of some horror movie that had been crudely made. Despite the fact that it was a little sunny where he was standing, over where the school was lightning flashed in arcs, surrounding the school. Not to mention that a few steps further along the road there was a scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head.

But upon closer inspection, he noticed the sign beneath the head. It read 'Youkai Private Academy.' As he read the sign, his ears caught the sound of something coming closer.

"COMING THROUGH!" Ichigo's head whipped around just in time just to see the thing that was about to crash into him. Despite the fact that after many battles he had attained amazing reflexes, he had completely failed to dodge a bicycle.

"Ow…" Ichigo muttered as he brought his hand to rub his head. But then he noticed he was already touching something else, something rather soft. Opening his eyes, he noticed what the soft thing was and blushed. He was touching the inner thigh of the girl that had just crashed into him. So silky smooth was her thigh that he had failed to let go of it and had almost missed her words. "I'm sorry… I got dizzy from my anemia… are you ok?"

Forcibly taking his eyes off her thigh, he looked up and saw the girl's face. Soft features graced her face and her lips seemed so small and kissable. Not only was she amazingly beautiful, but add the fact that Ichigo had just touched her leg made his reaction perfectly acceptable. A small stream of blood leaked out his nose as he tried desperately to hold it in with his hands. He never was good with the wimmenz.

"Oh…" The girl in front of Ichigo let out a soft moan. "The scent of… blood. I… I… can't…"

She collapse onto Ichigo's lap and he grabbed her arms to hold her steady. Despite the fact that he was blushing, he couldn't help but sigh in annoyance. He hadn't even started day 1 and already something was going wrong. Suddenly, he felt something soft tilt his head downwards until he was face to face with the green eyed beauty in front of him.

"I… I'm sorry but…" She leaned in closer, making Ichigo's heart race. "It's just cuz…" Suddenly, she tilted his head to the right, exposing his neck. "I'm a Vampire." And before Ichigo knew it, he felt a stabbing pain in his neck following by the sensation of having your blood taken out by a rather large needle.

She was startled out of her meal when Ichigo suddenly bolted up in panic. "Y…You bit me!" He yelled as he pointed an accusing finger at her. "What the hell!"

She gave a slight bow as she replied, "I'm sorry, I'm Akashiya Moka. Although I look like this, I'm a Vampire."

Ichigo could only blink as he muttered one word. "Eh?"

Suddenly the girl smiled and her cheeks became tinted. With delight shining from her features, she said. "Thank you so much for the treat! Your blood was so yummy!"


Noticing the lack of proper response, she realized that Ichigo seemed none too pleased for having his blood taken out. She spoke up in a rather distressed tone, "Do you hate me know? Because I'm a Vampire?"

Ichigo looked at the girl in front of him and simply gave a sigh of resignation. No real harm done right? The only thing that bothered him was that she said she was a vampire… did that mean the Bountou were still alive?

"Hey, Moka. You don't happen to be a Bountou too would you?" Ichigo asked. Her reply was simply a look of confusion and a shake of her head.

"Never mind." He noticed the look she was giving him and remembered her earlier question. "Oh man… well, I guess I don't hate vampires…"

"Really?" Moka asked excitedly.

Ichigo shrugged. "Sure—ack!" Ichigo staggered backwards as Moka hugged him with all her strength… which was considerable since she was a vampire.

She spoke up after she released Ichigo from the hug. "So does that mean you'll be my friend?" She asked cutely.

Ichigo averted his eyes slightly as he replied, "S-Sure…"

Moka smiled genuinely as she went over to pick up her bike. "Well, we better get going." She said as they made their way to the school.

Suddenly, something clicked inside Ichigo's mind. "Oh, I'm Kurosaki Ichigo by the way."

She gave him another wonderful smile as she replied, "I'm very pleased to meet you. When the entrance ceremony is over, talk to me some more ok?"


Looking around, Ichigo noticed an empty seat close to the window. He figured that would be a good spot in case he needed to leave in a hurry. So he took his seat and waited for class to start. In a way, it actually felt nice to be going back to school. He wasn't sure what that 'vampire' thing with that girl was, but he figured it wasn't the strangest thing that's happened to him.

