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Chapter 15:

Ten Years Later

It was well into the witching hour as a lone figure made his way back towards the imposing castle that was once considered the premier school of magic in Europe. Hogwarts was now so much more than that. It was now home to thousands, mostly muggleborns and their families. Not to mention a large house elf, goblin, centaur, and merpeople population.

Once inside the majestic castle the lone figure pushed the hood of his cloak back and revealed a mess of black hair. He smiled slightly as he noted his nine year old son sitting on a bench. Apparently he was waiting for him.

"What's happened now, James?"

A near mirror image of himself looked back at him.

"Mum's mad at me, Dad."

"Really? Whatever for?" asked Harry as he sat down next to his son.

"I sort of put Hector in Mione's bed."

A chuckle threatened to come out of himbut he held it in. After all Hector was poisonous.

"I see."

"I know I wasn't supposed to take him out of his tank, Dad, but I just wanted to help Mione stop being scared of them. He wouldn't have hurt her. I told him not to."

"But you still did something that you know you're not supposed to, good intentions or not. Your sister has a very good reason to be afraid of snakes, James."

"I know, but I really thought that if she got to know Hector that she would get over that. How can I be a good big brother if she won't let me help her?"

Harry sighed as he gave his son a hug. How do you answer something like that?

"Let's go upstairs and see how mad your Mum is?"

"She's really mad She said that you would probably be on the sofa for a while."

Harry winced. Yep. Susan was mad. In their entire marriage he had been threatened with the sofa several times but had never actually spent the night on it. Mostly because he could sweet talk her out of her anger. He didn't know if that would work this time.

The two of them made their way to the Gryffindor rooms. Harry was surprised that he hadn't been barred from them. His happy thought disappeared when he saw Amelia sitting at the dining table. Susan, Lily, and his youngest, Hermione, were nowhere to be found.

"Good evening Amelia."

The elder witch looked up to see her nephew-in-law and her great nephew come into the room. No doubt young James had waited for his father to finish and told him what had happened. She smiled to herself as she mentally went over the entire incident. As her gaze moved to Harry, she noted how tired he looked.

"Evening, Harry. Your young scamp there had an interesting evening."

"So I heard."

She turned her attention to the young boy. "Your mother told me to tell you that you are to go straight to bed."

"All right." Said the young boy as he slowly made his way to his room, dragging his feet as much as he could. The moment she heard the door close she let out a chuckle and turned her attention to the father. He had moved to join her at the table. A glass of fire whiskey poured for both of them.

"How did it go?"

"I got all of the wards up."

"All of them?"

"All of them. There's no way the Ministry can enter here or Hogsmead."

"I never thought that I would see the day that I would be a refugee in my own country."

"After I defeated Voldemort, you'd think that the rest of them would learn from their mistakes. But no they continue just like before. Even blocking you from re-election."

"In a way I'm glad that they did."

"I know."

"How do the Goblins see things?'

"Ragnarok estimates they will fall within a year, two at the most."

"Does the Minister know that they have aligned themselves with us and are moving here?"

"Nope. Tomorrow morning will be very interesting for those that want into the Bank. Not to mention those that are expecting their Hogwarts letters."

"You've really cut them off?"

"Completely. The British Wizarding World is soon gone. Night, Amelia."

"Good night, Harry."

Susan Potter lay awake as her husband slept beside her. She noted how tired he was, especially after he 'made' up with her over James' "friend". He was working too hard. Sighing she got out of bed, put her robe on and went out into the main room of their quarters. Standing in the middle of the room she felt another presence. Turning around she 'saw' Hermione Granger hovering nearby.

"Hermione?" she whispered.

"Yes, Susan."

"What? How? Why?" was all she could get out.

"Why am I here?"

Susan could only nod.

"To talk to you before I 'leave' for good."


"You've known for years that I've been here."

"True but…"

"Lily has grown into a beautiful girl. I pity anyone who tries to harm or even date her."

"Harry can be a little over protective." Susan chuckled.

"I was talking about you."

Susan blushed.

"Susan, you are her mother. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise."


"She's yours just as much as James or my namesake is. Even the two that you carry now know that."

