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Year: 2009

Ikuto's POV

I hugged her tightly so that she couldn't escape. "Amu..."

"Ikuto...I have something to tell you." she suddenly said. She pushed away from my hug so that I could see her face, she was still in my arms though, "Ikuto...I have to tell you this now, but...I love you."

"A-Amu..." I stared at her, not expecting this at all, "I-I love you too." I replied.

"But...Ikuto...you can't love me and I can't love you." Amu said. Her bangs covered her eyes.

"What are you talking about?"

"Ikuto, I'm already dead."

What?! "Amu, what are you talking about? Your in my arms aren't you?"

"Ikuto, I was born in 1991, I'm actually the same age as you...but I died when I was 13, 2004."

"Amu, I don't get..."
"I possessed this girls body, I tried to get out before, but that was years ago, but now I can get out! I can leave this body and go the the spirit world! I didn't want to possess it in the first place, she just looked exactly like me when I was alive that must've been why my spirit was drawn to her."

"Amu, why are you leaving? Why can't you just stay with me?"

"Everyone, I've manipulated everyones mind...making sure the Ame wouldn't be mentioned or in there memories." she said.

"Ame? Who's Ame?"

"That's the real name of this girls body I'm possessing. I've manipulated her mom, dad, sister, and friends. Anyone who has come in contact with Ame, but the people that actually met me, Amu, I have not manipulated like Utau's and Yours. Everyone needs to get back to there lives, Ame wants to have her own life too...everyone wants there old lives back. Once I leave this body, there will be no traces of me, you won't remember me at all, no one will, except for one place...."

"Your insane!"

"Ikuto! I have to leave! I know I don't want to and you don't want me to, but...Ame...she...she needs to have her life back! I'm sorry Ikuto, but...please don't love me anymore, please, it'll only make it harder for me to leave." she started to cry.

"I won't. Your the one I love and you love me back, why should I stop loving you?"

"You'll only be in pain once I leave, even if you've forgotten me! I don't want that...Ikuto, your the first person that I ever loved and will love, that's why I don't want you to be in pain." a tear slid down Amu's face.

"Good bye Ikuto, and promise me that you'll find someone you love...someone that's not me." Amu kissed my cheek and left me alone at the place we did a duet together.

"I can't promise that..." I had started to cry myself.


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