Soon the class filled up with eager students and they all took a seat. Some next to friends, others who were completely new simply took a seat and were silent, but were soon conversing with those around them.

A lady with brown hair and two tufts on her head that looked vaguely like ears walked into the class. Her eyes were closed, but there seemed to be an ever-present smile on her face. Soon, she spoke up, "Hello everyone and welcome to Youkai Academy!" She began cheerfully, "I am your homeroom teacher Nekonome Shizuka!"

"I think you all already know this but… this is a school built for monsters to attend!" The teacher continued on with her rant, but Ichigo was too busy replaying a word over and over in his head. 'Monsters?' He asked himself. Then a picture of Moka came into his mind. If she was a vampire… then what she said about being a vampire was true? Moka was, to Ichigo's realization, a real freakin vampire!

His thoughts were interrupted when another student spoke up. "Hey teacher… Wouldn't it be better to eat up those puny humans? And in the case of the beautiful girls, better to molest them?"

Suddenly, a mental image of the bus driver came into his mind. And just like that it all made sense. If Hollows and Soul Reapers and Spirits existed… why not monsters? Ichigo felt like palm-facing himself, but he would refrain himself for doing that.

He looked up when the teacher began talking again. "Oh! Incidentally, here at Youkai Academy the teachers and students are all monsters. There are no genuine humans here! Since this academy is within a secret sacred world to those humans who come to know of our existence, we will bring them DEATH or something…"

Ichigo really wasn't too worried… though he wondered what he was. Technically he was human… a human who had the ability to move his soul out of his own body and wield incredible power. He wasn't really shinigami either. Even after saving Soul Society he was still regarded as the substitute shinigami. That still irked him a little but there was nothing he could do about it… not now anyways.

"Sorry I'm late! After the Entrance Ceremony I kinda got lost in the school…" Ichigo turned his head, recognizing that voice.

"Oh, that's fine, just take a seat!" Nekonome replied.

A guy from behind Ichigo's right side stood up and began yelling, "Oh! She's so hot! I'm so happy to have such a hottie in this classroom! I want her!" and soon the other guys began yelling and hollering at Moka.

"Oh, it's Moka." Ichigo said to himself.

Hearing her name, Moka turned her head and blinked. "Oh… it's Ichigo." Then her eyes lit up with joy. "IT'S ICHIGOOO!" She squealed before hugging him despite the fact that he was still in his seat.

"Whoa!" Ichigo yelled as he was lifted from his seat by an ecstatic Moka. However, not everyone in the room shared her enthusiasm. All the boys in the class growled and yelled in anger and jealousy because they weren't being hugged by the beautiful girl. Ichigo sighed, a slight reddish tint on his cheeks as he tried to hug her back as best he could.

Ichigo failed to notice the figure that was eyeing them with a predatory look on his face. The figure licked his lips, already savoring his meal.


"Hey, Hey! Isn't this a cool hallway?" Moka said, never letting go of Ichigo's arm. After class, Moka had forcefully dragged Ichigo away. Ichigo really didn't have a problem with it, but he had figured he would use his free time to patrol the school. Oh well.

"S-sure I guess." Ichigo was trying to stop from focusing on the fact that her chest was pressed against his arm. Ichigo almost got into a fighting stance when he felt a small wave of spiritual pressure hit him, but it was only the jealousy from all the boys aimed at him. He relaxed himself again and let himself be dragged Moka until they were forced to stop by a classmate.

"Heh, such a pretty one." The figure eyed Moka with a certain glance that made Ichigo uncomfortable. "You are called Akashiya Moka are you not? I am your classmate Komiya Saizou! Salutations!"

Suddenly, Ichigo was pulled up roughly by the tie as Saizou continued speaking, "By the way, why is a beautiful lady like yourself associating with a guy like this?"

'Weak? Let me use Bankai and I'll show you who's weak!' Ichigo was about to reach for Zangetsu when he realized that he had left Zangetsu in his room. However, that didn't mean he couldn't give this guy a good butt-kicking! This guy most likely wasn't even worthy of his Bankai.

