Diamond in the Rough- Chapter 1


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In this Part, Bella is now 11 years old, and it takes place in Alaska still. This part is based on something else that happened to someone I know (and a lot of other kids out there) so keep that in mind. Sure, I added things to fit it in with Part 1, but the broad events of this part are true to many kids (even myself sometimes, although not anymore). I like writing things based on fact since they're much more believable than anything else, and its nice to know you're not alone in the world with your own issues. No more abuse in this one, so that's a good thing, even if abusive parents aren't the only things kids have to worry about in this big wide world.

Although this part is also based on true events (something unintended!!!), keep in mind that it's a loose retelling, since unfortunately, vampires don't exist. Not to mention the people I got this from weren't homeschooled either, but still. I hope you like this part as much as Part 1, so tell me via review.

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That was all I could think of when I looked at my calendar this morning and found out what today was.

Today marked the five year mark since I came to my new family, and it was shocking to me, knowing that five years ago today was the day that Rosalie came into my old house in Washington and whacked my father upside the head before she rescued me and took me home with her. Five years since the start of my "recovery" as dad put it, and five years since I'd seen any place but Alaska. I loved Alaska very much, and I didn't want to ever leave it.

I shook my head softly and sighed, sitting back down at my desk. I was supposed to be finishing these stupid long division questions for Jasper to mark and correct, but that calendar date had distracted me from working- with good reason. I looked down at the question and sighed, mentally thinking it out.

How many times does 3 go into 27? Nine.

There. Two hundred and seventy six divided by three is ninety two. I hoped Jasper would be happy with that and not make me do the other questions he threatened to make me do when I told him how bad I was at these. Note to self: never tell Jasper, your teacher, that you're bad at long division.

I loved Jasper a lot, even if he did give me long division over and over again. He was a great friend and brother, especially since he knew a lot of everything, so he was someone you could actually have a talk with. Emmett was ok to talk with too, but Jasper was the one I could really have a conversation with that didn't revolve around Rosalie, Halo, Wii or X-Box. Sure, I liked all those things, Rosalie especially, but I don't care that the two of them got kicked out of a movie theatre in Ireland for having a make out session in the back during one of the "steamier" scenes. Not only did I not care, but it made Rosalie mad when he told me things like that about them, claiming that I was a "little girl" who didn't need to hear about that. Yeah right. I was not little anymore, and I knew what making out was, even if she thought I shouldn't. I did own a television, and people have used that term before.

All my brothers and my sister were so good and nice to me all of the time. In my head, I had two brothers and one sister. Emmett and Jasper were brothers, and Alice was my sister. Together, Jasper and I had bonded really well over school and books- something we both loved. Jasper loved it when I asked him questions, especially about the Civil War, and he loved to tell me all about everything he knew, since no one else really cared. Alice would listen to him sometimes, but I would never say no to a war lesson with Jasper, and we often ordered books online about the war so I could listen as he took a pen to it and corrected things about people and places in them. He got mad a lot when the books were wrong, telling me that they should stop being biased to the Union Army. I wasn't biased, and neither was Jasper. Although he fought for the Confederate side, he knew that slavery was wrong, even if he'd had different opinions in the 1800s.

Jasper truly was the big brother most kids dreamed of having. He was nice, smart, funny and very friendly with everyone. Sure, he was quiet and a little shy, but if you really watched him, he was really nice and gentle with everyone- despite what he claimed to be. I knew about Jasper's past in the Southern Vampire Wars and he'd even shown me one of his scars, but I didn't care about what he used to be, since he'd changed a lot since then. He would always be my big brother, and I didn't care what he had done in the past.

Emmett, on the other hand, was like a giant kid himself. Jasper might be the ideal brother, but Emmett was the ideal friend and playmate, mixed in with a brother. He was the one who taught me not to prank Rosalie, how to bug Alice, and what to do when Edward got cranky sometimes. He taught me all there was to know about pranks, video games and football, even if I wasn't allowed to play football with him, or anyone else. I was a known klutz, and football wouldn't help me in my "don't kill myself over everyday objects" campaign.

