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All he could remember was falling.


and falling.

and falling.

'I didn't think it would end this way.' He thought, 'This is it.' Then he closed his eyes, preparing himself for the end.



Now it was warm. Surprisingly still. Quiet. He saw a warm aura of orange through his eyelids and the smell of lilies and chamomile. 'So warm' he thought as he lost conciousness. The smell of lily and chamomile still lingering in his deepest subconcious.


He took in a deep breath and barely opened his eyes to see a small room of brown hughes. Closing his eyes, he took in another shakey breath filled with the scent of chamomile and lily. Confused, he opened his eyes wider and saw in his periferal vision a wall right next to the cot he was laying on, and to the right the small room accomodated some household things, a table, chairs and an open stove with a roaring fire inside warming the room. He tried turning his head to get a better clue as to where he was, but right when he did, his head protested with a massive headache. The pain was unimaginable, he winced, groaned, and tried to keep still, but the headache continued as strongly as before. He panted and broke into a sweat. 'Make the pain stop.' he pleaded in his mind. He tried to put his hand to his head, but he was wrapped up snugly in thick blankets.

'Make it stop.'


'I'll do anything.'

Memories came back in a flash. The rain. The lightning. The large beast. His grip on his neck. Dangling over the dark blackness below. He had begged him, but the beast let him fall anyway. He had let him fall.

He heard the rustling of leaves and a muffled voice. He couldn't hear exactly what came out under her muffled breath, but he still strained to listen. He suddenly gasped as he realised someone was touching his mouth, or were they holding something to his mouth?

"Shhhh, it's okay. Open your mouth. This will help the pain." the person coaxed gently. He opened up his mouth willingly and chewed the herbs and swallowed thickly. He felt his sweat drip down his face only to be wiped away by a damp cool cloth. He opened his mouth to pant and groan in pain as the woman then shuffled around the room before momentarily coming back to wipe the forehead of the stranger. That was the last he remembered before he passed out again.


He awoke to an old voice singing an folk song... it must be a woman who was taking care of him.

"Malbrough s'en va-t-en guerre,
mironton, mironton, mirontaine,
Malbrough s'en va-t-en guerre,
Ne sait quand reviendra.

ll reviendra-z-a Paques,
mironton, mironton, mirontaine,
ll reviendra-z-a Paques, ou a la Trienite..."

He opened his eyes slowly careful not to move his head. He looked over at the silhouette of a short old woman. Her song was oddly comforting. He noticed his headache had left, but pain in his right leg replaced the pain of the headache. Probably since the headache had hurt worse, it overode the pain in his leg. He groaned and tried to lift himself up but was overcome with weakness.

"Oh my! Please don't try to sit up, lay back down. You need your rest." "No. Where am I? I need to get back home." he said out of breath.
"You won't last out there with the injuries you have." she told him as she pushed him back down into the bed. It wasn't like he could fight back or anything. It was like all those years of working out had been for nothing, because he couldn't even sit up. He watched her face cautiously and succumed to her helping him. She had him halfway propped up by pillows and was now making a pot of tea. He was still dazed and confused. Questions buzzed around in his head, but he willed them to go away for fear of inducing another headache. The old woman turned around and walked to the cot with a pot of tea and cup. She slowly poured the tea into the cup and lifted it to his mouth. He tried to take the cup for himself, but his arms wouldn't move when he asked, so he accepted the help with the drink. "I've made this tea specially for you. It will help restore strength to your limbs and give you energy." He took another look at the tea then studied the face of the woman who had helped him. He wasn't sure where to start. He sighed.
"Where am I?"
"Thirty miles east of the castle." she paused to put down the tea and let it cool down a little before letting him drink. "We're right on the Lucoda River. That's where I found you." He felt his eyes drift shut slowly and his eyebrows knit in confusion. "Thirty miles east of the caste? What castle?"
"Well, that's what it's called, now. It used to be called the old enchanted castle in the woods." He didn't remember anything about an enchanted castle. Dizzy with confusion, he felt himself get more and more tired. "Why are you doing this?" he panted out. "Why are you helping me?"
"Because if I had left you where, you would have surely died." she said calmly grabing the teacup and lifting it to his lips. He took a small sip.
"What happened?" he asked still staring at his bed.
"I don't know, but I'm definitely curious to know." she said matter of factly, "You have suffered from serious injuries to your head and legs; mainly your right leg and you've been in a coma for the past month." "I've... been in... a coma?" he breathed out quietly.
"You might have to re-learn how to walk again. You've just laid in the bed for a whole month, and with your injuries, I doubt you'll be able to completely recover."
"I will recover." He said, "No matter what, I will recover from whatever happened to me."
"I hope so." She softly smiled and lifted the cup to his lips once more before taking it back to the small kitchen. "Are you hungry? I've made soup. It's broccoli and potato." "No, I'm fine." His stomach gave a growl of disapproval. The old lady only chuckled and made her way over with the bowl of soup. She slowly lowered herself onto the side of the cot and placed the bowl in her lap. She hummed as she spoon fed her patient. Everything within him wanted to buck and protest against her help. He didn't feel like being helpless. His pride, however, forced him to keep quiet about everything and just take the help. Where would he be without this old woman? He felt like giving up and just diving right into dispair. He could never return to his village like this. The elderly lady noticed his forlorn expression and tried to get him talking again. There were questions that she wanted answered, too.
"Do you remember what happened?"
"I remember some. I ... I don't ... " he looked at his bed and frowned not recalling what happened at all. Then he remembered his flashback and shuttered.
"If you don't want to talk about it, that's fine." She lifted another spoonful of the soup to his lips. While he ate, she asked another question. "What's your name?" She looked at him and paused before she fed him another spoonful.
He hesitated, "I - I don't remember." He frowned and stared at the wall beside his cot.
"You know, after your first week of your coma, I got frustrated not knowing who you were, so I named you Zephirien." He only stared at her. "It means "from the west" because you were brought by the waters from the west." she held up another spoonful of soup.
"That's enough soup, I'm done." he kept his eyes on the wall ashamed that he had to be spoonfed by an elderly lady. He wanted to be alone, he wanted to sleep, but he wanted to ask the elderly lady more questions. "I- I'd like to sleep, now." He said to the wall.
"Very well. I'm going to leave some herbs here for you to chew if you get a headache. Okay?" He nodded so she removed the pillows so he could lay flat on the cot.
"Sleep well, Zephirien."
He didn't hear her, he was already sleeping.

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