Luna: Yo it's been a while.

Miki: Hey Luna-sama

Luna: Miki where's Yoru (she tilted her head to the side)

Miki: (she shrugged her shoulders as she gets tackled)

Yoru: I'm right here Luna-sama.

Luna: My cute little Yoru. (she giggled.)

Isabella: Hey everyone what's up? (she grinned.)

Luna: Hey Chic How's your story coming along

Isabella: (she shrugged) It's going alright I think (she shrugged)

Ikuto: So is this chapter going to be about Yoru and the rest of the Chara's that stayed at Amu's house with Ami (he pouted)

Luna: Yep and I might do alittle bit of the Restaurant scene as well if you good Ikuto (she placed her hands on her hips)

Ikuto: (he sweat-dropped) Alright Luna-sama I'll be good I promise.

Inuyasha: Hey what up gorgeous (he laughs)

Luna: Inuyasha-sama…W-What a-are you doing here (she blushed)

Inuyasha: I came here to see you princess.

Luna: (she fainted)

Isabella: Sorry but Luna will be out for a while (she sighed) Luna-sama doesn't own Shugo Chara! Or any of the other things she's using besides the new Chara.

After the couples left leaving the Charas here with Ami, they went into Amu's room "I hope the date goes well" replied Ami as she smiled "Yea well Amu isn't 12 years old anymore" replied Ran as she floated towards Daichi "Yea she's 14 now and in middle school" said Miki as she giggled as she pounced on Yoru "Let's have fun ~ Nya" Yoru blushed as Miki was on top "Yea lets play Eru and Iru" said Dia as the Charas and Ami play together then they watch tv together as Ami falls asleep in Amu's bed. "She's so cute when she falls asleep" whispered Eru "yes she is" said Miki as she started stretching her as Suu sleeps next to her.

Yoru watches Miki draw in her sketch book then she smiled brightly just seeing her enjoy this moment of peace and quiet, then she was done as she closed her book and turned then she noticed him watching her. She blushed as she turned her head back hiding her face under her head, she needed to get use to this "Miki are you alright? Your completely red" asked Ran as she floated towards her "Y-Yes I'm fine" replied Miki as she floated backwards to hit Yoru then he wraps his arms around her tightly "It's alright ~Nya" he said smiling as he held her to him.

Amu's P.O.V.

After we left my house I had a funny feeling that something bad was going to happen in my room with Ami being there playing with the Charas but Miki and Ran can handle it plus Yoru is totally sweet towards her like Ikuto is also which is a good thing "So guess where are we going" I ask then I look towards Ikuto and he smiles making me blush "We are going to Sushi Sushi Garden" he replied as he placed his hands on my waist pulling me in closer then I blushed darker "Aw the joker is blushing" teased Kukai as he looked at them "Stuff it Soccer-Boy" I growled out to notice that Mai was with us "Ummm Ikuto why is Mai following us" I asked him "Just incase of an X-egg Luv" he replied as he looked down at me "Ah. That makes sense" I said.

We arrived at Sushi Sushi Garden as Ikuto pulled out my chair "Thank you my cat man" I said teasingly "No problem my pink little kitten" he replied with a grin as he took his spot next to me. I looked at the menu when the waiter came to take our order "Hello welcome to Sushi Sushi my name is Mathew and I will be your server, Can I get you something to drink" he asked politely towards me. "I'd like a coke please" I said "Make that two" said Ikuto glaring at him, then he turned towards Kukai "Dr. Pepper" he said "Iced Tea with lemon please" said Utau then he nodded and wrote everything down as he went towards the kitchen.

Ikuto's P.O.V.

I didn't like that waiter but I smiled as Amu ignored the flirting he was doing of course she was kinda oblivious to stuff like this "So Amu what's going on in middle school" asked Kukai as he looked at her "Nothing really just The Spring Festival" she replied then she looked towards me and smiled. "So Utau I heard that you have a new Cd coming out" she asked my sister "Yea but I'm alittle trouble with it" she answered with a sigh. Amu looked at her, as she raised an eyebrow at this fact "What are you having trouble with" she asked interested "I can't think of a last song" she replied then Amu giggled "Why don't you come over tomorrow afternoon and I'll help you come up with a song to sing" she suggested then Utau smiled "That would be truly awesome Amu thank you" she said politely.

