Chapter 12

A Winter Departure

"Hurry up you slackers!" Rika yelled as Takato and Henry carried her luggage at such slow pace. Her luggage weighed more than them combined.

They heaved the load with all their might into the back of the van, ready to go their separate ways until next time they would randomly meet each other.

"I'm gonna miss you dudes," Kazu said to Kouichi and Kouji as he adjusted his cap to cover his watering eyes.

"You should have told us you all were here before we came." Kouichi said

"Yeah that way we wouldn't have come." Kouji added with a sincere insult.


"What? I'm just kidding."

There was an uncomfortable pause for five seconds.

"By the way where is Takuya?" Kazu asked, jamming his frigid hands into his cozy pockets.

"I bet he's with Zoe." Kenta mentioned with squinted eyes as if he were interrogating a suspect.

Inside the cabin, Zoe was closing the door behind her after the girls had left. She zipped up her fir coat and placed her gloves on carefully as if there was proper way of doing so.

A few feet away from her, Takuya stopped to watch as she buttoned up for warmth.

"Hey, there pretty young thang." The goofy goggled teen said as he sashayed his way over to Zoe, who seemed amused by his antics.

"You seem chipper this morning." she replied with a smirk.

"Well… let's just say I've been bitten by the love bug, and I feel like spreading the germs, 'cause it's contagious." He wrapped his arm around her snuggly warm body and gave her a kiss on her soft, luscious, pink, lips. She replied with a smooch of her own.

"C'mon you two! Everyone's waiting!" JP yelled as he poked his chubby head through the door. "We're coming already, sheesh." Zoe replied. She slipped her hand into Takuya's as they walked towards the door.

"You guys a making me sick." JP complained.

"Cover your eyes then." a cheerful Zoe replied.

Just as they walked through the door the air filled with applause and cheers of jubilation.





"Stop you guys. You're embarrassing me." Takuya pleaded as he cover face which was turning red. He had to somehow get past all the cacophony of cheers and jeers without losing his composure.

A few of the guys slapped him on the back as a sign of congradualtions. They then left him to take care of both Zoe and his luggage.

Just as he got close to the van to place the load in, a red haired teen walked up beside him with hand behind her back.

"Took you long enough." Rika joked with a smirk across her face.

"What do you mean?"

"I've been seeing how you eyeball Zoe this whole time. I was just wondering when you would finally tell her."

Takuya at first seemed surprised then looked own sheepishly, shuffling the snow under his feet. Stupid snow doesn't stand a chance against the bottom of Takuya's feet.

"Well that explains why you've been beaming at me lately."

Rika gave him a side-glance with questioning look.

"Sorta, but I also promised Ryo that I wouldn't be mean to you nor physically abuse this whole trip."

Takuya could not help but uncomfortable laugh at that remark.

"Oh… really. Heh-heh."

Rika punched him on the shoulder before she walked off.

"HEY! WHAT WAS THAT? I thought you weren't going to abuse me anymore?"

Rika simply looked back with a smug, "The trip is over!" and continued to walked off.

"Oh, and another thing. You better treat her well you hear me!" she yelled, jabbing two of her fingers in Takuya's direction.

"Yes MAM!" he saluted as a lighthearted gesture.

With that, she turned around to join her travel mates.

He rubbed his arm due to how hard she hit him. He had to admit, she hits pretty hard for a girl.

Zoe walked over to him to see if he was ready, so they could leave.

"Ok, everyone's ready to go… what's wrong with your arm?"

The brunette chuckled uneasily, still rubbing his biceps as if they were on fire. "OH nothing… it just… itches."

"SEE YOU GUYS LATER!" Takato and his group yelled out the window, arms waving about in a joyful farewell.

"SEE YOU TOO!" Takuya and his group replied. Takuya and they watched as the van sped off into the distance away until another time.

"Alright guys. Let's go." Takuya said as he slapped the hood of the car and ran towards the driver's side of the vehicle. Everyone climbed into the van and locked their seat belts. With one last look back at the cabin they drove off onto the road.

After a few minutes of driving, Tommy finally looked up from his ipod, wondering the others had on their mind as well.

"I feel like we're forgetting something."

Back in the cabin Bobby, Robby, and Jack woke up from their long slumber. It seemed like everyone had forgotten all about them (even me the writer).

Jack was the first to realize the horrifying truth. "Say guys. I think they left without us!"

Still driving without their fellow companions, Takuya drove around in circles realizing that he was lost again for the third time.

"Takya, you suck at driving. Where'd you even get you permit?"
"Shut up, Kouji ! You don't even drive yourself."

"Alright you guys. Settle down." Zoe silenced the two and place her hand on Takuya's arm. She then reached her other hand down into a pink shopping bag she carried, and pulled out the GPS device she bought for Takuya.

"Rember this?" she displayed to Takuya like a showgirl from one of those infomercials.

"Oh yeah. That thing." Takuya feigned a surprised look since he couldn't help but laugh at the fact he forgot it… on purpose.

"Lets use it, so we can get out of here alive, already." Kouji retorted with his attention towards the window. He was ready to finally be home where knew he belong.

Kouichi then placed his hands behind the back of his head to relax.

"I sure can't wait to get home, cause when I do, I'll go straight to my bed… and lie in it.

"Obviously." Kouji said, under his breath.

"What was that?" Kouichi asked, before he grabbed his five minute younger brother by the head in a headlock.

Zoe, ignoring the commotion, placed the navigation on the dashboard and turned it on.

"Directions to Takuya's house off Oakwood and Thornberry?" Zoe commanded the device to process and answer back with directions.


The device screech in its artificial voice of terror, as Takuya and the group screamed in horror.

Takuya snapped his head towards everyone else, "NOW DO YOU BELIEVE ME?"


(Ending Song: It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas)

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