But before he finished deciding on a plan, he was dropped to the floor as Saizou stepped closer to Moka. With a pretentious look on his face, he jerked a thumb, pointing at himself before saying, "Wouldn't someone like me be far superior to that sort of scummy guy?" He licked his lips before continuing, "Why don't we go off somewhere just the two of us and have some fun?"

He leaned in close to her face and leered at her. "Well? Why don't we go out for a bit?" Saizou asked, his patience running thin.

Now getting mad, Ichigo was about to kick Saizou's ass when he was hauled off by Moka. "I'm sorry! I'm having fun with Ichigo now!"

As he was dragged by Moka, he looked back to see the man grinning. He saw his mouth move, but was too far away to hear his words.

"Humpf, just watch me. I never allow a nice woman like you to escape!"

Moka turned and hid beneath a stairway along with Ichigo. "That was surprising wasn't it? I was a little scared. Are you okay Ichigo?" Moka asked as she panted lightly.

"Yea, I'm fine." Ichigo said in a nonchalant way. He was busy thinking about that Saizou character. For a regular being, he had a high spiritual pressure. But now that he thought of it, this entire area seemed to be flooded with high-density particles.

But he would save that thought process until he got back to his room. In the meantime, there was a girl waiting for him. "So, why exactly did you decide to take me along with you? I could've fought him you know."

"W-Well… I didn't know what kind of monster he was. He could've been really strong and besides…" Suddenly, a blush spread across her face as her hands reached for her cheeks.

'Besides?' thought Ichigo.

"We're on blood-sucking terms now!" She said as she wiggled her body in delight.

Ichigo could only sweat-drop as his eye twitched slightly. "What am I… food?"

Moka simply giggled as she replied, "Don't be silly, you should be proud of yourself! Your blood is way better than any of the blood I've drank before from transfusion packs! And…"

Before Ichigo's annoyance hit the roof, he noticed that Moka had abruptly gone quiet. "And…?" Ichigo beckoned her to continue.

"You're the first person I have ever fed from Ichigo. You're my first time and… I'll never forget the feeling!"

Ichigo blinked as he stared her with a rather expressionless look on his face. He hadn't quite expected to take a girl's first time in that particular way. He blinked again saw her lowered head tint a pink, rosy color. "Moka…"


"Oh! I'm so embarrassed!" Moka said after having pushed Ichigo into the wall after becoming 'embarrassed.'

Then she quickly turned around and headed out the door. "Let's have some fun, let's check out the academy!" She chirped.

All the while, Ichigo was suddenly realizing that if all monsters had this kind of power, then they must be spiritually dense beings, which would also explain why Saizou picked him up so easily. He grunted slightly as he pulled himself out of the wall. After having performed said task, he quickly went to catch up with Moka, not even being injured in the slightest. After all, he's already had his fair share of wall smashings in the past; this was nothing he couldn't handle!


This, however, was something he couldn't handle. Moka never once had let go of him and he had been dragged around the entire school. He didn't mind spending time with Moka, be he figured he should at least do 1 or 2 rounds before the day is over.

Finally, they stopped in front of an old, run down-building. The floor was littered with graves and tombstones, dead leaves, and anything else that could make the place drearier. It was like a scene taken from a horror movie. "Look Ichigo, this is the dorm we'll be living in!"

Ichigo let out a noise of uncertainty, a mixture between a sigh and a grunt. However, Moka seemed to have the opposite reaction as she gushed on about the building. "So cool! Such a building, full of dignity and character!"

Ichigo turned to look at her and said, "Are you serious?"

She simply nodded before she replied, "Oh, you don't like it Ichigo? Even though you're a monster?" Suddenly, she paused as a though she realized something. "Oh, speaking of which, what kind of monster are you Ichigo?"

That caused Ichigo some slight panic as he racked his mind to come up with an excuse. But it seemed Moka answered her own question as she spoke up, "Oh… letting your true form is against the school rules isn't it! Sorry, I didn't mean to ask you that question!"

