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'Normal talking'

Kami's gift

(Hokage's office)

It has been a day after the Angel came and took Naruto away to meet Kami. Sarutobi was worried for his 'grandson'. He exhaled smoke and put the pipe back in his mouth as he glare at the pile of paperwork on his desk that seem to get bigger and bigger every time he look at it. At that moment a bright light erupted in the room making Sarutobi closed his eyes for a split second, leaving just enough time for Naruto to jump the old man.

"Jii-chan!!!" Naruto screamed as he tackled his favorite person in the world. Sarutobi's chair slid back and hit the wall behind him under the force of the tackle. He chuckled and pats Naruto on the head.

"Ah! Naruto, how did your talk with Kami-sama go?" Sarutobi asked as he stares at the woman in his office. "Kami-chan was nice to me and gave me a bloodline thingy."

"Bloodline?" Sarutobi's eyes widen. "Yup and it kick ass. I'll be Hokage in no time." Naruto proclaimed. "Can you explain it Naruto?" Kyuubi sat down on the chair and retold everything that happened in heaven as Sarutobi rubbed his temples feeling a headache coming. "So….Kyuubi-san.." Sarutobi started. "I want to take him on a training trip with me if you don't mind Hiruzen-san?" Kyuubi interrupted him.

"Not without me," said Jiraiya as he jumped in through the window. Sarutobi sighed and let Naruto go. "Alright but be back for the exams." "Hai," both said as they turn around to leave as they were stopped by Sarutobi. "Wait not so fast. I need to give you something Naruto." Sarutobi stood up and walked to the portrait of the 4th and unlock the safe behind the picture. He pulled out 4 scrolls and two beautiful katanas. He turned around and hand the stuff to Naruto. "These are from your parents. I wish you a safe trip Naruto. Come back stronger." Naruto reached out and grab them out of the old man's hands. He smiled and nodded. "Thanks Jii-chan."

And like that was the last thing the Hokage heard of the blond for then next 9 years.


(9 years later)

Kotetsu and Izumo sat at the gate bored out of their minds. Not once did anyone walk by not even a bug or fly. "Just wake me up if something happens," said Izumo as he put his head down and Kotetsu looked into the distance seeing three figures walking towards them. "Hey Izumo," as he shook his buddy next to him, stirring the man to look up. "Jiraiya-sama?!?" Izumo said as he recognizes the old perverted man. "Hehe…." Jiraiya giggled as he stared at Kyuubi's bust. Kyuubi's right eye twitched, even if they spent 9 years together she still couldn't stand his perverseness. She smacks the back of his head and huffed making her already big bust even bigger. "Owww….why do I always have to get hit?" Jiraiya complained. "I Jiraiya and my apprentice Naruto and Kyuu have returned from our training trip." Kotetsu and Izumo stood up and saluted Jiraiya and let them pass.


(Hokage's office)

The aged Hokage sighed as he finishes the last of the accursed paperwork and lay back in his chair thinking of Naruto. Speaking of the devil, the door open to reveal 3 people he had been wanting to see. Jiraiya was the same as always except the wrinkles on his face is more evident then last time. Kyuubi was the now 5'6" wearing a crimson kimono with a white outline of a fox, her tails and fox ears have disappeared as well as her slit eyes. Sarutobi's eyes widen and blood seep out of his nose as he stared at her bust that was slightly covered by the kimono, it was enough to see and left the rest to your imagination.

The Hokage coughed and wiped his nose and turn to look at the man standing next to Kyuubi. He was roughly 5'11" with long blond hair that reached his mid back tied in a low ponytail. He had a lean muscular body and his face lost all traces of baby fat. His whiskers marks were gone making him look like an exact replica of his father. He wore a black hakama and a white kimono with blue Sakura blossoms scattered across the front and back, the kimono it self reach the bottom of his calf. The kimono was open like a V neck that stretched all the way down to meet the top of his hakama, it was held together by a button, showing his exposed chest and the first's necklace. The sleeves hid his bandage hands and he had his right arm resting in front, inside the kimono (like Itachi and he will almost always have his right arm like this). Inside he had two belts that cross each other; it held his pouch in the back and had two small loops on the left side that held his two katana. The first katana sheath was black with a blue dragon. The blade was about 4 ½ ft the handle was near 1 ft. wrapped in white wrapping. The second katana was slightly longer then the first its sheath was red with a white tiger; the handle was wrapped in black wrappings. On his right thigh was his holster. The ends of his pants were bandage in white and he had black ninja sandals.

