AN: Set after ELAC and way before Bloodlust, written as an early bday present for Sammygirl1963 as a oneshot even though she's trying hard to convince me to keep going - sigh!

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Kripke's creations or anything of the CW.

The town was smaller than most but still big enough to have a small patch of grass with a teeter totter, a jungle gym and of all things… a wishing well. At least that's what Dean read as he stood next to the small hatchback that he and his brother borrowed from Bobby since they were now waiting for more parts to replace what he'd smashed.

Sighing, he looked around and saw a couple of teenagers laughing at what looked to be a black German Shepherd puppy that seemed to be chasing flies of all things. Shaking his head he looked around and finally spotted his brother coming despondently out of a store obviously disappointed that whatever lead they thought they had was a bust. Not that that should have surprised them, ever since the fiasco with the killer clown, it seemed like all the interesting hunts had magically disappeared. Taking only another moment to watch that Sam was really walking his way, he turned his attention back to the teens and the pup.

'If you don't save him… you'll have to kill him.'

Those damn words had been echoing in his head ever since his dad uttered them mere moments before his death and wouldn't give him a moments peace even in sleep. Why did he have to worry about this, what did it mean, and what the hell was he supposed to do if he actually had to turn his weapon on the only remaining family he had left?

"They said no. Guess it's a bust after all." Sam said quietly as he stood next to his brother warily. Ever since seeing the devastation Dean had let loose on the car, he'd tried more than ever to give his brother the room he obviously needed. Sighing when he didn't get an answer he nodded, "I'll go across the street, grab some food and see if they know anything."

"Yeah, you do that." Dean muttered harshly, trying hard not to see the hurt look on his brother's face. Sure, it wasn't Sammy's fault, but damn it, couldn't he grieve in his own way without everyone telling him it's wrong? Couldn't he have a damn minute without having to face those damn puppy dog eyes that only his brother seemed to be able to pull off so well, begging him to fix things?

"Hey mister… mister! Are you going to make a wish?"

Dean looked down and saw a little freckle faced boy all of six looking up at him with an impatient glare that only a small fry could pull off. "What kid?" he asked, wondering what the kid was talking about considering he knew for a fact that even little Sammy at that age knew that wishing well's really didn't hand out wishes.

"The wishing well… aren't you going to make a wish? My sister made one that Bobby Brinsky would ask her out and he did! And my Gramma wished for a new TV for her birthday and she got one! You have to mister, you have to make a wish!"

Eyeing the kid a moment, Dean wasn't sure what to do. Yeah, he could ignore the kid, but there was something about how the boy was so sure that the well would work that he didn't have the heart to do that to him. Sighing, he looked behind him to make sure his brother was still where he was supposed to be and something struck him; how completely alone Sam looked, how defeated he seemed, as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders. 'Yeah, right. Like he has dad's last words tattooed in his head.' He thought sarcastically before looking over eyeing the puppy once again. 'Too bad a wish couldn't make Sam that carefree again.'


"Yeah yeah, alright… jeez kid, you don't give up do you?" Dean grumbled as he pulled the first coin he found out of his pocket and looked at the boy again. "How's this, I wish my brother was like that puppy." He said sarcastically as he tossed the quarter into the air and listened as the splash echoed through the well. Feeling foolish, he peeked over his shoulder to see Sam making his way towards them with a large greasy sack in one hand and a couple of iced drinks in the other.

"Looks like it didn't take kid, sorry."

Laughing, the boy looked at Dean and rolled his eyes. "Wishes don't come true until you go to sleep silly. I have to go now; my mommy doesn't let me talk to strangers. Bye!"

Watching the kid dart off down the street, Dean wondered just what the kid's mom fed him. Before he got the chance to ponder it further though, he heard the rustling of the paper sack and turned to come face to face with his brother.

"Bacon cheeseburgers with extra onions, french fries and a slice of pie." Sam said quietly as he pulled the edge back enough for Dean to get a good look.

"Yeah, whatever, let's go. We'll hit a motel before we head back to Bobby's, I don't want to risk getting stranded on the road after dark." Dean muttered as he got in the small car, ignoring his brother completely.


The cheap room had been a welcome stop on the side of the road when the sun began to set. It hadn't taken long to eat the burgers and settle in to watching crap TV on the small screen until finally drifting off sometime after the national anthem had been broadcast on the local stations. Now though Dean really wanted to deny the light coming in through the curtains and stay where he was until the end of time. Unfortunately something was keeping him from that goal and for once he couldn't blame his brother; one of the neighbors must have a dog from what he could hear of the whining coming close to the door.

"Sam… have you grabbed coffee yet?" he called out, hoping to hear something besides the insistent whining. "SAM?"

The only answer seemed to be the whining that became more persistence as well as louder.

Cracking one eye open, he looked over to where the sound was coming from and paused at the sight his gaze had landed on. There by the door sat a small black pup wearing his brother's t-shirt. "What the hell?" he exclaimed as he looked around the room noticing that Sam's boxers were lying on the other bed, but no brother. Not sure he was seeing what he thought he looked back at the dog and watched as the animal began to jump around in the effort to catch the dust dancing in the sun's rays coming through the window, effectively getting tangled in the shirt setting himself to tumbling to the floor.

"Wishes don't come true until you go to sleep silly…"

The little boy's words jumped into his brain and startled him to the point that he was sure he was about to fall over. Surely their luck wasn't this bad… to run into the one damn well that would actually work? Nah… couldn't be. But what other explanation was there? He knew that his brother wouldn't have tried this as a joke, mainly because neither of them had been in a joking mood… which left…

Reaching for his phone he dialed the ever familiar number. "Uh Bobby… how do you think Rumsfield would do with German Shepherd as a playmate?"