Ichigo gave a short laugh which ended in a sigh. Thankfully that was one problem he wouldn't have to face soon. But, speaking of monsters. "Hey Moka, you said you're a vampire, but you're unlike any vampire I've ever heard of? How come?"

"Well, I may look like a regular human but… y'see if I take this rosary on my chest off, I become the real thing, an evil and scaaaaary vampire!"

Ichigo's eye twitched slightly at that. But he supposed there was no helping it, especially when Moka went on a rant on how the rosary thing worked. With all the things that have happened as of late he wouldn't be surprised if the moon really was made out of cheese. Suddenly, he noticed she was taking steps closer to him. Reflexively he took one step back, but by that time she was already on top of him… figuratively that is.

"But even if our power is sealed, we do still end up craving blood." She said with a slight blush of her cheeks.

Ichigo had a feeling he knew where this was going and tried to stop it. "Wait! Mo—aahh!"



After having spent most of the day with Moka, he finally had time to himself. It wasn't nighttime yet so there was no real rush to do any patrolling so he leisurely walked back to his dorm.

"Wait up loverboy." A sinister voice spoke from behind Ichigo. He turned to find Saizou dash at him and snag him up by the tie… again. He gave a small grunt when he was slammed against the wall, making a crater in it.

"It looks like you had a lot of fun with Akashiya Moka yesterday and you're going to pay for it today! Your true form, what is your true form!" Saizou demanded with scorn laced in his words.

Now, Ichigo was not worried… he did, however, not want to draw any attention to himself because technically he was still on a mission. So he said the first thing that came to his mind. "A vampire?"

Ichigo noticed Saizou's eyes widen in anger and saw his shoulder muscles in his other arm tense. That meant he was going to swing at Ichigo, who knew this already. With well timed precision, he dodged the powerful punch.

Already they were surrounded by a small crowd, most of which were astounded by Saizou's display of physical strength. "Vampire you say? Vampires are immortal atrocious western monsters!" he said as his arm tore through his sleeve, revealing bulky muscle and a deformed, oversized hand that loomed over Ichigo's head. "It's even said they're the best of all the monsters at using their supernatural powers."

At this point, Ichigo noticed that Saizou's eyes seemed to glow with a venomous fury. Saizou's normally well kempt hair was now frazzled and seemed to be swaying wildly as Ichigo sensed a sudden rise in Saizou's reiatsu.

"Are you such a vampire! Don't lie to me…" Saizou said as he raised his hand and…

… tore the wall next to Ichigo asunder. "Anyway, don't go near Moka again! If you even talk to her again you're dead boy!" Saizou warned before walking away.

Ichigo simply shook his head. If this was a daily occurrence, then this was going to be a long three years. Seeing the sun begin to set, Ichigo set off to do a couple of patrol rounds, then eat and head to bed.


Ichigo yawned rather loudly, earning a couple of stares from passer bys. He simply gave them his patented scowl, which seemed to work since they went on their merry way to wherever the hell they were going…

Oh right, school.

"Oh? Ichigo?" Ichigo's ears perked and he turned to see an excited Moka running towards him. Somehow, she still managed to hug-tackle him from behind, despite the fact that he was carrying Zangetsu in his 'backpack'

"Mornin!" She began rather excitedly. "If we don't hurry we're going to be tardy!"

Suddenly, he felt himself being jostled around by a curious Moka. "What are you carrying Ichigo?"

"An over-sized butcher's knife." Ichigo smirked at his own little joke, but Moka seemed to be clueless. He sighed as he explained it was his sword and left it at that.

"So you're going to join the kendo club?" Moka asked as she walked backwards in front of Ichigo.

"Um… sure. Don't you think you should watch out where you're going?" Ichigo asked.

Moka simply shook her head. "Nope! I trust you enough to tell me if I'm going to hit anything."

Ichigo sweat dropped at that. "What if it's a root that I can't see and you trip over that?"

Moka's smile widened as she replied, "Well then hopefully you'll catch me!"