"Hey Jii-chan," his soft silky voice rung out making Kyuubi shiver. No matter how many times she heard his voice it was always so arousing and made her feel warm. "Naruto?!? wow you change so much. Now tell me how much you have improved." Sarutobi motion for them to sit as Jiraiya started talking. After explaining Naruto's skills, Sarutobi recollected his jaw of the ground and beam in happiness that his grandson grew so strong. "So as I presume you skills are way too advance to be a genin but what rank shall I give you…?" Sarutobi said to himself as he took a puff of his pipe. "Jii-chan do you think I can be a Jounin?" Sarutobi look up "Yes you can." "Sensei, I don't agree I think he should be a Sannin," Jiraiya said. "EH!?!" Naruto was shock he would have never even thought of being a Sannin. "Hmm….but we already have 3 Sannin if he were to be on then it would be like Yonnin or something."

"Yeah but Orochimaru is not a leaf ninja anymore so his Sannin rank shouldn't be in use. If Naruto here took it then we would have a complete set again."

"Hmm…I see where you coming from." After thinking for awhile Sarutobi nodded. "Ok, I have decided to give the rank of Sannin to Naruto."

"YATTA!!!" Naruto jumped out of his chair and hugged Sarutobi. Jiraiya and Kyuubi

both kind of shock as Naruto was never was this loud ever.

'He must be pretty excited to yell like that' Kyuubi thought.

"Okay I shall inform the council and village about this. Go home and rest come back in 2

hours and we shall start your ceremony." Sarutobi shooing them out the door as he call the counsel for a meeting.


(Counsel's meeting room)

Sarutobi sat in his chair waiting for all of the members to file in and take their seat.

"Hokage-sama what is it that is so important that you call us here?" asked Shikaku.

"Today Naruto have come back from his training trip. Originally I was going to let him take the genin exams but it seems he was far stronger then I thought so I have decided to give him a new rank," Sarutobi informed them as he saw Danzou's fist clench.

"Oh and what rank have you given him Hokage-sama?" asked Shibi.


"Sannin?!?!" Homura shouted as Koharu slapped the back of his head. "Sarutobi, Sannin is a high rank are you sure Naruto-san is fit for the position not to mention we already have 3 sannins."

Sarutobi nodded back to his female teammate and explain what Jiraiya had said. The counsel quickly agreed.

"I think it is best if we offer him the CRA," Koharu stated and most of the heads in the room nod. "I cannot force it on him but if he wishes than I shall be. If that's it then this meeting is dismissed. The ceremony shall be hold in an hour." Sarutobi stood up and walked out as everyone followed suit.


(On the balcony of the Hokage tower)

"Everyone today we shall have a complete set of Sannins again. You shall witness Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto receive the rank of Sannin!" Sarutobi announced as the crowd roared in approval. "Naruto please step forward and kneel." Naruto kneel before the Hokage and bowed. "Do you accept the rank of Sannin?"

"I, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, accept the rank of Sannin." Sarutobi handed Naruto a leaf head band. Naruto stood up and smile down at the crowd. After the incident a couple years ago most of the village respects him but still there were a minute amount of people who still hate him. But hate at least their were people who respect him best some than none.


(Hokage Office)

Naruto stood in Sarutobi's office wearing his leaf headband around his neck.

"Jii-chan, do you need something?"

"Actually Naruto I have to hand you the keys to your compound and tell you that even if you're a sannin you haven't had a lot of teamwork chances so I will assign you to be an assistant helper on a team."

"Hmm…that's quite alright. So who's team am I going to be on?"

"I haven't assign teams yet but comeback for the team meeting this afternoon and you'll know."

"Ok, Jii-chan." Naruto shimmer and disappeared leaving the gaping Hokage behind.


Naruto was idly walking down the streets with his right hand resting in front of his body but inside of his kimono, his left hand hidden inside his sleeve. It's been quite a long time since he was in Konoha. He had an hour left and decide to get something to eat he was sill unaware of the girls and women on the street looking at him.


