Written for the following STXI Kink Meme Prompt:

Kirk wakes up a kid one day and freaks out. Not because he went to bed normal and woke up as a six year old but because he's in space. Little Jim hates space, his mom is always leaving him behind for it and his real dad died in it. Plus he thinks he's been kidnapped.

A/N: Dino Rescue is of my own making. Think Power Rangers, or something ^^;

Lord Rexor Meets his Match!

By Mika-chan

Jimmy woke up to nothing. No birds tweeting. No Sam nudges to get out of bed. No metal clanging because Grandma liked to make pancakes from scratch on Sunday mornings. Absolutely nothing.

He opened his eyes and did not see his bedroom, but many, many shiny, silvery things and blinking lights. He felt his heart beat faster as he sat up, looking around anxiously for something familiar—anything at all—but it was more of the same smooth surfaces and the "no-Jimmy-don't-touch-that-it's-very-delicate-and-expensive" stuff and nothing like his blue painted walls and Dino Rescue posters.

He shivered and noticed that the sheet he was previously under had pooled to his waist. He then saw that he wasn't wearing anything at all, which made him anxious all over again because he always slept in his Dino Rescue pajamas.

His lower lip began to tremble as he pulled the sheets around his shoulders. Where was Sam? Sam always knew what was going on. Jimmy bit his lip, eyes now determined.

He had to go find Sam.


He had just found a black t-shirt when he heard a chime. His eyes darted to the sound even as he involuntarily took a step away from it. It sounded like it came from the door. Jimmy literally jumped when the chime sounded again and he quickly pulled the shirt over his head and was glad when the clothing hung just below his knees.

The door chimed for a third time as Jimmy inched his way closer to the door. He stood in front of it now, listening carefully.


Jimmy could not help the gasp that traitorously escaped his lips. He slammed his hands over his mouth, steadying his breath in hopes that no one heard him.

"Captain, you have already alerted me to your presence behind your door. Need I remind you that Vulcans do not have a tendency to be, as you humans say, fooled twice? Please desist from your practical joke and permit me entrance. There is an urgent matter I need to discuss with you."

Jimmy decided the man behind the door was completely bonkers. Sam was the Captain. Sam always was the Captain. Jimmy was First Officer even though he never liked playing this game. It was stupid. He'd take playing Dino Rescue any day over Starfleet, but Sam liked playing Starfleet. Jimmy hated it.


Jimmy waited.

"Captain, I am inputting the override code and will be entering your quarters momentarily."

Jimmy held his breath and felt elated as the door whooshed open only to reveal a very tall, greenish man with pointy ears. Jimmy felt his heart plummet all the way down to his stomach.

It was Dino Rescue's arch nemesis, Lord Rexor!

They stared at each other for a moment, both in varying degrees of disbelief/interest before Jimmy shook himself out of it and made a run for it. He yelped as he was dragged off the floor by the back of his shirt. He twisted and kicked to no avail and Lord Rexor eyed him calmly as he held him at eye level. Jimmy glared back.


Jimmy mustered as much courage as he could and said, "P-Put me down!"

His demands were ignored, however, as Lord Rexor took that moment to speak into some communicator. "Doctor, it appears as though the effects have already taken place."

"God dammit!—"

Jimmy giggled at the loud expletive, but schooled his features when Lord Rexor arched one of his evil eyebrows.

"Don't move. I'll be right there."

When Lord Rexor turned away to put away his communicator, Jimmy rolled his eyes. This was why Dino Rescue always beat Lord Rexor. Lord Rexor always underestimated them. So, the moment Lord Rexor turned away, Jimmy took his chance.

Jimmy, there are no rules when your opponent is bigger than you. You fight dirty. Got it?

Okay, Mommy.

Jimmy bit into Lord Rexor's arm as hard as he could and was dropped to the floor. Then he ran for all he was worth.


Spock stared at the teeth marks on his arm, more from surprise than in pain. He noted the direction his Captain took and reached for his comm once more.

"Doctor, the Captain is heading in your direction."

"What the—what do you mean he's heading my way?"

Spock continued his brisk pace down the corridor, noting the surprised looks of several crewmen along the way. "He should be reaching you in 5.3 seconds."

"Spock, how did you lose a—HEY!"


Jimmy spotted an angry looking man in blue standing just outside of an elevator. The doors were closing, so he forced his legs to move faster. When he realized he wasn't going to make it at his current pace, he dove to the floor, sliding his way past the man and through the door just like he saw his friend Bobby do during Little League. Jimmy smirked and waved at the man just before the door closed. Red Dino was right. Lord Rexor's minions were not very bright. All they had done so far was watch him as he made his escape.

Jimmy climbed to his feet and looked to the console by the door. If he was a prisoner (and he was absolutely sure at this point), he was probably at the lower levels of Lord Rexor's complex. He would have to go up to get out, but first he had to find Sam.

He was sure his brother was probably somewhere trying to protect him, was most likely being tortured for information because Mommy was off planet again on Important Starfleet Business. At least that's what Grandma said. Maybe their kidnappers thought they would give up Mommy, but they were Kirks and Kirks didn't give up on anything.

Sam must be in Lord Rexor's control center. And control centers were always on the top floor.

Plan set, Jimmy pressed a button and was rewarded when he felt the elevator move up.

Jimmy smiled. This hero stuff was easy.


When Spock met up with Dr. McCoy, it was in time to see the doctor staring blankly at a turbolift. The Captain was nowhere in sight.

"Doctor McCoy?"

The doctor spun around, sputtering. "He just. Like a fucking baseball player!"

"I am afraid I do not understand the analogy, Doctor. Where is the Captain?"

Dr. McCoy sighed. "Will you just alert security to bring Jim to sickbay?"

"Of course, Doctor."


Jimmy peeked around the edge of the empty hallway he was currently hidden in. So far he had eluded Lord Rexor and his evil minions with laughable ease. Sam would be proud. He hadn't been able to find his brother yet, but knew he was getting close considering all the people he'd seen lately. More people meant higher security and what place would be more protected than Lord Rexor's control center?

"Hey, there he is!"

Jimmy's eyes widened at being spotted and quickly turned tail and ran back down the corridor. The heavy footfalls alerted him that he was being chased and he changed course, running down a more brightly lit hallway in hopes of losing them. He realized belatedly that he was running towards a dead end, if the reflective, silver wall was any indication. He stumbled to a stop just before he smacked into the surface and was surprised when it opened. He ran inside and stopped short when he realized the room wasn't as empty as he hoped it to be. In fact, it looked very much like the control center he was searching for given the many computer consoles in the room, each of which were manned by a person in various colored uniforms.

Everyone turned to look at him and he took a hesitant step back, eyeing them all warily. As he did so, his eyes caught sight of the large window that made up most of the entire room and his breath froze in his throat.


Black, empty, outer space that went on forever and ever.

Jimmy's heart thumped loudly in his chest, once, twice before he screamed.