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Dean sat down at the picnic table and watched Bobby finish the steaks while Sammy played with a visiting butterfly. He had to admit that it wasn't bad watching his little brother happy, but that didn't mean he didn't miss his human brother. What it did mean though was that he was having to take what he could get and deal with the rest – something he'd become good at for many years.

"Ok Dean, here's yours… now how about convincing that brother of yours to eat his own damn food." Bobby complained as he too sat down at the picnic bench and began to cut into the steak and potatoes.

Laughing, Dean couldn't help but find the humor of what happened earlier even if the older man did seem a bit put out about it.

Bobby pulled out a couple packages from the fridge and smiled like he was about to divulge some long buried secret, making Dean wonder what the hell had gotten into the man.

"A friend of mine owed me a favor and decided to drop some of this by on his way through town. Apparently he thought I might know someone who could appreciate good meat." Bobby said as he opened the paper package enough to show Dean what was inside. "Bison steaks. Some of the best meat you'll ever have and expensive as hell too."

"Uh Bobby…not that I'm complaining, but...Buffalo? I'm not sure about that."

"Trust me boy, after you've had some of this you'll be wondering what they're serving in those steakhouses you like to go to. Now sit down while I get these ready and…"

Before Bobby had a chance to turn around to the counter, Sammy had leapt up and knocked the steaks out of his hand and started to devour the raw meat, tearing into the bottom package to get to the other steaks hidden from view.

"Sammy NO!" Bobby yelled as he pulled the pup off the now desimated butcher paper on the floor, no meat in sight.

Trying hard to stifle his laugh, Dean shook his head. "Hey, it's your fault… you're the one claiming he needed more to eat!"

Now they were sitting down to eat good old fashioned beef and all he could say about it was, 'Thank God!' He could eat a lot of things, but eating buffalo just didn't seem all that appetizing to him. 'Thanks Sammy!' he thought, wondering if on some scale his little brother had been protecting him from trying something that he just didn't want to do.

"And no feeding that brother of yours under the table either!" Bobby groused as he dug in, ignoring the 'who…me?' look Dean was tossing his way.


With Bobby in his library, the house was quiet giving both Dean and Sammy some time to themselves. Seeing how the pup really wanted back outside, Dean smiled and opened the door quickly following the black streak as it sped by him.

"Hey you mutt… get back here!" he yelled, as he once again chased after his brother until he saw the pup stop and sit down in front of the Impala. Nodding, he gathered his tools and started working while Sammy stayed close by watching him work.

"You know, it's not that I'm mad at you… right Sammy? I just… have a lot of stuff on my mind right now. I'll get over it, ok?" Dean asked and looked over where Sammy was laying, watching him. Hearing the single bark, he nodded and carried on with his work until it was too dark to really see what he was doing but getting further along than he'd been expecting. "You know… I think we just have the trunk lid to replace and we'll be done. I think that can wait until tomorrow, what do you think?" Another bark made him smile and he nodded before opening the passenger door. "You tear the upholstery and I'll tan that hide of yours… make your pelt into foot mats."

Feeling a little better, Dean started the car and drove it down the road for a test run with his still puppy brother by his side. Smiling he looked over knowing that even though his brother wasn't exactly there, he was still content that at least a piece of him was. They pulled into the salvage yard and quickly exited the car and gathered up the tools before walking out to the shed to put them away. It was a dark night with no moon, only the stars shining brightly. Giving into the urge, Dean lay down on the grass and looked up at the sky.

"I remember the first time you asked me why there were so many stars in the sky. You always had the damnedest questions." He laughed, "I mean how the hell one small fry of a body could keep all the questions and answers in your head was beyond me… but you did it. It amazed me how many times you'd have an answer for a question even if there were so many to choose from." Feeling the pup's head lying on his chest now, he reached down and petted the soft fur and thought about how much they could have really lost and he was suddenly very thankful for the chance he had with his brother. "Sammy… I know that this is hard, but you need to give me some time, ok? I mean, just… I don't know… just … stay my best friend, ok?" he asked and smiled when he heard the single bark again.

Laying there under the stars he wasn't surprised when he felt the pup relax into sleep and somehow maneuvered his jacket to cover both of them before he too drifted off.


Sunlight was attempting to work its way into his brain via his eyelids and that was something that he really didn't like happening until well past noon if he had his say so. However he was already seemingly awake and that meant he might as well get up and finish the Impala before deciding what to do next. The feel of something heavy on his chest didn't register at first, remembering that the pup had fallen asleep on him the previous night, however this weight was different making him look down and stare.

"Sammy?" he asked, shocked by what he was seeing. It was Sammy… naked… on him! "Sammy… come on man… wake up!"

Moaning, Sam moved his head before beginning to open his eyes and look around disoriented. "Dean? What's wrong… where…" suddenly it was like a switch had been flipped and the younger brother leapt up, taking Dean's jacket with him in the attempt of covering at least part of himself. "Uh… what… where… never mind!" he stammered as he raced towards the house, face crimson and unable to look at his brother all the while trying to ignore his brother's laughter and yells of, "Come on Sammy… where's your sense of adventure?"

Thinking he was home free when he saw the door open, he was completely shocked when he heard Bobby shout out, "Damn boy, I know your daddy raised you better than that… get your bare ass in here!" Yeah, some days it just didn't pay to get out of bed.