Kurenai, Anko, Hana, and Yuugao were sitting around talking about their day so far.

"Did you hear this Naruto guy got the rank of Sannin and he is barely 13," Yuugao said.

"Yeah I heard he was trained be Jiraiya-sama. What do you think Anko?" Kurenai looked to her friend. "Hmmm…sure whatever," Anko replied.

"What are you staring at?" Hana asked as the girls followed Anko's line of sight to see a blonde sitting on the stool. Blushes appeared on their faces as both Anko and Hana drooled.

"What can I get you young man?" the bartender asked. "Give me a plate of dango and your best sake." A few minutes later the man came back and gave Naruto his order. During this time a few females had walked up to him and asked him out which he denied. He took a swig at the bottle and turns his head to the right glancing upon the table of women who he had identify as Kurenai Yuuhi, Uzuki Yuugao, Mitarashi Anko, and Inuzuka Hana. He smiled at them seeing them blush and took a bite of his dango pulling it extremely slowly off the skewer letting the sauce drip down his chin.

In a flash Anko was in front of him about to lick the sauce off him only for his hand to hold back her head as he slowly licked off the sauce teasing her. The other girls blush and fidget in their seats as Anko growled at him. He took the dango in his teeth and using his hand to force her lips to part. He closes the distance between them as everyone in the room held their breath. Anko's breathing got heavier almost panting as Naruto put the dango into her mouth with his lips centimeters away from hers. He stared into her eyes for a second as her breath caught her throat, she felt her knees weakening, and her stomach had butterflies fluttering. Naruto pulled back and smiled at her letting his hand go. He turned around to the bartender and paid his bill leaving with his sake and dango. But not before giving a foxy smile at Kurenai, Yuugao, and Hana.


Naruto walked outside and laughed who knew flirting was so much fun especially when he was taught in the arts of seduction by Kyuubi. He finished his dango and continues towards the tower.

(Back inside the bar)

Anko stood there lost in the feeling Naruto had left her in. Kurenai shook Anko softly breaking her from her dream like state. Anko snapped out of it and was extremely turned on. She chewed the on the dango and turned to Kurenai who was flushed red. Anko shallow and grinned. "Anko-chan lets get heading to the tower," Kurenai said as she and Anko both left in a swirl of leaves.


(Hokage's offices)

Sarutobi sat in his chair as waiting for all the jounin's to arrive. Just as he was about to start talking the door open to reveal Naruto coming in with a bottle of sake in his left hand. Everyone's eyes were on Naruto as he walked right past them and sitting on the corner of the Hokage's table. Every ninja in the room froze. No one can do that not even Jiraiya, Sarutobi's favorite student. They were waiting for the Hokage to yell at Naruto or something of that sort. Naruto took a sip of his sake and said, "Hey Jii-chan." By now every ninja even Kakashi was shock. Who in the world disrespects the Hokage like that? Just one day into being Sannin and he gotten himself into trouble already. Now he was going to get it but nothing came. "Naruto how was the tour around Konoha?" Sarutobi giggled in his head as all the ninja's jaw hit the ground. "Eh…mostly the same but it seems like some new stores opened." Naruto said as he looked around the room smirking at the ninjas. "Alright since everyone is here, let's begin." Sarutobi pulled out a crystal ball and showed the genin test. After a couple of minutes of watching he put the ball away and cleared his throat. "Those who wish to take a team please raise your hand." A couple of jounin's hands raise in them were Kurenai, Kakashi, and Asuma. "You are free to request your students." Kakashi said "I would like to request Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and the third person doesn't really matter."

Kurenai step up, "I believe Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, and Aburame Shino would be good under me."

Asuma puffed out smoke as he said "I'll take Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, and Akimichi Chouji.

"Hmm…that seems reasonable your requests accepted. Now Naruto who team do you want to be on?" Sarutobi asked as Naruto said "I will be on Kakashi's team."

Sarutobi nod and said "Naruto here even thought is a Sannin needs to improve and learn teamwork since this year is an uneven amount of genins Naruto will act like your third team member, he will help you train the genins, and help lead the team. Do you understand Kakashi?" Seeing Kakashi nod, he turn and gave out more information.
"Your team should be ready to be picked up by now, I wish you luck."



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