A/N: Onyx requested a dialogue-heavy hurt dean, and I am happy to oblige and honored to share my birthday week with her! : )

Disclaimer: If I got them for a birthday present, I would gladly share!

"You should have grabbed something frilly."

"Ribbons and lace do not a pressure bandage make, Dean. It's not like I saw much. I got thrown into that clothesline. It was this or my shirt."

"Umph. That's tight."

"It's supposed to be- you're bleeding. Only has to make it to the car. Can you?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, just lemme…damn." Dean attempted to rise. Failed.

"You're fine, that why your knees just gave out?"

"Shut it…Uhn." Sam offered a hand up.

"Think you're gonna make it?"

"Better. I'd hate for the last pair of underpants I see to be thermal long johns."