"So, Tony Harris isn't your real father. This Victor Creed guy is?" Buffy asked. Xander sighed. It was the third time she asked.

"Yes, Buffy."

"But isn't Victor Creed Sabretooth?" Willow asked.

"Who?" Buffy asked, at the same time Giles said, "Oh dear." The glasses were off and being cleaned frantically. Willow explained who Sabretooth was. Buffy took it rather calmly, before turning to Xander.

"I just realized this, but a Sabretooth tiger is a type of cat right?" she asked, trying not to laugh.

"Yes," Xander said slowly, before realizing what she meant. "Don't go there."

"You really are a kitten," Willow chimed.

"Just like Drusilla said," Buffy added. Xander groaned, before hitting his head on the table repeatedly.

"I said don't go there," he whined.