Ichigo groaned. Whether monster or human, all girls were the same.


Ichigo was… annoyed to say the least. Throughout the entire class he felt Saizou's eyes on him. Even Grimmjow never stared at him that strongly. Maybe this Saizou character might've been Grimmjow's illegitimate kid. Ichigo had to stifle a laugh at that. Grimmjow having a kid? Who'd be the poor and unfortunate lady?

Moka noticed this and with a smile, asked, "What's so funny Ichigo."

Ichigo merely waved his hand. "Oh it's nothing." He replied, a slight grin on his face.

Moka shrugged and focused back on the class lesson.


When the class ended, Saizou walked up his desk and leaned against it menacingly. His figure loomed over Ichigo like a tower. "Are you ready to DIE Kurosaki Ichigo."

Ichigo chuckled. "You have no idea how many times I already have."

Confused but undeterred by Ichigo's remark, Saizou hauled him off by the tie once again. Behind them was a nervous and anxious Moka frantically trying to persuade Saizou to let Ichigo go. Ichigo was unfazed by any of this. He simply waited until he felt himself hauled into the air and thrown a distance. He flipped himself in the air and landed gracefully on his feet.

Saizou snorted. "Fancy."

"I try." Ichigo replied back as he got into a battle stance. He didn't think he'd be needing Zangetsu for this fight.

"Ichigo! Please be careful!" Yelled a frantic Moka. She didn't want her first and only friend since she arrived to be beaten to a bloody pulp… or worse, killed. What would she do if that happened?

"Relax Moka, this guy doesn't look so tough." As soon as he said that a surge of reiatsu swept by his feet.

"I'm going to enjoy ripping you apart Kuroaski Ichigo!" Saizou said as his body became bulkier and bigger. His muscles ripped apart the shirt with ease and soon veins throbbed and pulsed all around his arms, neck, and face. His bones were disgustingly configured in a way that made them look like spikes running along his spine and his hands were roughly the size of Ichigo. Saizou was HUGE.

"I believe I warned you never to come near Moka again…" Saizou suddenly lunged at Ichigo with a speed he did not predict after the transformation. With a grunt, he was thrown across the rocky terrain, flipping over and over until he smashed into a boulder.

Saizou's long tongue jutted our, twitching with a mind of its own as he let out a frenzied yell. "HAHAHAHA! What's wrong wannabe vampre? Did you not think a rogue monster like myself would not challenge a so-called vampire? YOU'RE TOO WEAK SCUM!"

Moka ran frantically to Ichigo's position only to see him get up. "Hey, that stung a little."

Suddenly, Moka stood still as a wave of indescribably energy surrounded her. It seemed to warp the very air around her, making it feel as if there was a weight on her shoulders… no… her entire being.

Saizou whirled around, his eyes flashing with anger as he noticed Ichigo rise up unscathed. He let out a guttural roar and lunged for Ichigo once again. Ichigo simply stood there and waited till Saizou was upon him. As Saizou's claw reached his face, Ichigo Shuunpo'd out of sight. Saizou turned left and right, scanning the area for any signs of Ichigo.

Little did he know that Ichigo had taken flight and was right above him. Throwing his backpack over his shoulders, he twirled the body length green backpack that housed Zangetsu and sent it hurling to the back of Saizou's neck. The next the Saizou felt was a sharp pain and then it was lights out.

Ichigo landed softly on the ground, the dust kicking up only slightly around his feet. He looked up at the astonished form of Moka, who was giving him the strangest stare. "What?"

"That was amazing!" Moka yelled as she ran up to him and tackled him. Ichigo thankfully caught her in time or else they would've fallen. She was still, despite her petite size, very strong.

Ichigo let out a puff of air as he hugged her back. "Yea… don't you think we should get to class? We're already late."

Backing up a bit, but not releasing the hug, she replied. "Yea… but just one thing."


"I forgot to eat breakfast and… well…"

Ichigo's eyes widened when he realized that he couldn't escape her grasp. He knew what was coming next. "Oh craa—AAAAP!"



Until Next Time Folks!