The waiter came back with there drinks "So what can I get you to eat" he asked as he looked towards Amu "I'd like the bento box with salmon please" she said then I glared towards him "I'd like the Sushi Sushi special with a side of Salmon please" I said icy, he nodded still looking at Amu "I'd like some noodles with California rolls please and some rice on the side" Utau said as she looked at the waiter "Then I'd like the Sushi Sushi special with a side of Crab meat Sushi." Said Kukai then he glared at him as well "I'll get those right away" he said walking away.

Back to the Charas.

Yoru held Miki for a while as they sat on the balcony then she smiled as they snuggled closer "Hey Yoru do you think it's weird that were like this" she asked as she looked up at him "Not at all Miki ~Nya" he looked down at her as he smiled and kissed her forehead, Miki and Yoru jumped as they saw Eru and Iru kinda behind them "Hehe…Uh hi" Miki looked at them as she smiled nervously at them.

Ran moved in front of them as she pushed them away from the couple "Leave the couples alone guys" she said pushing them back in the room leaving the couples blushing "That was weird" they replied in unison then they looked at each other then laughed. Daichi watched them as he smiled then sighed as he realized about Tadase and Kiseki trying to get revenge on them but he wouldn't allow it then saw Ran floating next time "Daichi is something on your mind" she asked tilting her head to the side "Yea it's about Kiseki since he likes Miki and stuff like that" he replied then sighed as they sat down on the bed watching Ami and Suu sleep, then sighed as they snuggled up.

Yoru looked up at the sky since Miki fell asleep in his arms, he looked down and smiled brightly at the sight in his arms then he lifted her up and floated towards her egg and placing her in as well as he kissed her forehead and smiled "Good night Luv." He smiled as he closed the egg and floated away sighing deeply noticing the people around him 'This is going be a long night' he thought floating back towards the balcony.

Back to the Double date

After dinner was brought out and finished the group paid for the food and left the restaurant, as Ikuto's arm was around Amu's waist, while they walked together "I say we get Ice-cream" said Utau grinning "That sounds great" said Ikuto smiling in agreement "I totally agree" Amu giggled as they walked to an ice-cream stand "Since it's only 8:30 pm" replied Kukai since he was keeping track of the time since Amu had to get home at 10:30 "Then let's go to the park while eating them" replied Amu as she smiled brightly.

They nodded then ordered their ice-cream as they walked to the park, enjoying the time they did have as they walked to the swings and sat down with smiles on their faces as they enjoyed their ice-cream.

Later that Kukai and Utau said good bye as Ikuto and Amu walked home together as they arrived at her house, Amu turned around and looked at him as she smiled then she stood on her tippy-toes and whispered in his ear "I'll meet you in my room in 10 minutes" she kissed his cheek then ran back inside and to her room.

Amu walked into her room and walked over to her bed with a smile on her face as she scooped up Ami and walked to her room as she tucked her into it "Suu, Eru and Iru stay with Ami please" she asked the chara's as they nodded, then she walked back into her room taking off her clothes and put on her pjs as she looked at Yoru "You'll need to help, Ikuto" she said as he floated outside.

"Finally Yoru" Ikuto grew cat ears as he jumped on his balcony and walked inside "Hello Luv" he said walking over to her and kissing her forehead then fell backwards on her bed as he layed there, while she shook her head "I'll never learn Ikuto" she laughed "Yea Yea now come here" he said pouting as she rolled her eyes and walked over to the bed.

Amu 'eeped' as Ikuto grabbed her and pulled her on the bed as he smiled wickedly "I love you Strawberry" he whispered softly "and I love you Perverted Cat" she whispered back as she saw the look on his face.

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