Diamond in the Rough- Chapter 31



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I sat in my bedroom with my Debussy biography out and my CD playing, still on replay as Bella had wanted it. My couch was an excellent place for me to read, and tonight, I wanted to give Bella some privacy for a while, just in case I made her awkward. She didn't like it when she couldn't sleep because my eyes were on her. I could hear her tossing and turning, telling me that she wasn't sleeping yet, but trying her very hardest to get to sleep in her room, undoubtedly leery of her closet, even if Alice had turned the light on and left the door open for her, just like her bathroom. She didn't like either one after what those ridiculous children had done at that vile institution they called school, and I felt bad for her, being stuck with them for an entire night. Oh well. I'd be in there soon to protect her from whatever she was scared of…

I heard a small bang from Bella's room and soon enough, her door creaked open, letting her creep out carefully, her feet sticking to the hardwood as she walked, letting me know she was coming closer to my room. I smiled to myself when I heard her knock softly on my door, making me open it gently, smiling down at the girl.

There she was, tousled and frustrated with her blanket wrapped around tightly as she looked at me with her wistful brown eyes, red and tired-looking.

"Can I sleep in here with you?" she squeaked, her voice sounding tired and upset. I smiled and nodded, happy that she'd chosen me. I moved aside and let her scramble in, looking around. I sighed, knowing I had no bed, but my couch would do for now if she wanted to stay in here. I led her over and laid her down with a pillow under her head, her blanket tucked around her carefully while her eyes drooped.

"Sit." She said, patting the end of the couch with her foot. I smiled and she lifted her feet, letting me sit before she rested them on me, both of us perfectly content. On cue, her eyes drifted shut and I smiled to myself, looking at her closely. The light was off but the moonlight came through my large window wall, and the music played on, adding even more beauty to the room right now.

It really was a sight to behold, if I did say so myself. There was Bella- the sleeping, tousled human- on my moonlit couch, her brown hair splayed out behind her and her intoxicating scent of freesias and lavender assaulting my nose. The moon shone on me too, giving my skin an odd glowing sort of look while I slowly covered up Bella's bare arm. The music played on in the background and I felt the calming effect it had on both of us- the immortal monster and the innocent human child. As she slept on my couch with her feet resting on me, I thought deeply about all of this. I thought about Bella, about past, about her struggles, but most of all- about her future.

Her future.

I knew I wasn't the clairvoyant in the house, and it bothered me that no one, not even Alice, knew exactly what the future held for our little human. Would she grow up and get married? Would she have… babies… just as Rosalie had thought before? Would she want to leave us forever after she left the house to love a normal life as a normal, everyday human? I didn't think Bella could ever be normal, no matter when she left us. I knew Bella was special- she always had been, even as a tiny little six year old. She was so kind, forgiving, accepting and loving- all qualities that marked her for who she was- my favourite little human, and the only one to have touched my heart on the level she had. She was the only one of her kind that I ever remember trusting me. She trusted me, her natural predator, because she loved me. I knew Bella loved me, even if I knew it was different than how she loved Emmett and Jasper. She loved them in a brotherly way, but I guess you could say that Bella and I didn't have the average sibling relationship. No… Ours ran on a much deeper level that those of my siblings, and I knew I loved how we were together.

Even though Bella was only a small human girl, I knew she was different. She'd accepted us for what we were at the tender age of six without question or concern, she came to us- called out to Rosalie to get the love she knew we had. She loved each and every one of us even more than she should, and most of all, she wanted us. She had to be the first human child in history to ever accept our kind for what we were instead of killers- the essence of their nightmares.

What would happen to us when Bella left the house and moved on with a family of her own? Would she ever let us see the babies she had? Would her kids love her just as she loved us? Would she even be able to leave us to go with her husband- the man that could never meet us? Would it hurt that she couldn't bring her family for dinner or to our house on Christmas morning? I didn't know the answers to any of this, but I wished I did. I wished I knew what would happen to my Bella, and I had to admit- it made me nervous not knowing. I wanted to know who she'd marry, who would father her children, what those children would look like and whether or not she'd ever have grandchildren. She deserved all of those things, and it saddened me to know those were the things our family couldn't give her. We were her family, regardless of species, but knowing that there were things we were incapable of giving her was sad. She would never see her parents grow old. Her children wouldn't be able to visit their aunts, uncles and grandparents on her side of the family. Her husband couldn't know us or meet us, since we never aged. Bella would be forced to keep a grisly secret from her spouse- one that would mark her as insane and very unstable if he found out.

I sighed and pushed all thoughts like that out of my head. I knew Bella would grow up someday- yes, she'd grow into a fine young woman, if she continued to grow as she was now, but now was not the time to brood over our maturing child. She still had years ahead of her before any of that came true, and until she was married to someone, she would never have to let us go, no matter what any boyfriend said.

"Stop it." She mumbled suddenly, swatting the air around her. Amused and intrigued, she effectively stopped all thoughts in my head, simply drawing me into her mindless chatter. How I wished I could read her…

"I want a dog." She said sleepily, making me smile. The horrendous images passing through my head with a dog in our house were comical, and I stifled a laugh. Between Emmett and Jasper, the poor animal would be long dead before she could even enjoy it. If Jasper didn't eat it first, Emmett would get a rise out of scaring and bugging it until he gave it a heart attack or something like that.

"Watch out." She warned half heartedly, speaking to her dreams. I watched and sighed, smiling as she wiggled around a bit, tangling her blankets.

"Edward, that does not go there!" she hollered, unfailingly loud. Emmett guffawed downstairs, making her start a bit.

"What doesn't go where Eddie?" he taunted in his head, vulgar images coming to mind. I was appalled at his train of thought, especially since I didn't care to see his wife in the nude, and especially not through his perverted eyes.

"Emmett." I snarled warningly.

"Think even Bella knows you're a vir-" he started, making me snarl.

"Enough." I snapped. Bella wasn't even twelve and he thought she was thinking of that? Not all minds were perverted like his, and it was high time he learned it for himself.

"What are you doing?" asked Bella, and for a moment I thought she was awake, until she decided to swat my arm with her hand, her body propped up on the other. Her eyes remained closed with a furrowed brow and I smiled gently, laying her down gently from her propped up position, smiling when she grabbed my arm gently.

"Sleep, Bella." I soothed, as I heard her heart rate go up when she started to wake. Almost instantly, it went right back down again and I smiled, looking at her.

"That's right." I said, unable to keep the adoration out of my voice as her face and body relaxed and she sunk into her pillow blissfully oblivious to the world. I sighed and watched her closely, willing her to say more.

That's when I decided, husband be damned, I would watch my Bella sleep, right up until the end of her days.

End of Part 2

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