Sasuke Pov

So I tried giving her space. You know cause sometimes momma gets mad for no reason too. Me, daddy and Itachi just leave her alone for a day or two. Something about times in moths…whatever. But I guess this isn't one of those cases, it's been almost three days since her out burst and she's still mad. I don't know what to do.

So I have decided after a lot of thinking. I should talk to her. I mean what's the worst that could happen. Besides her getting mad all over again and leaving me to go be Naruto's playmate. That popped into my head every time I tried to knock on the door. That's why I'm just standing here in front of her door, trying to work up the courage to knock. Wait a minute! What am I doing? Uchihas aren't scared of anything! Forget knocking, this is my house.

"Hinata!" I said trying to sound strong and stern like my dad. She shrieked covering up her body. My face got redder than a tomato in two seconds.

"Um…I'll come back later" I muttered quickly closing the door. Well that failed. I guess I have to get to the bottom of this myself. And there is only one person who can help me.

Itachi Pov

"And what's in it for me, little brother" I asked Sasuke looking over at him for a second then looking back at my PSP. I continued playing as a waited for his answer.

"Um…I'll give you all my candy from the festival" he offered. I thought about it. That did sound good but I think I can get a little more out him.

"Tempting…Definitely tempting" I said pausing the game. And pretending top think about it.

"And…I'll always get your snacks for you when you don't feel like it" he said offering more like I knew he would. But I could get just a little more out of him.

"I don't know…" I said "Hinata might not-"

"I'll give you my mid-day snack for a whole two weeks!" Sasuke shouted his final offer.

"Deal." I said shaking his hand. I continued playing as I gave him the answer to his problems.

"Sakura" I said. "Go confront her and make her apologize tell Hinata she lied."

"Woah, Woah, Woah!" Sasuke shouted clearly confused. "What happened?"

"Sakura was jealous that you like Hinata instead of her-" I started explaining only to be cut off my Sasuke.

"I don't like her!" Sasuke said "I just…um…what ever…continue"

"Anyway, so she made up a lie to get Hinata to not like you" I explained "then you could like her instead"

"That plan is so stupid" Sasuke said.

"I know, right" I agreed. "Now go do the plan and don't forget my snack"

"You are going to be so fat" Sasuke mumbled.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Nothing!" Sasuke said as he ran out of my room.

Hinata Pov

Christie told me that Sasuke is having guest over today. She picked out an outfit for me and ironed it. She said it was just in case I wanted to go down and play. I knew I wouldn't want to. I don't think I could face him or his company.

I guess he has got my replacement already. I stayed in my room so I wouldn't have to see him. So he couldn't see me a sad and stuff. I laid on my bed-soon to be taken by his new playmate- and cried silently. I couldn't believe what Sakura said was true.

I heard the doorbell ring and my curiosity consumed me. I wiped my eyes and put on the outfit. I took the comb and ran it through my hair a few times before I snuck out of my room to the top of the stairs. I knew listening to other people's convocation was wrong but I was just too curious.

I had gotten there just in time. His company had just walked in. His company was Sakura. She walked in with a cheery smile on her face. She hugged him and he pushed her away. He looked very angry.

"What's run Sauce" she said or at least that what I heard. It was hard to hear from way up here. I didn't have super hearing like the rest of the Uchihas.

"Don't keff me hat" I tried to lean closer so I could hear better. "You may Hinata map at me"

"Hinata you know eavesdropping is wrong" Itachi said from behind me. I jumped nearly three feet in the air. He had scared the cute out of me.* I slowly turned around.

"I wasn't eve's-dropping, I was just listening to their conversation" I said as cutely as I could manage.

"That's eavesdropping Hinata." Itachi informed me. He knew the big word for everything. Even the word big itself, he told me once some thing like Colo-stale.

"Oh, well I know but I was curious to see who would be replacing me" I said spilling all the peas.*

"You know Sakura lied" he told me. "Sasuke never does things like that"

"Really, she lied?" I asked. I couldn't believe it. I thought we were friends.

"Yep. Sasuke would never do that to you" Itachi said. "Wanna know why?" I nodded.

"Cause he likes you" Itachi told me.

"Really?" I asked. Itachi nodded. "Can you keep a secret?" I asked him quietly.

"Of course." He answered. I leaned over in his ear.

"I kinda like him too" I whispered Itachi. He smiled.

"Well go down there and straighten things out." He said.

Sasuke Pov

I was getting really mad now. No matter how many times I told her to apologize she just wouldn't do it! The plan wasn't working and I really wanted to be able to talk to Hinata again. I knew she wasn't going to do so I gave up. I had the guards escort her out.

"Sasuke we are supposed to be together!" she screamed as they threw her out. I sat down on the couch with a frown on my face. No I wasn't pouting cause Uchihas don't pout. I few minute later I felt something bounce off my head. I looked down at the object it was a marshmallow.

"Itachi go away" I said without looking up. The n another one hit me in the head.

"Do I look like Itachi to you?" Hinata said giggling. I turned around and saw Hinata standing there with a handful of marshmallows.

"Hinata… I thought… you wanna"

"Itachi explained the whole thing" Hinata said "Now are we gonna have a marshmallow war or what." I picked up the marshmallow that bounced off my head and jumped over the couch. I threw it at her and she dodged it. And she threw two at me. I let one hit me t just to make it fair and I threw another back at her.

"Sasuke! Hinata!" daddy boomed. Busted! We quickly dropped the marshmallows in our hands.

"A marshmallow war? really?" he asked. "Those are lame! Whip cream wars are better!" he said as he sprayed of with whip cream. Mom cam out with pudding and we all had a big junk food fight. Even Christie joined in.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" Itachi yelled. "WHAT A WASTE OF-" he was cut short by a pie in his face, that daddy threw.

"Oh shut up and join the fun." He said.

"Oh it's on" Itachi said picking up some junk food and throwing it. We all had fun. Until it got to who was cleaning up.

See happiness! Was it good was it bad. I don't think it was all that myself. But you tell me. Coming to the end here, who's ready for the Sequel? Anyway much love! Review plz and Geesh! Double Geesh!

*I know the phrase is spill the bean but I though her saying spill the peas would be cute.

*and since she's little and cute I thought she should say cute instead of crap. It just sounds…well cuter.