Even though he was a big teddy bear, Emmett did have his protective side. One time, we were outside playing when I was about seven, and the ball we were tossing around went out to the road, where there was a giant truck coming. Me, being little, didn't even look for the truck and it would have killed me if he hadn't went into overprotective bear mode. He flew out of the driveway at full speed and snatched me and the ball out of the way of the rampaging driver before he fussed over me for a good five minutes until Rosalie found out what happened and flipped out too, coming outside. That had been one of the most embarrassing days of my life, and Emmett and Rosalie together with mom and dad had been basket cases. Dad insisted on looking me over for anything that I might have broken, mom wouldn't let me go while Rosalie fussed over me and Emmett flitted around worriedly behind me, scared that I'd been hurt on his watch. Ever since that day, ball games were restricted to the back yard where there were no roads to kill the human.

Alice was my sister in every way that mattered. She was the one who dressed me up in the mornings, introduced me to makeup and other things like that, talked about girl things with me, and she had even known about my period last month before it happened. That had been such a life saver when she came in with a box of pads and tampons for me, telling me I needed to put one on before bed. I had been so mortified at first, but then she pointed out that it was better that she saw it before Edward did tonight. Alice was an excellent sister and I was glad she was so nice and fun to be with, even though she had a bit of a crazy shopping obsession and never failed to drag me along when she went to Juneau or Fairbanks to shop. Once, she had taken a weeklong trip down to New York and I had to plead with her not to drag me along, and she only agreed when Jasper told her I had schoolwork to do, even though I was done that week's lessons.

Rosalie was a sister to me too, but I still thought of her as a second mother, next to Esme. She was always the same with me- gentle and soft, so different than when she was with Emmett. She would yell, scream, punish and anger herself over him, but not once in her life had she yelled at me. She had scolded me before for little things, but she tended to leave the punishing to mom and dad instead of doing it herself. She would tell me why I shouldn't do certain things, but I don't think she's ever even sent me to my bedroom for anything, not like dad did before. I didn't get in trouble often though, so that wasn't a problem.

I loved Rosalie differently than I loved anyone else in the whole house. Rose was the first person I'd met, and she had been the one to find out what was happening in my old house back in Forks. She was the one who'd saved me from that life and brought me into hers, and for that, I was thankful. I would always love Rosalie no matter what, and she knew that.

Mom and dad had changed a bit over the years too. Mom was the perfect mother, and I loved her for it. She was the only mom I had ever known besides Rosalie, but she was "mom" to everyone, not just me. She was good to talk to, nice, and a very good cook, even though she didn't eat. Mom was important to me too, just as Rosalie was.

Dad was a little different for me since he was the second father I knew, the first being very angry and hurtful. Dad had showed me that fathers could be kind and gentle instead of angry and violent like my old one. I didn't think of that man- Charles Swan- as a father of mine so much as dad was. Carlisle was my dad now, and everyone knew it. He was the one who cared and loved me for who I was instead of resenting me for it, and I loved him just as much as I loved mom.

Edward was the last person in the house, and he was different than all the others I knew. I knew he was supposed to be a brother to me, but somehow I couldn't bring myself to love him like a brother. I loved him just as much as anyone else here, but he was different- more of a friend. No, scratch that. Edward was still the one I considered to be my best friend, even after all these years. He didn't treat me with the same old fashioned courtesy he did with Alice and Rosalie, but he was still polite. He was moreā€¦ himself with me. I thought he was more open with me than any of the others, especially since I was the exception to his gift- the one he couldn't read. Only once had he ever seen into my head, and I was glad I somehow managed to keep him out. I liked my privacy.

Edward was my confidant- the one I could tell all my secrets too and know he wouldn't tell. If I told anyone else all my secrets, Edward would just find out anyways when he picked through their heads for the details he wanted. It worked when I told him, and he was always glad that I could trust him. I loved Edward a lot, and he was just so-

"Bella?" asked Jasper, knocking on my door. I jumped in surprise and he opened the door, coming inside. He smiled at me and came over looking at the math I was supposed to be working on.

"What have you been doing?" he asked when he saw that I only had two questions done out of the ten he'd circled.

"Nothing." I said honestly, making him chuckle.

"No kidding." He said. "You can do them later if you want to." He said. I smiled and hugged him.

"Thanks Jazz." I said, making him smile. He took my hand and we left the math on my desk for now, as he walked me out and down the stairs.

"We have something to talk about with mom and dad downstairs." He told me, smiling carefully. I frowned and nodded, watching him closely as he led me down the stairs, wondering what mom and dad had to say to us.

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