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"Good morning New Yorkers, its 7:00 am on this wonderful Monday morning; and I'm your host Matt Chadwick."

Those were the first words Blair Waldorf heard as she woke up & clicked on the snooze button. Today was her first day of work at a very prestigious company named Bass Industries. She slowly got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom. She washed her face, brushed her teeth & took a cold shower.

When she got out of the shower, she wrapped her light pink towel around her petite body, and headed towards her closet. She then picked out her outfit. She let her towel drop to the floor and got dressed. She was wearing her Ralph Lauren Petite Kelby Leather-Buckle Straight Skirt, her Alfani Sleeveless Plaid Top, and her BP. 'Lacie' Pumps. Afterwards, she put her hair in a loose bun (how she had her hair at the beginning of Victor/Victrola). Blair took one look in the mirror and knew she was ready. She grabbed her Kooba Pleated Bucket Bag (sounds ugly, but is very pretty LOL) and headed downstairs. Her mother, Eleanor, was at work; & her maid Dorota had the day off. So that meant no breakfast. She was Blair Waldorf, she certainly did not cook.

Blair headed to the elevator and then went downstairs. As soon as she was outside, she hailed a cab. When she got inside, the driver turned around to face her & asked "Where to miss?" in a thick New Yorker accent. "Bass Industries" she smiled sweetly, ignoring the fact that he was checking her out. The driver nodded and began driving to Bass Industries. Blair took out her phone and looked at the time. 7:45 am, it said. 'I have 15 minutes left' she thought to herself. After 10 minutes of excruciatingly slow traffic, she finally arrived. "Here we are. That'll be $35 dollars doll" the driver said. "Here, keep the change" Blair said, as she handed him a 50 dollar bill, & rushed out of the cab.

She ran into the building as fast as she could and finally stopped when she was inside. "Am I late?" she asked the woman at the front desk, breathlessly. "No. you got 5 minutes hun, so if I were you I'd rush up to Mr. Bass's office" the red haired woman told her. "Thank you" Blair said as she stepped inside the elevator & went up to the 75th floor. The elevator door opened, and she stepped out. For a split second, everyone looked up to see her; but just as quickly went back to work. She was just about to ask where Mr. Bass's office was, when someone spoke. "It's the first one on you're right honey". She turned around to see a woman in her early 50's with white hair. "Thank you so much" Blair smiled. Blair speed walked all the way to Mr. Bass's office, and without thinking twice, opened the door. "Sorry I'm late, Mr. Bass".

Chuck was sitting in his dad's office, listening to him talk. He was practically falling asleep. His father was telling him about how he would take over the company some day, and learn about responsibility. He could care less. Chuck was just about to doze off when someone opened the door. "Sorry I'm late, Mr. Bass". Chuck spun around in his chair, and was met with a sight that left him breathless. Standing at the door, was a brown-haired goddess with ruby red lips, and legs that seemed endless. 'Maybe I'm imagining her' he thought. 'All that hash must've gone to my brain'.

"It's quite alright, Ms..?" Bart began to say. "Waldorf. Blair Waldorf" she smiled. "Well, Ms. Waldorf, welcome to Bass Industries" Bart said as he stood up to shake her hand. "Thank you so much. I promise I won't let you down" Blair beamed. "That's good to hear, Ms. Waldorf. Your first assignment for today is to make me 50 copies of these papers, which I will need for a meeting later today" Bart said, as he handed Blair three different papers. "Yes, sir" Blair nodded as she went out the door.

"Father, I'll be right back; I need to take care of some business" Chuck grinned as he stood up from his chair. "Better be careful Charles, this one looks very strong willed; I don't think she'll fall for one of your pick up lines" Bart chuckled, as he realized his son's intentions with his new intern. "They always do, and she wont be an exception" Chuck smirked, as headed out the door.

It had taken Blair a while to find the copy room, but she finally did. She was now printing the copies of the second paper. To her, it was taking too long; and she was getting impatient. "Come on, I don't have all day you know" Blair muttered under breath. She heard someone open the door, but she didn't pay any attention to it. That was until, that person spoke.

"Well, hello there" the man drawled. She turned around to come face to face with the stranger. This guy was gorgeous. He had dark brown hair, dark, mysterious, & not to mention sexy brown orbs, and perfectly chiseled features. "Hello" she said politely, as she turned around to face the copier again. "So, what brings you here?" he asked as he came closer to her. "I'm making some copies for Mr. Bass" she replied.

"How 'bout you come have some fun with me instead?" he whispered seductively in her ear. At this, Blair was disgusted. Who did he think he was? "No thank you". "Oh come on sweetheart" the man insisted as he snaked his arm around her waist, and turned her around to face him. When she looked into his eyes her breathing stopped for a second. How could this guy, whom she just met, make her feel this way?

When she realized that his face was getting closer and closer, she snapped out of her trance. "I said no" she replied as she tried to escape his grasp. "You're saying no, but you know you want to" he smirked. "Oh, really? How would you know that?" she asked in a clipped tone. "You're doing that thing were your eyes don't match your mouth" was his smug reply. Blair rolled her eyes at him, as she folded her arms across her chest.

Chuck's eyes immediately fell to her breasts. He knew this would piss her off even more, but he couldn't help himself. Blair noticed him staring and snapped her fingers, in order for him to stop looking. "Hey asshole, my eyes are up here" she told him angrily. Chuck smirked as he saw the death glare she was sending him. Of course, this made Blair even more pissed off.

"You're infuriating" she told him as she removed his hands from her waist. "So I've been told" he replied smoothly. "Who are you anyways? Some random jackass they found?" she told him as she gathered up the copies. "I'm Chuck Bass" he smirked, knowing full well what her reaction was gonna be.

As soon as Blair heard those words, she almost dropped her copies. 'Chuck Bass, my boss's son,' she thought. 'I am SO fired'. And as if he read her mind, he spoke. "Don't worry, I wont tell daddy dearest how you treated me, so you're welcome" he told her.

'Maybe he isn't so bad' she thought. "But I can think of many ways for you to thank me" he purred. 'And, he's back'. "Ugh, I would rather be fired than sleep with you, Basshole" Blair told him. "Whatever helps you sleep at night, Waldorf" he smirked. "You're disgusting and I hate you" Blair told him as she gathered up all the copies and walked out the door.

Chuck stood there, contemplating the events of those last few minutes. 'She really is something' he thought to himself. 'Maybe my dad is right' he thought. But if there's one thing Chuck Bass loves, it's a challenge; and Blair Waldorf is not one to back down easily. Let the games begin.

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