Susan's hand flew to her stomach. She had suspected that she was pregnant again but hadn't mentioned it to anyone.

"Even Goldstone sees you in that light. Especially after Marble died."

The death of her goblin friend had been hard on all of them, especially Lily and Goldstone. The poor thing seemed so lost. She went about treating him as if he were one of her own. Never had she felt such love from someone other than her own family as she did the day when he called her mother. A high honor for someone not of the Goblin Nation. Never had she been more proud when she had stood, beside Harry, before the Goblin High Council during Goldstone's manhood ceremony. They had been the only humans in history to witness the event. She still fretted over the young goblin when he came for dinner once a week. For all the protesting done, she knew how much it meant to him.

"You have something that I wanted so badly, but never had the patience to practice."

Susan looked puzzled.

"You can make someone feel a part of your family within minutes of meeting them. Unless of course they are trying to hurt that family. I never could do that. No matter how hard I tried. Harry has become the man he is because of you."

"Oh no Hermione! He's that way because of you."

"How about because of both of us?"

"Oh alright."

"You give him far more love than I ever could."

"Oh no…"

"Yes, you do. You treat him normally. That's something that very few people do. You let him enjoy the things that his children do, things that he never got to, all so that he can try to be the best father that he can. Even if he's threatened with the sofa."

Susan blushed at that.

"James is what Harry should have been. He has the love of his parents, his sisters, his 'brother', and a great aunt. He wants so much to live up to what he sees as the image of Harry Potter, the Slayer of Evil, that he's afraid that he will disappoint his hero."

"But Harry doesn't think that!"

"You know that and so does Harry, but James doesn't. He hears all of these stories about the things that his father has done and is afraid that he will not live up to those expectations."

"As ridiculous as that sounds I know that it's true. What can we do?"

"Continue to do what you've been doing. Show him that both of you love him no matter what. That what he does should be what he wants not what others think he should do."

"Anything else?"

"That the little brother that he wants will be here in a few months. He'll still have another little sister but he's getting the brother that he's been wishing for."

Susan's smile radiated the room. A boy and a girl. Harry was going to be over the moon. Hermione chuckled.

"Yes Harry will be over the moon. Only don't let him name her something silly like when you named Hermione."

"I happen to like her name!"

"I didn't say that I didn't, but to saddle the poor child with a name of Hermione Minerva Luna Amelia Sally Potter is a little much!"

"I can see your point on that one and will try to limit it to three."

Hermione snorted. Knowing Harry those poor kids would end up with a dozen each. She watched as Suan returned to bed. She had one more stop to make before leaving this realm for good.

Miles away a tall red haired man sat alone in a dark, dingy room. He had managed to rent it for the night and was drinking straight from a bottle of firewhiskey. The room suddenly flooded with light. He raised a hand to his eyes to shield them.

"So this is what you've become."

A voice that he hadn't heard in years filled his ears.


"Yes, Ron. Hermione."

"Are you real?"

"What do you think?"

"I think that you're a figment of my imagination. That's what I think you are."

"Then that's what I am. After all you're always right aren't you?"

Ron's face flushed in anger.

The white light that surrounded Hermione began to glow brighter. "You sold yourself to the Devil Ronald Weasley! I am the one who is here to pass judgment on you!

"Mercy! Please Have Mercy!"

"MERCY! Did you show mercy to all of those girls whom you raped and then killed all for your 'Lord'!"

Ron fell out of his seat and curled up into a ball, whimpering as he did so.

"I condemn you to hell! You will join Voldemort, Snape, and Dumbledore in the pain of eternal fire constantly burning you but never healing, never consuming, but always feeling as if you will die!"

"No, please! Anything else! Please!"

"No one will mourn you Ron. Give my regards to the rest of them when you get there!"

It took a week before someone realized that Ronald Weasley hadn't been seen by anyone. Not with all of the problems of Gringotts closing and Hogwarts shielding itself off from the rest of them. His death became a minor footnote in the days to come as the Ministry of Magic in Britain realized how bad things were seeing as the rest of the Magical world refused to come to their aid. They had signed their own death warrant when they hadn't prosecuted the followers of Voldemort.

Within a year Magical Britain outside of the wards that Harry Potter had placed ceased to exist.

The End