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Hinata and Sasuke are 5 years old

Itachi is 9 years old

Parents, who cares.


Hinata pov

I'm going far away from my family. Daddy says it's for my own good but, Neji says something totally different. He says daddy owes someone money and decided to give me to them in exchange. But I still don't get it he uses to many big words. But I believe Neji.

I had been looking for my mom all mourning. In the garden, in the kitchen, I checked the whole upstairs. I'd even went into my parents room where nobody except them were allowed. But I couldn't find her. So I asked my dad about her

"Daddy what happened to mommy" I asked

"She went on a trip honey," he said looking down at me.

"Really, where? When is she coming back?" I asked. He looked nervous.

"Soon" he said

"How long is soon?"

"It's not polite to badger people hinata," he said.

I apologized and bowed. Then went to play with my dolls. As I was playing, Neji looked at me with this look.

"What's the problem Neji?" I asked.

"Your mom didn't go on a trip," he said

"Then where is she" I asked

"She's dead"

"What does that mean?"

"It means she's not coming back she never went on the 'trip' hinata"

My eyes started to water "so that means daddy"

"Lied" he finished

I burst into tears. From then on Neji wasn't allowed to talk to me father didn't like it. But he did. And I believed him when soon came and mommy didn't.

I drifted to sleep on the thought. As I Waited for the cart to stop.


Sasuke pov

Mom says I am getting I new playmate. I really need one the nannies are boring. She said it's a girl. Great. That's what need a sissy girl. But I gotta act nice cause daddy said so. She better not be annoying either. I picked up another toy. I hate cleaning up. Maybe I can make her do it when Christie's (his current nanny) not around. I put another toy in the big frog shaped toy box. Sasuke Uchiha the demon prince cleaning up his playroom. This sucks.

"Sasuke she's here" my mom called. I threw the last toy in the frog's mouth, ran down the hall then slid on the stair rail to the bottom. When I got to the bottom my dad gave me a look. Then mom said. "Sasuke meet hinata" this 'hinata' waved at me "hello" she squeaked. Not that bad. Human, quiet, dark hair stops just under her cheeks, creamy vanilla eyes, and a slight blush. Not bad not bad at all. She started to fidget. I'm making her nervous. I smirked. This is going to be fun.

"Sasuke don't be rude" my father scolded.

"Hey" I said. My father growled. I met his gaze. I think we're gonna have a chat. I guess mom sensed the same thing "do you like flowers hinata" she asked hinata suddenly. Hinata nodded my mom took her hand "I have a garden would you like to see it" Hinata's face lit up "yes ma'am" with that mom lead her away both smiling.

"I said be nice sasuke." His voice almost angry

"Why should I she's a human"

"Because I said so" his voice rose

"What makes her different from any of the other humans?"

"Her mom" he answered

"What about her mom"

"I can't tell you about that right now maybe later," he said

"Well when you can tell me I'll be nice," I said crossing my arms

"You're so stubborn"

"I wonder where he gets it from" itachi said coming out the kitchen with a piece of cake. Dad shot him a glare.


Mitkoto pov (Sasuke's mom)

I was out in the garden with hinata when she saw this pink flower it was big too. Like a sunflower. "Do you want that?" I asked. "Yes it's so pretty," she said. I smiled. She's so cute. "Well how about I go get my scissors so you can have it," I suggested. She smiled brightly. "I can get it off you don't have to get your scissors" she said. "How the stem is pretty thick" she made fingers scissors (you know like in rock paper scissors). I giggled. "Hinata that's not going to work." She nodded her head "yea hun it's magic" then her fingers glowed with a blue light and she snipped the stem. "See" she said holding up the flower that was now off the stem. "How did you… where did you learn that" I asked shocked. "Mommy taught me" she giggled and twirled the flower.


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