A/N: This, is another fun story in the making. This is not necessarily a Takumi fic, but I believe there will be some Takumi moments. Its pretty hard for me to write any story without adding some intimate moments between those two anyways. Well I'm afraid your going to have to wait a while (perhaps fall/winter) before I continue with this story. I guess I want to have the winter spirit there to motivate me, lol. Well here is the first chapter, and tell me what you think. Oh, and don't expect a lot of details or anything in this first chapter. Its only the beginning.

Count Me in for Winter!

"So can I go mom? Dad?" Takuya begged as he waited for his parents response. The temperature outside was dropping as winter crept upon them gradually. Takuya always wanted to go on a sky trip with his friends for a long time, and it all boiled down to this moment with his parents decision.

"Well..." His dad started. He scratched his chin and pondered the situation, "Alright then! I guess its alright."

"Yes!" Takuya yelled as his body surged with glee. He had been working on his grades so much so that he cold be able to go. He pumped his fist in the air and jumped around in circles like a total maniac.

"That's if your mother will approve of it." his dad interrupted.

Takuya stopped in his place and looked at his over whelming mother, who seemed to care too much about his safety. Considering that, there was a good chance Takuya would sadly not be going .

"Only if you promise not to get into any trouble, now." Takuya's mom surprised him with her answer.

Takuya's eye's widened with excitement. There was new hope.

"I promise! I promise!" he repeated excitedly.

He walked pass his dad as he slapped him on the back, "You go and have some fun now!"

"Oh, I will!" He replied over his shoulder, while running up the stairs. He nearly missed a step along the way up.

"Careful now!" his mother looked out for his safety again. Takuya chuckled and went to his room to pack up for the trip. He couldn't wait to tell the others.


The next day, Takuya called all his friends to meet him at their hangout spot, Cooper's House. He had their favorite round table ready for them.

Kouji walked in through the doors, not enthused. Kouichi walked in optimistically with his hands swinging from his side. Zoe was joyful to see Takuya at their table, waiting for their arrival. Tommy and JP walked in normally and the rest of the gang, Rose, Robby, Jack, and Bobby, followed suit.

"You better have a good reason for calling us here." Kouji stressed.

"Yeah, I was busy watching my favorite soap operas, until you interrupted them." JP rudely added.

They all took their seats that were assigned to them.

"I'm surprised you weren't busy eating." Takuya replied towards JP.

"Actually, I was busy eating while watching the soaps."

"Typical." Zoe said aloud as everyone snickered at her remark.

"I'll have you know that I was busy eating my favorite chocolate soup! I came up with it."

"Chocolate soup?"

"Yeah chocolate soup. All you do is get a bowl full of chocolate syrup and add all sorts of chocolate candies. Its delicious." JP gave them his secret recipe to the disastrous dessert that was just begging for a sugar attack.

"........." Everyone stared at JP as if he had lost his mind, which he did.


"Don't worry JP. When you wind up in the hospital, I'll be there to help in any way I can. That's if its not too late." Takuya teased.


"OK! Can we get started with this meeting already? I'm just dying to know why you had to call us all here." Kouji mocked with sarcasm.

"Good point Kouji" Takuya said as he stood up dramatically, and JP sat down defeated, " The reason why I called you was to tell y'all that...." he held the silence until they couldn't bear it anymore, "WE ARE ALL GOING ON A SKY TRIP!"

Everyone sat there with motionless stares towards him as if they didn't hear what he said.

"Oh, I'm sorry. What did you say?" Kouichi asked as he took off his head phones.

"I said we're going on a winter ski trip!" Takuya repeated. No one said anything. Not even a sigh.

"So let me get this straight... We... are going to go... up north... in the snow... where it is cold as sub degrees Fahrenheit?" JP paused dramatically with each phrase.

"Yeah?!" Takuya replied. He didn't understand why everyone wasn't very excited.

"Well that's good and all, but where are we going to stay at? Out camped in the snow?" Zoe complained.

"No. There will be a cabin were we can all stay for the whole trip." Takuya explained, suppressing Zoe's worries.

"Yes! Count me in!" Zoe cheered.

"But what if we can't ski?" Poor Tommy wondered.

"Hey, didn't you get plenty of practice when you were the Kumamon, the legendary warrior of ice?" Bobby asked.

"Oh... ooooh yeah. I guess I never thought of that." Tommy recalled.

"See? Problem solved. Now who's with me?" Takuya cheered with encouragement.

"Me!" Zoe held her hand up.

"Count me in too." Rose joined Zoe.

"I guess if they are going then I'm going too." Bobby mentioned.

Both of the only girls stared at him with a queer look.

"You can count us in too." Jack said on the behalf of him and Robby, who was sleeping silently.

"Me too." Tommy cheered.

"Me three!" Kouichi added.

Takuya looked at JP to see if he changed his mind.

"HECK YEAH! YOU BET!" JP stood to his feet, making his entourage uncomfortable. People in the whole diner were staring at him.

"Sit down JP. Your making us look bad." Zoe tugged on his shirt so he could sit down.

"Doesn't he always do that?" Tommy joked.

JP snapped a mean look at everyone that laughed at Tommy's joke.

"And you, Kouji?" Takuya asked one last time.

Kouji looked at the others, who were all smiling. He looked back Takuya who was giving him a "why-not" look. Then, as he looked out the window, he saw a complete, random stranger outside staring at him saying, "DO IT!" as Kouji read his lips. Kouji shook away the image of the guy from his head and returned back to his friends. That was weird, or his mind was playing tricks on him.

"Fine.... I don't have any other choice anyways."

The whole group whooped, yelled, and cheered as they all pumped their fists in unison. Everyone but Kouji of course. He weakly held his fist up in the air with no spirit.

"Woo" he weakly said with no emotion in his voice.

Takuya then held his fist in front of him as he stood in front of them, "Alright guys. This is going to be an awesome trip, so lets get ready to have some fun."

"FUUUUUUN!" JP yelled in a roaring lunatic voice.

No one minded him, except Zoe who sat next to him.

This was going to be one awesome trip....... maybe.

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A/N: Well there goes the first chapter. To see what happens next, your going to have to wait until the fall or winter. That's if whenever I get the chance, due to all the work I'll be doing in college. So tell me what you think and I might continue this...


...or Winter